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Adam Lambert On The Ellen Show Today :

Make sure you tune into the Ellen Show today to see Adam Lambert perform "If I Had You". If you can't wait for the show, check out the video down below of Adam's interview with Ellen, as well as a video of him backstage.

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This was no doubt the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life, I'm watching it over and over and over... I LUV U ADAM!!!!!!!!


He did such a sweet interview! I hope he goes to Europe and is a smashing success! I hope Fever is released soon to the radio stations after hearing it at his concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City!


the end was very funny Laughing out loud Sticking out tongue and Adam is so.. sweet Smiling <3


ohohoho ..

so Pretty !!!!!


I love the backstage video of him. He is so cute in there<3 (:


Adam, I LOVE you!! You are SMEXXY!!!!!!! I luv Fever!!! Love ya!!!


I think that,Adam ,you don't know What's a sweet thing what you do in the end of the backstage video!!!


Every time you speak........I just love watching you are soooo cute Smiling You seem so naturall .....and..I....Will....Allways......LOVE YOU Smiling) bye


was this a replay from an old show because the performance I found was an older one with I've seen before and in the backstage comment must be older because it's not the shaved side hair he currently is sporting?


does anyone have the 'link' to the song portion? It doesn't show it here from what I can tell. I even went to Ellen page and can't find the right one--i could only find the performance from the last time he was on.


I think your video of If I had you is really cool!!!Gondolom a következő videóid is ilyen szuperek lesznek,mert ez nagyon bulizós és extra és ez így jó!!!!


I watched you on the Ellen Show. You are so amazing. I love the song "If I Had U." I love your singing. I can't get enough. I listen to your songs all the time and watch your videos alot. I can't wait to see you in concert.


I loved the end ♥ So cute Sticking out tongue he he i love Adam


it's acting funky and I can't watch it. Wonder what's up.


"IF I HAD YOU" ...I may consider leavin my hubby Smiling! You are the interview and as always superb job on song!! LOVE YOU ADAM!


that video was so funny the 2nd one at the end. haha


Lovely kitty cat Smiling :***


Yay! He's playing my favorite song!!! <333

I love Adam

Awww Adam is SO freaken cute!!(: I love him so much!Laughing out loud -Glambert3464


If I had YOU


I've got my digital recorder set. I have to go to sleep now(work nights) otherwise I'd be glued to the tube. See you in Tempe,AZ. 2 hot weather shows in a row, be careful, don't get sick, anxiously waiting to see you in Tempe!!! So excited to see you on Ellen today!


this c***atoo is so cute! (but just with you)
You don't want to adopt she...or he? O.o


Adam I love you!!! You are so smokin hot!!!! I love the song if I had you!!! I I had you Adam my would be complete!!!! Love you!!!!!