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Adam Lambert
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Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ the DEFINITION of absolute BEAUTY is ADAM Smiling these EYES...the Ladies might melt down from this sensual fire within Eye-wink what about the lips? haha... just think... I don't have to write anything Eye-wink I love this elegant style but I miss the Glam look with the glitter & make up... it's good that Adam changes his style -> I mean -> one day glammy, another day dandy or then casual Smiling but for now he's most of the time elegant/dandy... whatever he wears, he looks sooo WOW !!! Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ


Que bien se ve mi idolo te admiro mucho adam sigue asi Laughing out loud siempre apoyandote sin inportar la desicion que tomes


take it off and try me on Eye-wink


OMG adam looks adorable


OH GosH !! SOmeBody BurNed Up The FloOr!!!!!!!


This ladies and gentlemen is the result of juice fasting!

Better figure, clearer skin!

Adam is such an inspiration.

I wanna try juice fasting, too!

I'm so proud to be a Glambert. Smiling


I love this picture Smiling


I love him

Rama luvS adam

Welcome to my world of truth
I don't wanna hide any part of me from you
I'm standing here with no apologies
Such a beautiful release
You inside of me
<3 <3 what a song huni <3 <3 keep pn rockin us <3 =3


OMG!!!!! I love this photo.... He is so HOT!!!! :3 <3


Sophisticated & Amazing.

aishwarya gaikwad

man... no words.... ur super hot in everythin' dat u do..!! love ya..!

SarahJane Lambert

Adam looks FANTASIC xxx Smiling


0_0 no words for his beauty

Isabelle Lambert

How is it physically possible for a human to be so damn hot!! Omg hottest guy ever i swear! Smiling

Jessy Silva

OMG how it's possible a human be so dam hot as ADAM, it's not possible he is unique and the only one

always lovin' you <3


New LOOK! STYLES! and new SONGS and ALBUM!


i love your new look with dark colors !


Love your new look so much Eye-wink


I love your new look!!


Hello, we are the Beat G magazine in Colombia. We want to publish an article by Adam Lambert, but we need some pictures. Can you post some pictures to authorize the magazine? Thank you. My email is

Yeison Lopez

You are so Beautiful With the new style *W*
i lo ve you so much

midnight xxx

Adam Lambert is what you call " to good to be true" his amazing looks and beautiful voice... like what else would any body wont more... well besides personalty.... i hope looks don't deceive in this case ;P


Adam, your new style is great! Dark, cool colors are very good for you!

Andrea Boutron

Happy 30th Birthday Adam!!! Wishing you the very best.....keep rocking!

Andrea Boutron

Love The New Hair Style!!!


Happy Birthday!!!! 30, right? Wo, I'm turning 30 also this year, it's kinda scary Smiling
I wish you all the best, have fun at your party later! Kisses from Portugal