Glam Nation Live CD/DVD:

Superstar Adam Lambert announces plans to release Glam Nation Live (19 Recordings / RCA Records), a CD/DVD, on March 22nd. Shot in Indianapolis, Indiana at Clowes Hall on August 31st, 2010 and directed by Doug Spangenberg, the CD/DVD features 12 tracks plus a bonus cut and includes some of Lambert's most beloved performances such as "Ring of Fire," "If I Had You" and the Grammy nominated "Whataya Want From Me."

Lambert, who is nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, will be showcasing clips from the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on VEVO ( beginning Friday, February 11th. Starting today, fans can pre-order Glam Nation Live, as well as an exclusive "Glam Nation Tour Pack," at . This all-new Glam Nation section of the Adam Official website hosts a wide variety of content, such as a trailer, tour bio, set-list, while allowing fans to make it their own by uploading their own videos and photos from throughout the tour.

Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment, (19 Entertainment / RCA Records) has sold over 1 million copies worldwide since making it's debut at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart in November 2009. He is the first American Idol to ever tour the world in support of their debut album in the year following their Idol season. Lambert's hit single "Whataya Want From Me," written by Pink and Max Martin, became his first #1 hit on the Billboard charts, topping the Hot Singles Sales survey as well as Hot Dance Singles Sales chart. "Whataya Want From Me" has been a smash hit on many charts, including the Hot 100, Pop Songs, Adult Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Hot Digital Songs and Hot Dance Club Play. It has also become an international hit, going top 10 in Australia, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Argentina and Finland and reaching #1 airplay in Canada, Germany & Singapore. "If I Had You" also charted Top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Finland, South Africa and Canada.

Lambert's performances on Season 8 of "American Idol" are already legendary, his live televised collaborations with Queen and KISS were a highlight of his season and his stunning performances of songs including "Mad World," "The Tracks Of My Tears," "Ring Of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Love" are still widely regarded as some of the most captivating moments in Idol history.

Glam Nation Live set-list/track/listing:
1. Voodoo
2. Down The Rabbit Hole
3. Ring Of Fire
4. Fever
5. Sleepwalker
6. Whataya Want From Me
7. Soaked
8. Aftermath
9. Sure Fire Winners
10. Strut
11. Music Again
12. If I Had You
13. 20th Century Boy

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Can't wait! Gonna be going down the shops straight after school on the 22nd! Laughing out loud


I Just Can`t Wait To Have It In My Hands! OMG!


You're nominated for a Grammy? ah! I'm so happy for you. Here's me crossing my fingers. (:


RCA, please kindly double-check the Glam Nation Tour Page Glam Nation Events list, GNT Manila at the SM Mall Of Asia last 10.10.10 was not included. This was supposed to be between GNT Japan and GNT Hongkong tour dates.

Please have this corrected ASAP. Thanks.


I just pre-ordered this CD/DVD. I can't wait to listen to this. Just a thought for you, would or could you be releasing the songs you sung on Idol, including Kiss and Queen, of course on an album. Would you be willing to include in your next album [as you told Chris at the Grammy's, more leather, but unsure] an autographed 8x10 picture of your outfit on the Grammy's. That outfit made you really
Thank you for listening or I should say reading.


omg adam i have to tell you something. idk what though. i miss u. sooo much. youre amazing., super talented and hot and sexy. youre the greatest of greats. mj is not as good as youre. whataya want from me changed my whole life. i really respect you and wish you the greatest on your journey of life and hope im involved in such great exsperiances. maybe one day we work together on a cd or somthing. its my dream to work with you and im gonna make it happen.


COOL!!! Can't wait to get it!!! Adam's back!!!

Adam Glambert

I really want to have the CD / DVD but if it's only sold on the web, I cannot.
If it is on sale in stores, I can.
I hope so.


All my dreams have come true. I now can relive your awesome concert over and over! Thank you and RCA. I will now have to count how many sleeps to go. I love it. Feels just like christmas!!


It would be the best collection I've ever had on earth!! I can't wait mine to get here. Adam I love you!!


Jeij! Can't wait this! Nice to hear some "new" song from Adam.I mean some song ,not from For Your Entertainment. Adam is awesome.Love him!!! Hope he win Grammy!! Love ya Adam<3<3<3<3


Woooooowwwww . I can't wait to have mine. \o/\o/\o/
I really wanted it to have "Pick U Up" but... It's ok, the DVD must be amazing.


Pre-ordered mine already. Thanks so much, I was waiting for it.


Finally !! I could not wait !! Smiling
Thank you very much ... !!


chericyl1991 said:
Does anyone know how the sizes run? Mens, ladies, slim fit. Just want to order the right size.

I want to know this too. Anyone?


Thank you so much for the double bonus. My heart is full.


Thank you so much, Adam and management! You always come through for us and keep us happy! My life is just so much more fun since I became a Glambert. Adam, you are truly amazing, wonderful, beautiful and so many more adjectives that all mean totally AWESOME! And I look forward to many,many more years of your awesomeness. Love you!


Thank you Adam. RCA, Sony - for always keeping your promises. I just pre-ordered today, and am so looking forward to having my own personal copy of the GlamNation Tour to watch over and over again.


Thank You, Adam, RCA 19! I've been waiting and waiting for this! I thought it would just be a DVD but to have the CD and the DVD....OMG I'm sooooooo happy! Adam, I saw 7 of your GNT's on the West Coast and the joy and excitement of watching you perform is a memory to cherish! You are so amazingly talented, gorgeous, intelligent, witty, charming, kind and generous! In other words, you are as close to being perfect as anyone can get! Please, don't ever change 'cause you are so wonderful. Thank you for being so considerate of your fans! We feel your love and I only hope you feel ours too! Wishing you all the best, Adam, and hoping and praying for your Grammy win! Hugs and kisses xxoxxo


Mine is on it's way. Historic! Thank you!

Thank you for all that you do for others. You deserve whatever award they give out for greatness ... you have earned it, for your voice and your actions.

The very best of wishes to you and yours, and theirs.

Peace is possible. Gotta' keep hope alive.
Thank you again for the giving of yourself.


Does anyone know how the sizes run? Mens, ladies, slim fit. Just want to order the right size.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ADAM! I have been "Adam" deprived since GNT ended and this is the BEST fix ever. Can't thank you enough! Luv u!




Can't wait to get it!!!


Waiting impatiently for that!

You're a great performer! Will you PLEASE come to Poland? You've got fans here waiting for you... and I'd be the first to buy a ticket for your show Smiling


AWESOME!!!! So stoked!!!


It's a beautiful thing! Thank you Adam & RCA for bringing this to us! And thank you RCAEd for all the work you put in helping to bring this to market too and putting up with all of our incessant inquiries and sharing as much info as you could as the project developed!

I will be buying multiple copies and turning more and more people on to Adam's beautiful voice and beautiful self using this as a fabulous tool!

As someone who had the pleasure of attending 4 Glam Nation concerts, I'll treasure my own copy of this forever and ever!


Sherry K

I Love Adam! And have from day 1.. You rock Adam. You are so hot! Love those fabulous baby blues!!! Awesome dude! I want to put on here what Ryan Seacrest said on AMERICAN IDOL TONIGHT. Wednesday 2-09-2011. And I quote. I wrote it down! " We found one of AMERICAN IDOLS most electrifying singers EVER in San Francisco. "ADAM LAMBERT". I love you Adam! You are the greatest to come along since Queen!
Sherry K


Will the DVD be coming out in Australia?? I cant wait to get it if it dose.


Adam some times in life there are no words! THANK YOU seems so small. I was at 7 of your GLAM NATION SHOWS! I have never seen anyone like you ! I'm so glad i flew to CALI to see the Music Box and Club Nokia shows unreal! You said I'v been around the F*&#ING WORLD!!!!! GRAMMY NOM! ADAM you are the most GLAM GORGEOUS PERSON that i have seen in my life time!!! Those stunning blue eyes up close are on fire! You are lit from with in ! BEYOND BEAUTIFUL , BOLD AND BRILLIANT , BREATH TAKING A BONAFIDE ROCK STAR! YET SO SWEET AND Kind. TY Adam for staying true to your self and us! ADAM I JUST LOVE YOU SO! THANK YOU FOR GLAM NATION LIVE! AND ALL THAT YOU DO!
LV FR FL. Renee. sedona62


Woohoo!!!! Pre-Ordered the Tour Pack, and i cannot freakin wait till it gets here... it will be x-mas in March: )... ugh! Love you Adam, so proud of you, this tour was truly amazing, and i hope in all your tours to come you dont lose that close connection and warmth that you had with each and every one of us during GlamNation... heres for a Grammy win!!!!!!


I'm waiting.........
Oh, my God!! It'll be the greatest CD! I bet!!
Adam, don't stop, release new songs & videos! I like U!


awesome!!! can't waitt:)


I was at this show it my 5th & last GlamNation show.Was effin GLAMTASTIC! Cant wait 2 get my GlamPaws on it! Thx Adam 4 being so great love u!!~LIZ~


So excited to get this!! Going to be amazing to see this show again! Thanks for offering the tour pack.


Hope we cause another online meltdown today! I too ordered my tour pack plus another dvd as a gift as soon as you announced on the Talk todya, Yeah! Our concert day was last Aug. 2010 it's been a long time waiting for this... Loved your tour Adam, loved the mixed mashed group of people attending and hope your first tour was all you could have hoped for and more. Welcome back home!


I can't believe it! Smiling
I finally figured out how to trick the "Shopping Cart" I just kept putting more items in until I was fast enough to click on check out.
Maybe.... it's just my computer, but the shopping cart disappears into Lambertland never to be seen again. I am so glad I get to purchase something " Finally! Laughing out loud


Oh, WOWIE WOO!!! I have been waiting for this for months! Thank you, Adam! What a great treat to finally be able to order! Can't wait to relive the amazing experience of your Glam Nation!!!!


Woot! This the best news yet - but not as good as hearing that Adam won the Grammy! Eye-wink
Can't wait for my Glam Tour Pack!! So excited!!


can't wait for that Smiling
Thanks ADAM


Just pre-ordered my GlamNation Tour Pack!!!! Can't wait!!!

Love you sooo much Adam! I'm sooo proud of you!! Everything that is happening to you is so wonderful!! It couldn't have happened to a better person!!! Love, love, love!!! <3 <3 <3


I purchased my copy as soon as Adam announced it on The Talk today! I am so excited! .

Thank you Adam.

Deb (from Maine))


What great news! A man of his word~
Love the web page for the Glam Nation Live CD/DVD!




Yea! Got my first one & since I'll be out of town in March, I think I'll wait to get my back-up until it hits the retail outlets! WOW, are they all going to be amazed at how many they'll need to keep in stock!!!


I cant wait! On March 22nd I will be waiting paitently outside which ever store I need to, to buy this DVD. I cant wait to see the back stage stuff and of course the scene from the stage. I went to the Glam Nation DC concert and was blown away, in tears, and screaming at the tops of my lungs. And I cat wait to do it all over again! Smiling


I live in Japan. Is is possible to buy here?I could not for acoustic cd.....


H0w do you preorder?


This better be in 5.1 or 7.1 sound!!