Acoustic Live! Out Today:

It's finally here!! Adam Lambert's brand new EP, Acoustic Live!, is out today! Adam previewed two songs from the EP last week on and now you can get all five amazing songs at Adam's Official Music Store, iTunes or Amazon.

Acoustic Live! contains some of Adam's best hits like "Soaked" and "Music Again" in a more intimate and stripped down fashion. A perfect gift for any Glambert! You can even purchase an exclusive Acoustic Live! Poster with the new EP at Adam's Official Music Store.

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just got the new acoustic live and im friggin out!!!!!!!!!!! Eye-wink


Wow! Another CD?! This is just so cool!!! ADAM!!!


mine came in the mail today Smiling Sooooooo happy!!!


Anyone that missed out on Acoustic Live! EP hardcopy, the 2nd printing is now available! Just click on Adam's picture above Smiling


i want that CD ! unfear ! CAN somebady give me some money X) !? and, adam, you´re cute and honestly and your show in finland was amazing ! hehee, I cried in there! I don´t know why... Eye-wink I was sooo happy and my friend too! we cried together after to your show! hahaaa :DDD i was exstacy in there ! me and my friend singd every song.. <3333 Smiling A BIG THANK YOU ADAM! YOU REALLY ARE THE NEXT KING OF ROCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! ((: ps. i´m not good at enlish! XD


I love this acoustic LP! I love Adam more than any one in the music industry.Adam is my life time favorite! No one has moved me like him !I just saw him at jingle balls in F.L 4 amazing songs! I have never seen a more beautifu soul . I'm on a plane tues 15th to see the last 2 glam nation shows. 7 not enough! 70 would not be enough! He made me fall in love with him !I'M A LIFE TIME FAN! Renee. sedon62..


amazing *________* !

i love all songs,epsecially whataya want from me *_____*


Anyone get there acoustic package yet? I live in the US and have not recieved an email update or anything yet.


I received an email that my CD's are being shipped. I live in Toronto, so I don't know if it is RCA or Sony sending them. i couldn't wait so I downloaded it on itunes as well. LOVE IT!!!! I listen to it repeatedly. Congratulations toAdam and the Band. OUTSTANDING!


now it's saying processing instead of pre-ordered. so there was somekind of an update


Anyone have an update> Still have not been charged, and no tracking number!! I can't wait any longer!!


i get more depressed every day i come home and there's no package at my doorstep!! wth! lol


Still hasn't shipped!!! I'm losing my mind! I can't wait to get my cd and poster!


okay its been way to long 10 frikkin days lol....LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY EP/POSTER


I ordered my CD bundle. Its now 16 days ago, but i didnt receive it yet. Cant wait to have it in my hands.


Ohhh awesome awesome! Great! Cannot wait! Smiling


Please direct all concerns and questions to:


Someone just posted this in the forum, I'm assuming it's accurate:

"From Twitter - #AdamLambert fans: In response to your questions, the Acoustic Live! CDs have shipped & we are pressing more!"


I pre-ordered my cd's like 2 weeks ago.Never got a confirmation email with a number.But the money came out of my account.And wasnt it supposed to ship monday?? HELP


I'm having the same problem. I pre ordered on 11-23 and I'm getting the same message. The money has come out of my account but no cd yet. How can we fix this. My order # is Order ID: DCABBA71B2. Some one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too! I pre-ordered, got my order #. But no e-mail yet! Then when I go to check the details of my order, get the "sold out" notice. Hope that doesn't affect my order! So tempted to buy the EP off Itunes if I don't hear something soon. HELP PLEASE!!!


I have the same problem. don't have a mail or anything and it says it's sold out... what's up?! I already paid for it... I wanna have it!


IM SAD!!!!!!! i really want my happy that they sold-out so fast but would be happier if that happened after i got mine Sad


I have the same status as adamfan100. It says it is pre-ordered, but sold out? I ordered the bundle too, the day after the CD and poster were up for pre-order. Are we supposed to get an email or just assume it is on the way?

I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Simply stunning what I have heard so far.

Thank you!


i ordered my hard copy the day the pre-sale started but it says sold out under shipping status?? im confused......


Just to update my previous comment, I received an email today and was able to dowload my MP3 files from Sony. Thank you!!


It would be nice if when a problem is encountered during downloading, which seems to be the case for a few people thus far............That after contacting customer support......................they would issue a response either personally or to all on this forum, rather than some automated message just after it was sent.....................Then leave you hanging.

It's Christmas time............and gift purchases are being planned and made BEFORE Christmas, NOT AFTER.

I don't want to have to purhcase elsewhere just to be sure and then have MyPlay's download come in weeks later.

They need to handle matters a bit more professionally.

Anyone else encounter the same problem.

Received the INSTANT DOWNLOAD and then the Album supposedly available on the 6th would only be available on the 7h.

Evidently, there appears to be a problem to begin with.

loaded smile

Joining the rest of the comments here with the question......When will some more physical CDs be ready for sell? I've heard the two beautiful released songs and I'm ready to buy:)! Please release some more, thank you!


The angels are weeping in heaven after hearing this group of live songs and realizing they can't compete with Adam Lambert.

Seriously. It's that good.

And I'm in the same boat with others who haven't received MP3 download info. or hard copy. Will remain patient. Smiling In the meantime, I have already purchased an iTunes download because I just could not wait!!!


I really want this CD. But I'm looking for this, and it still "Sold Out". So I'm little confused with this article. Can anybody answer me?..Sad


I preordered the initial bundle - does anyone now when these are going to mbe shipped? my order still sais pre-ordered!!!

That's the best xmass gift!!! The EP is AWESOME!!!!


I purchased the digital download but I can not get the album.

I received the instant downlaod of Whataya Want From Me when I made the purchase..........That worked fine................I have not received the Mp3 files today when I clicked on to the Order number.

Please advise


Is anyone else having trouble downloading the digital version of "Acoustic Live" purchased through this site? I had no problem receiving "Whataya Wan From Me" as an instant download when I pre-ordered a few days ago. But when I followed the link to my confirmation email today and tried to download the full album, no mp3 files were received. I've emailed MyPlay support, but if anybody has any suggestions in the meantime, please post it. Thanks!


Do we have any idea when the hard copy CDs that were ordered before they ran out will be shipped or have they already been shipped? When do you expect more?


My breath is taken away, I don't even know my name....I have just used up an entire packet of kleenex to soak up the tears! Nobody sings like Adam. Nobody's voice is that beautiful and perfect. MORE, please!!!!!!!


Downloaded the acoustic album first thing this morning from I Tunes and was literally blown away by the music. From the videos, concert performances and my personal CD's, I must have listened to the songs over a hundred times but..... this acoustic version is so fresh and personal.
Absolutely genius!!! Waiting for the GNT Tour video. Adam, thanks for everything that you do.


I ordered my CD bundle and wonder when I will receive it. I listened to it and LOVE IT!!!!! Adam you are truly wonderful. This acoustic cd really showcases your beautiful voice. I am 71 and feel blessed to be on this wonderful Earth to witness your talent. Can't wait to hear what you do next.




As I always said , Adam Lambert... You give me the chills : Acoustic DOES U WELL YOUR VOICE IS HEALING ME ....!!!!!!! I LOVE UR VOICE AND THE HEART U PUT INTO UR SONGS.....U MAKE ME WANNA LISTEN TO MUSIC AGAIN Smiling ...<3


I've been longing for the CD for ages, but goddamn it, it says sold out.. I hope there will be a second run on this CD..


RCA Ed - any word on the second run? I need 12 more physical copies. Not everyone has or does iTunes.


Couldn't wait for my CD to arrive, so downloaded from iTunes! Adam's vocals are sublime; blissfully pure and heartfelt. Thanks for making this music available so quickly.

Question for RCA: noticed iTunes Store home page doesn't even list Acoustic Live anywhere! Have to go to search bar to find. Please don't keep this CD a secret - the world deserves to know about it and hear Adam's glorious music.


Still says SOLD OUT!!???


I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago....when does it come in the mail?? the songs are unbelievable!


Just have to say Mr Lambert, your music is amazing! Saw you in London last week and was blown much so that I car chased your taxi for a while after the gig (the driver lost me, he was good!) Congrats on being such a success till now, you have the talent to continue to be so for a very long time x


I'm looking for the CD, and it still says Sold Out. So I'm confused with this new notice!


I had pre ordered here but it says it won't be available for download until tomorrow Sad But I am determined so I also bought the album on iTunes!! I love all of the songs but Aftermath and WWFM are my top two favorites.


Just purchased the MP3 copies of the Acoustic live today. Incredible version of Whatyawantfromme. Can not find the correct words to explain. Thank you Adam and band for sharing. Hugs always!


I have bought this wonderful album, but I am not equipped to download the free "Whatya Want From Me" acoustic version. How can I obtain this version? I do not own an Ipod or M3 player, so I cannot download it per your instructions. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your help in advance.