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Adam Lambert Talks To Entertainment Weekly!:

Adam recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for a revealing interview. He talked about his ever-changing fashion sense, his upcoming album, Trespassing and his upcoming appearance on All On The Line with Joe Zee. While discussing his next album, Adam stated that "The style is a little bit evolved...I think the last album I was trying to update the style of the late ‘70s, early ‘80s with the glam rock and with rock music on a whole visually and aesthetically. I think this album is more in the direction of contemporary again. It’s fresh and it’s something people maybe haven’t heard before. Lyrically, it’s very honest and real.” Check out Entertainment Weekly's website to read the full story!

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I always love his smile,don't you?


Congrats to you Lambert on your Entertainment Weekly Interview! Well done! Speaking of Fashion . . . I just adore that Leather Poncho of yours! I love Ponchos and even have a Pattern or two, but have never thought of making Ponchos out of Leather! What an Idea! Thank you! (And, speaking of Ideas . . . Animal Pattern Ponchos . . . since we all do live in "The Jungle" don't we? Animal? Vegetable? Or Mineral? Don't you just love Brain Storming?) I can't wait to see you on The Sundance Channel when you connect with Joe Zee and his "All On The Line" Show airing December 9! Does your Grandmother pinch those adorable cheeks of yours? I keep getting an urge to do so . . . and I'm not a Grandmother nor a Mother! Single for Life! Smiling


Hott pic! Smiling <3 your smile, adam!


OMG!!! i cant wait until his album comes out bc i want to get it so bad


There is going to be such a pent up demand when Adam's album finally drops! So exciting to see the commercial for 'All On the Line' featuring Adam on Sundance! The last statement of the article strikes at the heart~


Can't wait for the new album! I know i will be as great as the first one<3


I'm so excited for the new single to come &'s a teaser for the new album in the spring. It's been way too long since hearing a new song from Adam...but well worth the agonizing wait! I NEED MY ADAM FIX!
XO Adamicted in Vancouver


Yeeey! I can't wait for the new album... SO EXCITED. <3


Omglambert.! Cant Wait.! xD <3


I read this Eye-wink Caaan't wait to hear new album Laughing out loud