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Exclusive Interview With Perez Hilton!:

Adam Lambert sits down with Perez Hilton to talk about his new Glam Nation Live DVD, how he spends his time off and his personal life! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 below!

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And I 4-got to Perez.I LOVED Adam's album cover whats wrong with u?jk..lol.It fits Adam 4 sure love it! Cant wait 4 album #2 Smiling ~LIZ~


This was such a *cute* vid of Adam & Perez.So sweet both of u r giving to chairties 4 your birthdays! Thats GLAMTASTIC! Smiling And Perez are b-days r close 2-gether.lol.What was said during the MUTE moment?Ahh 2 be a fly on that wall.lol.Thx 4 this video it's one ill watch over again. Smiling ~LIZ~


Wachyu talkin bout Perez?! That Album was very glam. Just sayin'


OMG! Adaaam who's your booyfriend? ajkds im so jealous Sad buut im glad for you. Your awesomee, you are perfeeect <3


hahah omg adam lambert i love you. i think you were amazing on the interview. and you say you owe us the world. well you dont owe me cause you saved my life.


I wasn't able to watch the interview; it disappeared!


im so proud of you!


I am having trouble viewing the interview. It disappears! Any suggestions?


It won't let me watch it! D: What the heck?!? But I'm sure that the interview is wonderful...Adam is always so honest and funny!


Adam: "my fans are amazing"...yeah, we are because you are amazing!


he is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noone can ever beat him. i wish he could cum to india. ur awesum adam. n i luv u soooooooooooooo much. tommys really lucky to have u. i wish it could be mr Sad :'(


Adam is amazing to watch and listen to. He is so expressive in every way. I am really excited that he has found someone special to spend time with. I'm also a might bit jealous to be honest. Looking forward to adding another CD to my Adam collection and seeing/meeting him on tour again. What an amazing and beautiful person!!!!


great enterview
I love both part Smiling
Adam's so Funny, He's always talk about the great things
He's HOT !!!!!!!!
his boyfriend is a lucky man Smiling


adam lambert can date all the guys he wants now but as soon as i turn 18 he is all mine


I loved Part 2 even better than Part 1! Perez liked the AMA's too - so did I! I have it recorded & still watch it! I never understood what the problem was really - sexuality is good, righr? That performance was the first time I saw Adam (I'm not a fan of American Idol) & he just blew me away! As he continues to do ...!


amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for his next album to come out, and cant' wait to see that cover pic!! bet it'll be super hot, but of course every pic of adam is hot!!!!!!!!!!! so there is a 100000% chance it'll be hot!!!!!!!!!!!! i think he's soo amazing and giving to everyone and it just touches my heart when ever i hear him speak or during an interview because he always talks about all the amazing things he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved Part 1 - Adam & Perez were awesome together! I do like the album cover though - reminds of the 70's & 80's which were really cool - a lot of freedom of expression, I think ...


this is my freind edward-i think your hot


i love adam, so honest... haha he's got such a great sense of humor too Smiling



Can he get any more down to earth and funny? I mean he's like totally awesome! I'm sooooooooo glad i'm a Glambert! Smiling


Your boyfriend is a lucky man ! <3


WOOW great interview Eye-wink))


wE lOVE yOU aDAM... !!!


He's so perfect! gaawd... love him (:


Can Adam get any hotter?!? He's so down to Earth, funny and humble. I wanna know who he's dating though! Lucky guy I tell ya.


Well, Adam... You're awesome!!
What I mean is that you so freely chat with anyone, even with this studip Perez...
Come on!! You're superior than all these [Slur Deleted]s are!!


As for FYE album cover, I liked the international version better. I bought it at amazon. It includes "Can't Let You Go" as well as music videos and live performances. Very happy to hear that vocals will be the main focus of the second album.


.Adam is so real. He doesn't care what other people might say about him. He will do whatever he wants too. And that's great. I love you Adam. I am proud to be a Glambert forever. Godbless! Shocked)


Adam I love you and you are soooo hot!!!! Can't wait for the cd/dvd and the album!!!! Love you!!!


AHHH!!! Adam who's your boyfriend?! =D So happy for you! And this was one of THE best interviews EVA!! =D



we made a video to aftermath Smiling
Its not the best but you know