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Adam's Band Members!:

Adam's Band Members!

Can any1 help me?I forgot every name of adam glambert's band members!:'C

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Hello to everyone!!!!

Just wanted to introduce myself Eye-wink
I'm Natalka from Montreal, Quebec, Canada Smiling

Nice to meet you all ♥

Have a good one!!!!!!

Camila grey - keyborerd
monte pittman- guitar
isaac carpenter - drummer
and pretty kitty tommy joe ratliff - bass

Camilla Grey- keyboardist
Monte Pittman- guitarist
Tommy Joe Ratliff- bassist
Longineu Parsons- drummer!

aaaaaaand adam lambert as the awesmazing singer!!!! Laughing out loud

Monte Pittman-Gutiar
Camille Grey-Keyboards
Issac Carpenter-Drums
"And the pretty kitty on the Bass Gutiar,"
Tommy Joe Ratliff

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself from qoting Adam.)
I'm not sure if I spelled 'gutiar' right on not. correct me if I'm wrong.

Welcome to adamofficial!!
and his band members are:
Tommy Joe Ratliff-bass guitar
Monte Pittman- guitar
Camilla Grey-keyboard
and last but not least his new drummer:
Isaac Carpenter!!

Welcome to AO Smiling

Camila Grey- keyboardist
Longineu Parsons- drummer
Monte Pittman-guitarist
Tommy Ratliff-bassist <3
BTW, welcome to AO Laughing out loud