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Adam Lambert's VEVO Playlist:

Want to know what music videos Adam's been watching lately? Then check out his VEVO Video Playlist, brought to you exclusively by VEVO. Which video on Adam's playlist is your favorite?

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hi what means Glambert?


Ok if you insist my pretty friend and I will take you out for a c***tail and some nuts - I ain't so pretty but will make you laugh:)
We aren't freaks by a long shot - well you might think my friend is but no-one's perfect
We will show you a few sights and help you warm up your vocals for the show - she thinks she is a great singer - boy she is not!!
Let me know sure - promise it will be fun




alien kisses from klinghellklaus to adam ! love on, humans!love rocks! especially on my planet,i tell ya! adam loves the klinghellklaus alien,right ,ADAM? you're so welcome to say it ! MWAHH & ciao! ...for now

alice n

adam,you are incredible ove you somuch!!!keep on rockin and remember-your fans love you!!!!


I love you, Adam! You are such a great singer! Keep it up..! xD


I love you, Adam! :x And my sister too! :x:x:x Good Luck! \:D/


I agree that it is unfair, because in Russia people love the creativity of Adam too, and fans want to listen to good music, so the voice of Adam's peerless and unique, he's a real talent!, you would agree with me?......


P.S. It is not fair, why is not possible to buy Adam CD through the official store into Russia?


IIHY is complicated for the perception for those who are not familiar with the symbolism used in the video


Oh, comparing Adam`s video is like a comparing the beauty of Italy and France. They are all excellent. I love them all. FYI is beloved becouse of its sex energy, WWFM - loved for tenderness
IIHY is loved by its stimulating (and it looks like It`s a Hard Life by Queen)

But nothing compares to live concerts Adam


I can't decide which I like the most. I like them all, but Sure Fire WInners, Masterplan, and Strut. I think they are the best. Pick U Up is also very good, as they all are ^^


Juicy_Pleasure’s, we being shamelessly ignored!!!
Hello!!!! Guys, nobody wan't to HELP???
Someone, PLEASE, Tell us about Adam's Playlist!!!


No mader what you do to yourself Adam i will always love you no mader what my brother says.


You're really for our entertainment!!!!!


OMG that was sooooo like a rockstar when he through the tv out the window!!! How high up was that building???? lol that was insane!!
~Love you Adam!!!!!!~


Yeah, at me it's like I_am_Julia ... Sad
What's his Playlist??


I love all your videos but if I had to the order of which one I like most would be....#1Miracles # 2 For Your Entertainment #3 WWFM #4 IIHY. I've bought them all and it depends on the mood I'm in as to which one I'll play. Actually I like any song that you sing. Watching and listening to "Miracles" gave me goose bumps. You are a fantastic singer and performer and I wish you great success. You have the "IT" factor.


Love all your videos, Adam! You are certainly a true entertainer because that is exactly what you do. You have the talent, personality, and the intelligence; keep doing what you are doing. You make so many people happy. We love you so much!


wow!! u looked so awesome when u thorugh that tv out the window!! Smiling wrrrraaaahhhh!!!!!!! lol love u soo much adam Smiling


that video of him throughing the tv out the window was funny and crazy


wow adam u r a very inspirational man and i cnt believe how talented u r i just wish tht i could meet u soo bad keep on rockin by the way i love ur new twitter post toungediving is the new stage diving haha awesome


Love them all.......I especially like the IIHY video but as far as the songs themselves, I love WWFM and IIHY best on the whole cd. Love the remixes too!


Hey, guys, someone, please can you tell me what's in Adam's playlist??? Help me!!! VEVO is not currently available in my country=( And I can't watch nothing, and it's so interesting what there!!! I'll love U so much, if U can help me!!!
I'll be wait!!!
Thanks in advance=)


i love all of them.i can't Pk 1,though,somehow whataya want from me is kinda memory was da 1st track i heard from u.


*If YOU are alone
*I'll be your shadow
*If YOU want to cry
*I'll be your shoulder
*If YOU need to be happy
*I 'll be your smaile
*If you need someone to LOVE YOU
*I just will be ME



Let's see...eeny, meeny, mineeny, moe...hmmmm...can't pick any one video as better than the other. They are ALL true talent, bring a fresh diversity to entertainment. Adam, you're the BEST!!!! Keep on keeping us entertained. You're heart is golden and that will drive you off the charts!


Well I LOVE, 'For Your Entertainment" first. Because you do that thing with your eyes when your sitting in your "King " chair. Then my second wow that's hard! I can't decide from "Whataya Want From Me" and "If I Had You". You have a certain look about you in both of them. Ok your flirting and its very hot to me! And I love the top hat look for you. And then there's also when your hair's down, man do you look FINE!! "Time For Miracles" , I like the song, but not your hair. Its not there for me. I see the video and I just want to get your hair out-of-your-face! So I said it. But I'm STILL A BIG FAN! I LOve YOu soo Much !!


you are the best no one can say any thing else lolz xxxxxx


amazing(: . you are one cool guy Sticking out tongue . i love all the video's . glam nation tour is doing great! and i cant wait for another tour!!! . love you Adam . Smiling


I LOVE them all. Who can decide-Adam is such a stunning, wonderful entertainer and such an awesome singer everything he sings is fantastic. Adam also takes such pride in his work and it shows. Thank-you Adam.


Ok! there is NO way i can choose one! i love em all they are all ADAM LAMBERT xD


I can't defenitelly choose one video as my favorote . all I can say is I LOVE all of the videos . I love you Adam Smiling
come to Indonesia , please . or BALI . Bali baby . you're gonna love it Smiling you won't regret I swear Eye-wink just ask Allison , she has been there a couple months ago Sticking out tongue

One good woman

I can't decide which one I like the best. I love them all. I can't think of anything that I don't like that you do. You bring so much fun and entertainment into our lives. Thank you so much for that. You are loved by so many. Keep smiling, making music and having fun. I hope some day to have the pleasure to meet you.


Love all your videos! I'm so happy for you Smiling You are a true artist cant wait to c what you come up with next! <3