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Adam Joins The Trevor Project and AT&T For “Live Proud” Campaign:

Adam is working with AT&T and Trevor Project to create awareness of LGBTQ youth in crisis. For each person who "Likes" the AT&T Live Proud Facebook Page, AT&T will donate $1.00 to The Trevor Project.

For each person who likes the AT&T Live Proud Facebook Page or retweets specially noted tweets between April 1st and June 30th, 2013, AT&T will donate $1 or 50¢, respectively, to the Trevor Project, up to $50,000, with a minimum of $25,000. Limit one Like and retweet per person, per account. Sponsored by AT&T.

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Adam has such a kind and giving heart! He brings joy into peoples lives. I love that about him. Keep it up Adam!! Smiling


As always Adam doing what his heart does best. No greater spokesman for so many great causes ...Adam is real and that realness speaks to so many. Thank you Adam Lambert, ATT and Live Proud.


So happy to see such a worthy cause join forces with Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert whom is bridging the gap of narrow mindedness on a daily basis
Adam exemplifies staying true to oneself and never being ashamed of who you are
Thank-You to the Trevor Project, & AT&T for choosing Adam Lambert as spokesman
For not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk encouraging others to do the same


So proud of Adam and thrilled that he was chosen to be the spokesperson for this - they couldn't have picked anyone more suitable. Hoping 50K is raised for the Trevor Project.


Adam, respect your commitments to support others whatever the cause is admirable. Keep up with your fantastic works and I 'll be supporting with you <333


When you talk about "Live Proud", there's no other celebrity who has "Lived Proud" from the first moment we knew him. He has given hope to so many people and has changed the mindset of so many others.
I'm most grateful that he made me see the light and opened up my narrow mind. My prayer is that in the future, sexuality would no longer be an issue and that everyone will be granted equal rights under the law and in the eyes of others. Thanks Adam and kudos to AT&T and the Trevor Project for their endeavors.


So proud of Adam and all of his accomplishments! I can't think of a better representative for this project! Thanks, AT&T, for choosing Adam!


hi i am teresa i just want say i love the song time for miracles from the movie 2012 the song made me feel we need miracles to happen in this world today and i love the words i listen to over and over again so thansk for the song u made adam and god bless u and every one love teresa


Wishing the Trevor Project, AT&T and Adam all the success in the world - here's to raising $50K+ for the Trevor Project! Good luck to all who have entered - Live Proud ALWAYS! x0x carter


GOOD LUCK with raising funds for this worthwhile cause Adam,because of wonderful people like you, a lot more people are indeed living out and proud ♥