Adam Lambert Announces Acoustic Live!, a 5 Song EP, To Be Release on December 6th | The Official Adam Lambert Site

Adam Lambert Announces Acoustic Live!, a 5 Song EP, To Be Release on December 6th:

Things are getting even better in the Adam Lambert world because today Adam officially announces the release of Acoustic Live! - a 5 Song EP of stripped down versions of five of Adam's most popular tracks from For Your Entertainment. Tracks including "Whataya Want From Me" and "Music Again", which were recorded while Adam was in Germany, and "Aftermath" and "Soaked" from Lambert's Glam Nation tour will be included.

Be sure to check regularly in the coming days for additional details about physical and digital configurations, as well as pre-sale information!

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Does anyone know if this going to be released in stores too, or is it just online??


I look forward Smiling))


Anyone know if they will be restocking with the hard copies and/or posters? Or is it officially sold out forever :/

One good woman

I am so bummed out. I didn't get a chance to order the CD and it is sold out.


Bought the $4.99 digital, but how do you download IMMEDIATELY the first track as stated in the offer?


Filled out form here & ordered THE BUNDLE (poster & EP/CD)

Says it's "in the cart"...but I do NOT see any button that then lets me check out with my cart. Neither do I find any CART button in the store anywhere else.

NUTSO here!


C'mon!!!!! i need this in hard copy!!!! Let's go people!!!


I want it now but no news not here or on twitter Sad it´s 11 in the evning so I have to go to bed soon school tom -.-' but I need to pre order it noooooooooooooooooooow Sad


When's this happening?


I echo all the other comments. Rinse & repeat.


I am getting bored coming back every 15 minutes looking for a buy it now button.

Come on RCA Ed, get the show on the road.


We've been promised to be able to pre-order EP today, Monday!
Somebody can answer why we still can not do it?


on the RCA site it says we can pre order it here and it's a physical CD???? we also get a lithograph???? When does that start? really want to pre order it!!!


Ok where is the buy now button?



Please advise where to find pre-order info when it is announced. I must get a hard copy and print!


wojo; I 100% understand Sad


wojo; I 100% understand Sad


I thought the pre-order sale was today, but I am not seeing anything. I want a hard copy so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be travelling for Thanksgiving and thought I could get my order in before I leave, now I am worried I am going to miss out. Anybody know anything?


I think someone forgot to set up pre-order today. Guess that's what happens when you take the thunder out of the AMAs. J. Beaver ?? What's that??


Take Two is NOT an official CD... I am still checking here for a pre-sale today, (Monday Nov 22) but as of 9 AM PST nothing has appeared on the site to allow us to pre-order. YET!


I sooooo want the hard copy!!!


I can't wait to pre-order! Soon I hope?


What time today does this go on sale here!

La La Lambert Land

Can't wait. <3 <3 <3 Oh, and I want that Picture turned into a poster to put on my wall. [:


I really want the hard copy too.
Why is it that the powers that be seem to think that digital is the way to go? we like something to hold onto... lol!
So excited for this to get here Smiling


Pre order????? Sooooooooo excited and I really want a hard copy! I know I'm not the only one! Love you Adam! Smiling


I cannot wait for pre-order!!! When? I want this in hard copy form so badly!!! GIVE US FANS MORE INFO!!!!!!!! Also the album cover is soooooooooo hott!!! I want it in poster form!!!


Dude, that album cover is hawt as heck!!


RCA Ed, Take 2 is on Amazon with a 5238 percent inrease in sales. Out Dec 7. Coincidental with the official EP release date of Dec 6. Of course those Bastards. Peeps know about an EP but don't spend their time on this site or the countless other fan sites, so many do not understand the difference. Get it on Amazon and snuff out Take 2.


Okay, I'm joining the ranks of the confused, here. Seriously. What's going on with the EP? The net says there's supposed to be an article on the official page here somewhere about the EP presales starting Monday, but there's nothing at all here that I can find that says anything at all similar to what the net's reporting. What gives? Is this available starting Monday or not? Does anyone know for sure???


I heard that pre order will start on monday


Sorry! tried to delete this!


Hello RCA-
What is the pre-order date & time & where will the link to order appear & how much? Will we recieve an email or somthing with a link? I'd like 5 copies Please!



CANNOT wait!
if there is a pre-order available, i will indeed pre-order <3
we love U adam!


When is the Pre-Oder Date? I can't find the info about it on AdamOfficial. Yet on the Net there are short articles about the pre-order date being on Monday??? Please, RCA Mgmt, tell us in advance so we can be ready! I want to buy it but I need the hard copy CD and I can't download on my computer! In fact, I want to buy several as gifts....sure hope there are enough physical copies to go round!

Thanks so much for your help!


This is called "Acoustic Live!" So what is the album "Take Two" being offered for pre-sale by Amazon starting Dec. 7th? Is this another Adam ripoff by the same b@stards who did "Take One?" Anyone know?


I want a copy too! Hopefully with enough requests for it, they will make more copies available to all of Adam's Fans!!!


Add 3 more hard copies - they want it in England too...


I can't wait for the hard copy CD!!!


If you're keeping tabs on the demand for the hard copy CD add me too. I like physical CDs and really want this one. And add that lots of other Aussies want the CD as well as downloading it.

Gorgeous cover!!!

How about a poster version of that!!


I gotta have this to add to my collection!!! I can"t wait!! Can't wait for the pre ofer info!!


Wow - can't wait. I need the hard copy but will also download it. It is going to be great!



I'm more excited than a teeny-bopper. I can't wait till Dec 5th, I want hardcopy as other have expressed. I think the cover rocks, my God, when I thought you couldn't look any hotter, you do! Good God boy, you should have made the People cover of hottest male of 2010. You look smoking hot and gorg in that shot, and most others too! I hope you're enjoying Europe so jealous. I'd love to be in the City of Lights with you I bet it's even prettier this time of year with the holidays just around the corner. But even better will be Sunday Nov. 19th on E! Can't wait....

Love you always, XXXOOOXXXX,



I am hoping for news about the pre sale. I would really love a hard copy for my collection, too.

Michela Marchitti

I wait!


wow ! adam you're so nice guy and charming and handsom and ....
i love you so much :-*


Where do I pre-order this album? I want to have this for my collection, but need it in CD form. Thank you for being so talented. I am hoping that you will do a song with David Bowie or at least one by him would be ok too. You both have a distinct sexy singing voice, which I admire greatly.


Waiting on pins & needles for the pre-order info! Hope we hear something soon. I'll download from iTunes, too, but definitely want a hard copy to add to my collection. Hurry & put an end to my anxiety, RCA!


It's a very good news. Now, i know that i'll ask as Christmas' gift !
I love the cover !