Florida Glam Nation Review:

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour has been sweeping the US one glittery state at a time and we just found this great review of his show at Tropicana Field in Florida. Check out the full review of the show here. What's been your song performed on the Glam Nation Tour?

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I went to that concert and let me just say....AMAZING. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam, youre so so so talented and different and I just LOVE it! I waited 2 houors for you in line, but it was worth it. Laughing out loud


I too went to the Trop and I was in awe over Adam. You are fabulous, sexy, and one hellva singer, dancer. I loved your performance. And I must say you brought the true meaning of "Live, Laugh & Love" to us all that night. I know that you will give the same to the people overseas as you did to us in the states. "U GO Adam"

All your songs are my favorite!

PS: Everybodies blood was flowing that nite.


Fantastic artists make fantastic performances...and my opinion is that this is only the begin....he will shou us all he is. Smiling


Adam is very good at it, his music all the charms ... and he will surely continue to do for success where, for too long. I wish your site had option in Portuguese, because I'm Brazilian, and just as many daily visits your site. Congratulations Adam, and continue to very successful. A big kiss


Man, it's very hard to choose, but if i have to, I would pick... Sleepwalker, or If I Had You! I loved how in Sleepwalker, he just made it sound AWESOME!!!!!!! On the melody and the tempo- it made me feel like I was in the song with him! He looked sexy- as always!!!!!!!!Eye-wink:; In If I Had You, I loved how he was very energetic and he is a VERY GREAT DANCER!!!!!!!! I loved his vest- sparkles!!!!!!! And I loved Voodoo- I REALLY LOVED his feathery hat- like the mad hatter in Alice. His coat- it looks like my mom's but in red!!!!!!!!!! He made it look like it was made for him. I just love Voodoo the song and he put me under his spell:) I just love all his work and him overall;)Smiling


Adam is my cup of tea! Adam and his music are so versatile~The comparison to club music and glitter doesn't quite sum up the Adam experience. Voodoo was so good live, Adam hit it out of the park with Sure Fire Winners, Whole Lotta Love was taken to a whole other level, and I always love the lines in Whataya Want from Me and Sleepwalker that make the crowd go wild!


My favorite was Fever. That song exudes sex, just like Adam. Eye-wink

I was lucky enough to get a crotch grab during that song. Any closer to the stage and I'd've had to wipe off the drool from the floor around my seat. Thanks, Adam!! Smiling


Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us - your fans! I attended the GlamNation Tour in OKC and at Winstar World Casino in Thackerville. You are an unbelievable entertainer. I love your smile, your "wicked" ways on stage with just a little tease.. and your compassion and honesty. You are truly one of a kind..

Much success in Asia and Europe! I know you will be loved whereever you go. Take Care and ENJOY!


Adam, you very talented person. I admire your voice and in general all Ukraine considers you as a world sex symbol!!!

Thanks for your creativity!!!


Favorites from the tour
On September 24th, 2010 tricia4752 says:
I saw Adam in Cleveland and at Foxwoods. Unbelievable both times, of course. I think my favorite song -- on the tour and the album -- is Sleepwalker, but I do prefer the live version. A little more of a rock edge. I also loved hearing Adam belt out Soaked live, and wish audiences would not talk through that one so much. The Whole Lotta Love finale at Foxwoods was epic - check out the YouTube video and you'll see what I mean. Sorry to see him retire that one, but 20th Century Boy has so much energy and Adam seems to have so much fun with it, it makes a great conclusion, too. Adam, enjoy the international tour -- then come home and make us some more great music.


I love Adam! He is the best entertainer there is and he is going to wow us for a long time. I'm not able to go to any of his performances, but I watch everything I can on the web. He is so hot and sexy! He has an amazing vocal range, and his voice is beautiful Smiling He is always so nice and kind to people, I would love to be able to meet him. I love his outfits, the wilder the better! I'm glad his tour is going so well, I hope he is safe and having the time of his life.It makes me happy to hear about and see some of the antics he does on stage it's great Smiling His band and dancers are amazing! My favorite Adam video is 'If I Had You' . If I'm down all I have to do is watch that video and I'm good for the day Smiling I also have Adam's CD For Your Entertainment with the bonus DVD. The DVD stays in my DVD player so all I have to do is turn on the TV to see Adam. He is so cute, handsome, sexy and the photo shoot that he does! wow so hot and so beautiful! I play the CD all the time, really all day Smiling His song 'Soaked' is beautiful and sad at the same time. Listening to it just shows you what an amazing singer he is. I don't know if he does this song on the tour or not, I'm sure he does,but I haven't seen it anywhere on the web. My favorite song and performance Adam does is FEVER, Nobody can top Adam, he will be known as the singer of the century,because the title singer of the decade doesn't do him Justus! I Love You Adam and All That You Stand For ! Keep spreading your message of love. You are going to change peoples lives for the better just wait and see! LOVE TO YOU ADAM <3 <3 and all the Adam fans out there Smiling



This is the best review I've seen that captures ( like you can do that) Adam and his vision.

Rock On!


I've seen 3 shows, springfield,st.louis, desmoines. I love all the songs strut is a really fun song, and fever, but I really like when u perform sure fire winners, I like the chest popping, lol. the best thing about the show is everyone gives 100%, adam u sing beautifully live, and i know it must get monotaneous singing the same songs everynight, but you always give your fans a great show, I left satisified and wanting more! Rock on!can't wait till your next album!
Oh I kinda like that glamorize song from back in the day, it's catchy, beyond the sky and crawl thru fire are pretty cool too! Love Ya Baby!

Glambert Forever14


OMGGGGG. You are coming to Singaporeeee ?!?!?!?!?!?!
I promise i'll be thereeeeeeeeeee.


Oh, dear! sooo amaizing shows you do! you can give me that Fever even I'm upset or I'm not on your concert, I fell that only seeing you! Smiling
I hope I'll see you soon! love you! <3

Mrs. A. Lambert

Hands down, no questions asked: FEVER
Soooo SEXY!!!!!
Everything is brilliant!! Adam you deserve all of the greatness coming your way. You work your butt off and are passionate about everything you do......and it shows!!!! You NEVER have a bad song or performance simply because you are in it ..."nough sed"

Fever is just HOT!!!

; wink wink ; you know it!!!


What an awesome review it goes to show the greatness of Adam crosses all ages and gender. He is coming down here to Australia i only hope i can get to see one of these amazing shows live it sounds like a life changing experience. Good luck Adam.


OMG Adam what a fantastic review, you must be thrilled. Can't wait to meet you for my VIP M&G at Brisbane, Australia Oct 22...woohoo !!


I was at Tropicana Field too and the concert was fantastic! Wish I could do it over again every day!


I was at the Tropicana Fields Concert. It was fantastic!! Adam sung so well, and I loved the colorful lights! Laughing out loud


Great review! It doesn't surprise me Adam's concert was great. Has he ever done one that wasn't? Not now not ever, lol. His concert in Cohasset was amazing as well, can't wait to see the Fever video for this concert...he always does that song so well. Smiling Luv you Adam! <333


What a great review! Thank you! I was at the Melbourne concert and Adam was fantastic...I danced in awe! The way he did "Fever" that night, is out of this world! Please watch it, if you haven't...Adam was the sexiest that I ever have seen him...the way he started the song gave me chrills all over! Thank you Adam for making me listen to"Music Again"..YOURS

Here's the link to "Fever"



What a great review, and to Rays Renegade, Welcome to our Glambert world.I saw Glamnation in Louisville and what a concert! I can't even pick a favorite song. I love Down the Rabbit Hole because Adam has so much fun with that song. Sleepwalker,Soaked, Aftermath are all so beautiful and emotional.I had to go buy the European edition of FYE so I could get a hard copy of Voodoo,even though I already have it on Itunes.
Thank you Adam and we love you. Good luck in your international travels.


I went to the concert at the King Center and all I can say is...WOW. It was an amazing performance. He has such a strong presence on stage. It was my first time ever going to a concert and I was simply blown away. I adore all his songs, but Strut and If I Had You have to be my top two favorites.

Adam, I have been a huge fan of you ever since I saw you sing Bohemian Rhapsody on Idol and I'll keep supporting you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you happiness and love for years to come. <3

Good luck with your tour. ~


My favourite songs are If I Had You and Voodoo.. But it's hard to say which song is the best,because Adam's every song are so so so fantastic!! <3

Rays Renegade

Want to first tell all the Glam Nation and Glamberts who have commented or graced my review of Adam Lambert's show in St. Petersburg,Florida I am honored and totally taken aback by the positive affirmations and love you have shown in tweeting and talking about my blog post.

I came to the concert with an open mind and ears and was changed by the music and charm of the musicans and stage dancers who swirled in my head and ears for hours after the concert. I truly believe Lambert's message of "Love", and was glad I was invited to his party.

Last, but not least, I raise a glass hoping more people will also attend his concerts with the same open mind I possessed that night, and come away with a new respect and admiration for Lambert and his musical mission.


Hi Adam,

My favourite songs are Voodoo and Fever and Soaked, yeah Smiling)
I love atmosphere of your songs, I like it Smiling)
All concerts are amazing, You are the best Smiling)

Love Dagmar


Fever and Sleepwalker are my favorite, but there was one glaring omission: FYE. For Your Entertainment would have been an amazing site to behold live, alas, it wasn't meant to be...

Beatriz 81743205

Adam, I watched all 71 (still missing one) presentations, and although like all your songs, my favorite performance during GlamNationTour was "Aftermath." It seemed to me that this interpretation, the stairs, was made without testing or choreography, but a moment of pure intuition. Beautiful!

ŠįļķęŋĎŗęąmş ☾

Sleepwalker and Voodoo are my faves from the tour. Smiling And I cant forget Ring of Fire and Fever. Smiling Congrats Adam on such a successful North American leg of your Glam Nation Tour! Much success on the international leg of the tour.


In Chesaning Michigan....Music Again...it was cute when u almost fell...Sticking out tongue
In Houston Texas VooDooo!!Smiling Im soo obsessed with its sexyness now LOL:-P

I cant wait to hear more song from u!!!!



I was there! Adam saved the best for last(Florida)! A very diverse crowd too. Dad's had kids on their shoulders to watch the show Smiling When Adam sang IIHY the whole crowd jam packed on the field (4000) jumped in unison , it was soooooooo cool!!!!! Adam rocked the Trop! It was one big party! Thanks Adam Cool


ANOTHER Great Concert Review in Creative Loafing about the Tampa Bay show and how Adam spread positive energy and love to the huge crowd.


Sky Blue

I liked the review. It was looked at from several angles. As to only one song to pick I have trouble. I may have to rewatch the concert (for the hundreth time:). If I had to pick off the top of my head, I like Voodoo for the costume and getting to see Adam live for the first time, Soaked because he chatted with us before the song and rabbit hole because it is so goofy.


my favorite songs on Glam Nation Tour are ..... Woodoo is very magic...Fever is very sexy ... Aftermath and Sleepwalker very heartfelt ... If I had you is very energetic. But I want to say that the whole show (which I can only see so far on youtube) is amazing!! I look forward to:)


my favorite songs on Glam Nation Tour are ..... Woodoo is very magic...Fever is very sexy ... Aftermath and Sleepwalker very heartfelt ... If I had you is very energetic. But I want to say that the whole show (which I can only see so far on youtube) is amazing!! I look forward to:)
With love Jitule


Fever in New Orleans (Yay for Mardi Gras Masks)
Sure Fire Winners in Washington DC and Costa Mesa (so fierce)
Whole Lotta Love at Foxwoods (so sexy)
TCB in Indianapolis and Providence (so rock star)
Soaked in Atlanta (so beautiful)
Opening Medley everywhere (loved how you opened your tour)
IIHY everywhere (love how well this song is doing on the radio)


Wow! Wish I could have been there to see him in a stadium. It was a pleasure to read such nice, intelligent comments too. Sounds like many new fans were made at that show.


My favorite song is IIHY,but Fever and Strut are funny Laughing out loud Sticking out tongue ...Sleepwalker,Soaked and Broken Open are touching,and i love Can't let you go and TFM,MP,Voodoo too... Smiling ...hope he will sing this song in Europe! Smiling
Stay safe,happy,smiling and laughing! The Angels by with you forever! Smiling Love you! Smiling ♥♥♥


Fever, Strut and If I Had You were my favorites on tour. I loved the high energy of the songs. Smiling


I have to say strut! Most favorite out of all he did! Awesome job Adam and awesome awesome job on your costumes! I want your hat!! XD


Adam I love you and you are just sooooooo hot! You are also soooo nice and sweet!! I think you are amazing in concert and have such an awesome voice!! Love you!!!!!!!!!


Well, since MY ADAM sang to me "Oh, baby, baby" at his opening concert in Wilkes-Barre, I'd have to say that Fever is my favorite song. I've watched every one that's been posted on youtube, and he didn't do that to anyone else. Adam sure has given me his FEVER. I love listening to him sing and watching his performances. In Melbourne he looked like a wild tiger - prrrrrrr.

Thank you, Adam, for sharing your talent with us! Enjoy your overseas tour. I'll be thinking about you. Be safe. Love you and keep smiling : )