Performance of "Music Again" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

Date: March 02, 2010
Location: NBC (Television)
Venue: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Online attendees: 225
Reviews: 93
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The song Sleepwalker is one of my favorites and I was so happy to hear you sing and perform it on the Jay Leno's show. Loved the set, your style and always your talent. Beautiful...did miss the blonde piano player though. Just seems like you all fit well together. Keep on going, Adam! Angelfire, Las Cruces, NM


Way to go Adam, I loved your performance on the Jay Leno show.


Awesome performance! Everytime you perform we can't wait to see what you'll do next. Your vocals are simply amazing. Looking forward to more music releases. Best wishes to you.


What a fantastic performance. Very few artists in this day and age are better live than "on vinyl". You are one of them. The make-up was awesome and the costume was killer! I'm glad I stayed up to watch, and would do it again.


Adam Lambert delivers another explosive performance on The Jay Leno show last night. He "Rocked the House!" How I wished that I'd been present, but watching Adam on a screen is better than zero Adam @ all. He is an unusually versatile artist. Having seen my fair share of musical acts in concert, I can say with certainty that Adam is the 'One."
Rock-on. :>)


Adam, you were great as usual on The tonight Show. I wish Jay would have talked to you a little. At 62 yrs. I can't believe I have been so taken with your artistry. The last artists I was so hot for was Jim Morrison of the "Door" and Paul Anka. I wish you would do more TV and longer spots. I can't get enough of your work.


I commented in the other section under the video. Just wanted to add here that Jay was so right in declaring you to be the BEST IDOL CONTESTANT IN HISTORY! I think you have a soft spot in his heart ha! Also, so very nice that Shaun White (snowboarder) came out and shook your hand as one artist to another!! Glad you avoided the other guest (b**ch) on the show!! Best to stay clear of the hategay mongers! Wished she didn't take up the entire show and gave you some couch time with two work well together! ♥


Awesome preformance!!!!!! Kept doing your thing.


Awesome performance!!!! Kept doing your thing.


it was amazing!!!!!!

i loved it Smiling


OMG!!!!! I loved it!

it was awsome!

u were awsome Adam!!!! u rocked!

love the song... love the hair... love the clothes... love u!!!!! lol Sticking out tongue

u did soooo good and it looked like u were having a blast up there! Smiling

keep on doin' what u do! Eye-wink
u really do bring the entertainment to us Smiling

jeannette soul

That would be Sleepwalker and WOW! What a performance!!!! WOW! That was immense!!!!! Loved every second - thank you!!


Love this interview, so funny Laughing out loud . Adam is so awesome. Love him <33


Amazing Performance. Loved the rhinestones Smiling


AMAZING performance!


I loved the performance, a good display of Adam's vocal range. Enjoyed the fact that Tommy has his hair all blonde again! Didn't enjoy the make up, couldn't see his beautiful eyes and it made him look a bit raccoonish!! Also I stayed awake till 1am for under five minutes of Adam and I have to be up bright eyed a bushy tailed by 5am! My fault admittedly but I think Adam deserved better.
I am not a fan of Leno these days and it seems that he is packing his shows with names in a desperate effort to gain numbers over Letterman now he has regained the Tonight Show. It would have been nice for Adam to have a conversation with him, even if it was only a few minutes. That was disappointing.


Another awesome performance by Adam! I am so glad he is starting to be his own artist. Strut your peac*** feathers, Adam. I am so entranced by you and your style. Who wants a cookie cutter average performer, when we can be an original shimmering star? Thanks for putting some much needed life back into the rock industry. I never realized how boring it had become until you...


Another awesome performance by Adam! I am so glad he is starting to be his own artist. Strut your peac*** feathers, Adam. I am so entranced by you and your style. Who wants a cookie cutter average performer, when we can be an original shimmering star? Thanks for putting some much needed life back into the rock industry. I never realized how boring it had become until you...


Music Again is a fun dance song, but Sleepwalker was a much better choice to showcase your incredible voice. You rocked it out of the universe and the outfit was perfect. The eye makeup was a little too dark for me as you have the most beautiful expressive eyes and think it took away, instead of enhancing them like the guyliner does. You are so exquisitely beautiful, that sometimes less is more. Love the cd. Its so addicting. Cant listen to anything else, You're mesmerising!!!!!!!!

Kathleen King

ADAM LAMBERT Sings "Sleepwalker" on the Tonight Show!
BRAVO ,Darling !!!!!

Kathleen King

ADAM LAMBERT Sings "Sleepwalker" on the Tonight Show!
BRAVO ,Darling !!!!!



You were impeccable on the Tonight Show. Love your hair, makeup, outfit, love the jacket. LOVE Sleepwalker. You are so talented it is such a pleasure to watch you on late night tv my friend. I truly have not tuned into that AI only like 10 minutes this season. At least the public found you. You are like fine wine and ripen with each appearance. Your vocals are outstanding as always, and your artistry is one of a kind. My nephew who is a model got to go to your acoustic taping in the city a few weeks ago. He loves you & has supported you as well, but I was SO jealous. He said it was unbelievable to be in that audience. Way to go Adam ,keep bringing it on. Please tour in NJ. You are one of a kind.

Andrea Boutron

OMG I can't wait to see him on Leno!!!! Sooooo excited and been counting down to this day!!! Love ya Adam!!! You so Rock!!!!


Cant wait to see you Adam going to record it I have When you where in Ellen and Oprha an the music award show love the performance the so so so sexy.


I am excited, I love adam!
I am obsessed, I talk about him everyday.
I can't to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil glam fan

Cant' wait! I'l be watchin the tonight show!



I'll be watching and cheering u on Adam! I love when u sing!!! Ur just AMAZING!!!!! Lve it! Love YOU!!!!!

I no u'll do good! Sticking out tongue

who has two thumbs, and is very exited to watch Adam tonight.... THIS GUY!!!!!!

( i'm actually a girl lmao but oh well!!!) XD


Aww! I was like hurrying up to see Leno's Show. and i thought i missed Adam. was then that i realized im from the east and His TV appearance will be tomorrow. DAMN! i'll miss it!


I will be on the tube waiting to see you on Leno. Can't wait!!!!!! A fan for life!!!!!! Love you Adam.


Can't wait to see you again on Leno!

Brittney Glambert

OMG! so excited! cant wait!! Smiling


YAY!!!!!! i cant wait i havnt see you preform live in a while i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!i loooooove the song music again!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!! Smiling :) Sticking out tongue


YAYS!!!! I missed you last time that you were on Jay Leno! It shall NOT happen again!!!!!! xD Not only that, I've never seen you preform Music Again either! YAYS!! A night of firsts! Can't wait to tell my sister, she's gonna freak! We wouldn't miss it for the world!!!! xD Love ya!


WTF!!! can't wait Adam my babe haha..
Please perform the SLEEPWALKER especially when you are going to visiit the PHILIPPINES!!! ILOVEYOU!! and i want to see you soooon...

my name is lalaine and i hope you will remember me and i hope i will hear your voice and see you soon..

Music again look into my eyes baby eyes haha...

i love yah!! take care adam..

to all adam's supporters thank you for your updates and tweets i really appreciate it so much..and please keep on supporting him and love him..

a Glitter is always a glitter......

^_^ lalaine lapaz ^_^


Jay Leno is awesome!!!! Adam is amazing! I loved the last time you were on Jay! Can't wait for tomorrow night!!!!!!


Can't wait!!!!! Please do Fever and Strut more??????


Yippeeeee! I'll party like it's my birthday! Oh, no, wait, March 2 really IS my birthday! What a great gift to see YOU on my birthday! And, I do enjoy Music Again. Happy Birthday to me! (Like others, though, I really would love you to do Fever sometime. It's soooooooooo GAGA!!!!!)

mary ellen

I just love these guyzz!!!


Adam, you totally rock!!!


Saw your appearance on his prime time show. Awesome, as was the Oprah appearance. Can't stay up that last. Early work day, but I will record it. Any song from your album (parts of which I listen to everyday) would be great, but I would love to see you do Strut or Fever. Wake em up.


Oh no please do not do music again on the hottest new show the Jay Leno show! It is not your best song for that night. Do Fever,If i had you, or at least Whataya want from me! This is a very important new show and millions of people will be watching! Again check out the numbers of your most popular songs and get the croud out of their seats, music again will not do that! (please think about it)


I can't wait and I will be back to NO DOUBT say how GREAT you were on Leno!


I will be tuned in as I am with all your performances. Love your CD. Performing "Music Again" will be hot. Laughed when Jay interviewed you the last time speaking about being "plucked". You said, "As long as your into safe plucking."


awwsooommeee!!!! cant wait!!!!


Glad you are going back on Leno. The exposure is great! Glad you will be on Idol again! Can't wait!


I am so looking forward to this. Leno loves you and he needs all the support he can get. Music Again is gonna rock everybodys world! So happy to see so many singles live on TV since they got you in the box right now. Can't wait for you to come back to SF. The Fillmore? sounds great!



Can't wait because Music Again is a great song and the large audience at home of his 2nd night, with viewers tuning in for Sarah Palin, is in for a treat. Should be great publicity!


he's going to be on Jay Leno again?!?!?!?! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! i wonder what he'll do this time Laughing out loud :D i'll definitely be watching! i wish i could be there Sad Jay Leno was the first to really give him a good interview after everything that went down so i'm excited to see what it's about this time.. YOU BETTER PERFORM ADAM!!!