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Adam's New Song "Better Than I Know Myself" Snippet:

The snippet for Adam's hot new single, "Better Than I Know Myself" has arrived! Stream the snippet below.

Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial

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I Love This song so beautiful, Iam so Proud of you, I want to give you a big hug. I cant wait for your Album. I know it is going to be excellent.


this song sounds amazin i cant wait to hear the song in its entirety and to buy the new album when it comes out i live for adam lamberts music he is one of my favorite singers.


This little snippet was worth waiting for. I can't wait to hear the entire song on the 20th and can't wait for the entire album to be released.
Adam has so much talent and this long awaited album will show everyone that Adam offers so much more than just a musical CD. As much as I look forward to the CD I am looking forward toattending another one of his concerts!


I'm certifiably HOOKED now. I now have BTIKM in my head ALL THE TIME. Love it!!! Can't wait for Trepassing.


I LOVE THIS SONG!!! adam you deffinately never dissapoint!
your amazing! rock out!
i luv the lyrics.
i cant w8 for ur new album and i cant wait for when you tour


OMG!!! HowI this song! It's humming in my head already. Soooooo worth the wait. Thank you Adam.

Miiss Glambert

I think that i think the same as you all Smiling xD
This song is so amazing and well,honestly i can't find the perfect word to describe this song(snippet).
@Adam Lambert: You're so awesome ,you rock and i'm looking forward to your new tour next year and I LOVE YOU ♥ xxxx


Words do not do justice.............. <3 you Adam Lambert, you R*O*C*K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I totally love it,this song gonna be really amazing Laughing out loud
Can't wait to hear WHOLE single Laughing out loud


OMG I can't wait! It's unique. This song, this album will rock the world. I wish to Adam a grand success ! Smiling


Can't wait to hear the entire song. The snippet is very tantilizing.

Proud Glambert

I cannot get this song out of my head! Adam has a way of taking a song to a very high level. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the single and then the album. Adam rocks!


WOW Adam, love this song (snippet), so catchy! Can't wait until Dec 20th to hear the whole song. Excited!!!


I love it!


cant wait for the CD to come out and cant wait for this song to be on the radio!!!


OMFGOMFGOMFOGMFOGMFOGMFOM I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, i can't wait for Tresspassing, gonna be the best album ever, damn Adam, you're amazing <3


The snippet of BIKM is stunning and I can't wait to hear the complete song!His voice at the forefront is what we've been anticipating.The album cover couldn't be more perfect. Hair grown in!! Adam looks like and is a true global superstar! Love the reference, no more American Idol, gay adjectives, just pure talent first and foremost! Finally Adam will be up there where he belongs for the world to enjoy,without gimmicks, just authentic talent! Adam is the complete package and I am thrilled and so happy for him. Like Elvis and Michael Jackson, Adam is unique,his own man with his identity firmly stamped on our hearts and minds. He has a glorious voice that lifts us up and transports us to a magnificent place. His beautiful spirit touches and inspires thru' his honest, passionate understanding and connects us in the most magical way,all ages, races and genders.Adam embodies love in it's purest form. Thankyou for a great press release and for supporting this amazing man!


I can't wait to hear and download the whole song!


The loooong wait for new music from our GlamRawkSexGod. . . has definitely been worth it Glamily! This snippet says it all. It's definitely destined to be a global hit immediately!

The note Adam hits on the word 'myself' is just exquisite. Imagine the idea Adam knows he can make that happen again & keep delivering it again. . .LIVE. . .for months on end! He has the vocal prowess to sustain that kind of excellence. Just what other entertainer alive could possibly do that? No one!

Welcome back BB! You have been sorely missed. . . but it's evident you have used every smexy moment doing what you do best. . .strutting your stuff in the studio. . . so you can keep rocking our socks off!


I belong to the snippet! This song is gonna be played on hit radio stations all over the country! I can't wait!!! Adam's voice is PERFECTION as always!!


LOVE it and can't wait to pre-order the album on 12/20!!! Cover art & song are perfect!!!


That will be such a HIT!!!!!!!Love his voice!And love that song!


ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING AND ADAMAZING!!!!!! Can't get the song outta my head but i have no problem with that <33333




Adam baby, thank you for crawling down the chimney this month!!!


Adam -- LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!! Your voice is just perfection!!!

ŠįļķęŋĎŗęąmş ☾

I cant wait to get the song and the album! Sounds great so far. Smiling


Not often do I hear a song (or snippet!) that on the FIRST listen grabs my heart & soul AND stage whispers to my mind "MASSIVE #1 HIT" !!! BTIKM is all that and more!


Omg adam has such an amazing voice!!! I cant wait for the 20th!! i love you adam forever!!!


This is frakkin' fantastic, just awesome, I can not wait until the single is released next Tuesday!!! I am so excited! I have been listening to this on a loop, can't get enough. This is a pop radio hit for sure, hope we get to hear it all over the radio dial.


song is awesomeeee!!! gonna be a hit!!!!


these few seconds make me excited, can't wait for whole thing!!!! you are sooooooo great!


I love this song so far, and this is just the snippet of it. I can't wait to download it on the 20th, Thank you Adam!!!!


Perfection!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT for it to come out!!! <3


Once again, I'm blown away! I love it... Can't wait to hear te rest<3


OMG Adam!! Chills, heart flutter and huge smile with the first words of this "teaser"!! So amazing to hear your beautiful voice again..can't wait till the 20th..can't wait to download to my ipod/iphone..congrats Adam!!


I can so picture myself belting out this song in the car on the way to work! The toll booth operator will thank you for giving me something new to sing! Smiling


OHMYGOSH!!! WHAT A TEASE!! I wish the album would hurry up and come out and when it does, god help my parents! Your so amazing adam (h) You give us adamgasms Eye-wink


Thank you Adam for sharing this snippet with us...from what I hear, the lyrics sound just like you said they would..very real and they move me already..I cannot wait to hear the entire song on December 20th! You voice sounds amazing! You've worked so hard on this album, and I am thankful for getting the chance to hear a little bit of your first single off Trespassing!
You've got a lot to be proud of!!! Big Congrats and all my Best Wishes for the success of "Better Than I Know Myself"


Love it,Adam,you did it again,only 26 seconds and I can feel all the emotion of the song,can't wait to listen the full song and the new album,thank you,love you


I have missed your voice so much. I love you.


OMG I just love BTIKM! It's different than anything I have heard from Adam before. Better Than I know myself is going to be a huge hit! Can't wait to here it all over the radio. I'm off to see where I can reorder the new single. Oh, and the cover art is just too cool, Adam's so Gorgeous. Geat job on the cover.


Adam, my body is ready.


Thank you Adam! You're amazing!


OH MY GOD. I am completely and totally in love with the new single! It sounds ridiculously amazing! Cannot wait to hear the rest of it!!! Laughing out loud


A "teaser" like this is so painful as I want MORE NOW!!! Thank you, Adam, for letting your vocals soar to new well deserved heights! After only a few seconds of a listen I know that this song has radio hit written all over it. Get ready for it, peoples!!!


OMFG Can DEC 20th come quick please!!!!!!! L O V E the snippet Smiling


Adam! I've only heard 27 seconds of the song and I'm already in love with it.


An extremely intelligent wise man (you guys won't know him if I name him) said: A great singer is the one who can sing the lyrics perfectly with great voice and you can understand and hear every single word. Since English is my second language I can understand every single word that Adam sings beautifully without checking the lyrics on internet. I love this snippet and listened to it many times. It brought tears into my eyes. It touched my soul. When the full song is out on Tuesday, I just have to remind myself not to listen to it while driving cause I know I won't pay attention to the road. I'll be in a different dimension listening to Adam's impeccable voice and clarity. Thank you Adam for giving your fans this wonderful gift for the holiday! IMO, it'll be a radio hit!


Just. Want. To. Hear. MORE!!!!!!!!! Love the new sound Adam!