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Adam Lambert & his band support young music students through :

On Tuesday, August 24th, Adam, Cam, Monte, Tommy, and Longineu made a special appearance at the office of, an online charity that delivers materials to high-need classrooms, and Adam’s charity of choice! The band surprised the student jazz band of JHS 278 Marine Park and their teacher with much-needed school supplies.

The band played two songs for Adam and his bandmates. They had the chance to ask Adam about life on tour, what inspired him to sing, and what it was like to be on American Idol. The students were then given a chance to learn the opening to “If I Had You” and received autographed CDs from Adam.

Music teacher Candis Pohl said about meeting Adam and his band, “It was an unforgettable day for not only the students but myself as well. Being able to make this possible for the students was just incredible. I loved seeing those HUGE smiles you saw on the students’ faces yesterday.” Candis is especially thankful that Adam is supporting, “an organization that truly gives those teachers in need what is necessary to make their classroom run to their greatest potential.”

For more information about Adam Lambert’s work with, visit Adam’s Glam A Classroom Giving Page, and check out more photos at the official DonorsChoose Facebook page.

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my cousin knows people who were there in that picture. & she even got a picture with adam, shes very lucky! i wish i was there <3


Thanks for all you are doing for the educational community ! Several of our classroom teachers have benefitted from Donors Choose ! We are a 80% +
poverty rate school located in metro Atlanta...teachers already spend so much of their "pay" to help their students....Donors choose helps alleviate this spending ! So proud of you and your band...good people who understand the responsibility to "give back"...Thanks ! (Dave's (you know who)...MOMMA


wow hes hot sweet and an awesome singer!!!!!!!!! love yah forever adam

Gwen White Rose

wow adam God bless you! it`s so fantastic! congratulations man! wow!


I LOVE YOU ADAMMM 4-EVER!!! <3<3<3<3<3


This is such a good cause and you don't have to have a lot of money to donate. I am so proud of this.


Adam:; Sweetheart so glad to help the donors choose project. You and your music, makes my heart sing! Adam i just love you...... I can't wait to see you in FL !! At all 3 shows!! Thank you Adam!!!! <3

Queen Claire

you are not only handsome adam but you are also kind,generous and helpful! more power to you! BLESS YOU!


That's wonderful that he and his band had time on their few days off to go to this school. Click on Glam the Classroom, pick a project and make a donation to honor Adam..... $5 to whatever amount. They guide you through step by step it's easy!


sweet of you baby . I love you for more :*


I love that Adam is helping with this cause. It's really a good cause and Adam is a good guy for helping out. Yeah Adam




i've heard that he's gone 2 malasia!EZt true?


awww thats so kind adam is the sweetest guy ever <3 Laughing out loud and his band is soo sweet 2 Laughing out loud

Silvia Dimitrova

He is so good guy! I love him

dodi Love Adam ...

I Love You Adam You Are A Good Guy I Love You

Middle School Girl

Wow that is amazing that he is doing that 4 them!


this is what i love in my ADAM but i have you a goooooooooooooood news adam here in romania you are #15 with your single If i had you after a week that utv showed your single but your fans from here, from ROMANIA, in front with me , will pump If i had you to #1 So i hope that we will see you here in Romania very soon
your megafan CAROLINA


You do wonderful things black Ya..Because you make me smile by far like star in the sky ; )


I always knew that you have such a wonderful heart! Love you for that, sweetie! The music will live 'cause you do something that no one does in our days! I'm sooo proud of you, LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DEAR!
God bless you and your beautiful soul!


I think it's awesome that Adam is helping keep music alive; especially since my son plays a few intruments. We borrow his bass clarinet & sax from the school and a friend. It would be wonderful if he could somehow get his own. This year he graduates from middle school and I hope that doesn't affect his joy of playing over the summer because he won't have an instrument; well at least til high school, I think. I'm not sure if he could borrow intruments there. If there's any way Adam could keep the smile on his face from the joy of playing or make it bigger; I sincerely ask for help.


This is one of the MANY things I love about Adam and his band! It's amazing to see how they take time out of their busy schedules and llves to bring help where it's needed and put smiles on so many faces. God bess you all!


Adam your amazing and not only on stage but off stage as well! Even though you have a super busy and successful career you still make time to reach out to children in need and that is sooo great! I completely agree with you that there should be way more music and art classes offered in schools...people need to have the option to experience the incredible feeling of being able to create their own music. Your a wonderful human being and a kick ass musician!!! =) You've inspired me soo much and i thank you for that! I l0ve you Adam!
<3 Sabrina


Adam you are soooo sweet and giving!!! It's sooo great what you are doing!!!!! If I was one of thoes students I would have fanted!!! Thats how much I love you!!!!!


This whole Donors is awesome work, kudos to whoever organized this. Thank you Adam for giving us information about this and hugs to all who participate in this. Awesome project


That's so cool that the entire band went with him! I hadn't heard of DonorsChoose before Adam mentioned it. So many great projects to choose from and so appreciated by the teachers and students.

Rachel Lambert

Adam you're no longer just a great artist is a great human being, and you show that paying attention to those in need. We love you for you to be true.
Smiling LoveForever!!!


Adam, you are incredible, in every way. I love how you are helping others and spreading musical education and appreciation. This is just so great Smiling


Wauw, just wow.
This is so amazing. These projects are so great.
It's so sweet from him (and his band) to do this (:


Waaw! it's good.AMAZING!


Being a flute & piccolo player who was in Band & Orchestra, graduating in 1974 - I totally approve of what Adam is trying to do with There are so many who cannot afford to participate in music programs and with the schools cutting their arts & music budgets, every little bit helps expose these kids to the wonders they might not be able to experience without our support.


Wow. Adam is so amazing. I am so glad there is an Adam Lambert living in the same time I am. I would NOT want to miss this!!!!


I feel so proud to be a part of all this. I never would have known about this program if it weren't for Adam Lambert. He is so genuine .

ŠpeeLa Ella



Adam, I just want t let you know how incredibly amazing it is that you take time to go visit the people you have helped. I am lucky enough to have a decent enough music program at my school, and i am SOOOO thankful that you are letting other kids share the experience.
k. <3


Adam is doing great things by leading his fans to Donors Choose! I have donated several times and I have gifted a friend, for their birthday, a certificate so they could pick a project to donate to - (that's a great gift for someone who has everything already!). I really enjoyed hearing from the teachers and students who benefit! You go Adam!!!! Thank you!


Awhhh this is so cool. Smiling I love that Adam introduced me to this charity.

Thank-You Adam for the many ways of inspiration.

Beatriz 81743205

Adam, congratulations to you and your fellow GlamNation the initiative.


Adam is such a caring, kind and charitable person. Love seeing the joy on the kids' faces due to his generosity. He is working so hard, with very little break, but he still makes the time to do wonderful work for others.


If Adam went to Donors Choose in Manhattan, he then borough-hopped it to Brooklyn where the school is. Just think about all of the wisdom Adam and the band can impart to a band class!!! I know the teachers must have been ECSTATIC to see him!! I think DonorsChoose is one of THE best charities ever, and leave it to Adam to choose them as his favorite project!!


Ok seriously I can't stop bawling this is ADAMAZING!


Adam is such a spiritual being... i just adore him both as an artist and as a human. he makes my day everytime. guess he makes me wanna listen to music again Laughing out loud