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"If I Had You" Video Premiere:

It's finally here!! The new video for Adam Lambert's single "If I Had You." Leave a comment below and let Adam know you think!

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Hi Adam this video is incredible can't tell you how many times I have watched it now . Your U K fans are desperate for you to come here , your what we have been waiting for . xx L


OMFG i absolutly love you and your music. it is so awesome and i dont think i will ever get sick of it. its so cool and the use of colours and techniques in your music videos i just love it all


Hot Hot Hot !!
Gorgeous & addictive (the song and Adam!!)
Such a great song, video and performance - I decided to purchase the album (For your entertainment) and LOVE IT!! Was a fan of the song now I am a fan of Adam Lambert...xxxx


YOU ARE AWESOME....Saw you in KC...I AM HOOKED!! This video is absolutely addicting. I thought your vocals were the best thing ever.....but your dance moves could put an eye out!!!! GREAT JOB...Continued success 4ever!


OMG Adam, you just keep getting better and better.... I am totally a fan forever.... to me you are the "new" Freddie Mercury with a voice (and face/body to match) to die for....


OMG Adam, you just keep getting better and better.... I am totally a fan forever.... to me you are the "new" Freddie Mercury with a voice (and face/body to match) to die for....


OMG! This video is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! So powerful and tasty. Just yummy...

Jo W

Brilliant voice! Can't stop dancing to it! ...so thanks for the work out! lol Congrats on your success Adam! Smiling


Is that Allison in the video?
It sure looks alot like her! Maybe someone already commented on that, but I'm not going thru 1463 comments Eye-wink

Funky Lady

Awesome as always Adam - the music, the colours, the costumes - you know how to put it all together. I am a huge fan, not only because your music and videos are terrific, but because you have not only one of the best voices there is, but are a truly nice and genuine person. From the first song you sang on American Idol, you had me and I only wish that our small radio station up here in Northern Ontario, Canada, would play a lot more of your song(s) because they are better than over 90% of what's playing now. Keep up the excellent work - all the tremendous amount of time and energy that you give 100% of your time too is more than worth it to us - I LOVE hearing all of the great songs you've done so far, over and over again. If you ever decide to tour Canada, please think of those of us that are north of Toronto! Love you tons and tons.
Anne, Ontario, Canada


I just love the face he makes at the end so devilish! ooooh


Adam, you are legendary! Your music, your looks, your moves are genious!!!!! You play your smile, your body, your dance like a fine tuned violin. I can not get enough of you. keep rocking!!! You are IMMORTAL!!!!!!!!


fantastic music video


I love the song and the video, too.
It's one of my favorites videos, I have to see it every day.
You looked so fantastic and cool.


adam your video rocks. i love the video


Adam..Amazing job on your video!! I love it..though I must confess not only do I love your music I think you are just gorgeous lol. Can't wait for more hits!!!! Good luck hun.


Adam i loved it and everyday when mmtop10 is on i have to watch it cause your videos on it i love the way you smile in it and i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynnda Cardoso

for the second time: i really love this video. adam is so sexy w the eyeliner


Love the video Adam, it makes me want to party! Keep up the good work.


This video never gets old! The different colors and the trees are so different, and the dancing is awesome. Adam's music and music videos got me through many long, awkward car rides this week! Eye-wink


ur nbr 1 on vh1 2 wks out of the gate...............you go man we love you


Adam never fails to amaze me with his charming good looks and powerful voice. Everyday I need a dose of Adam!

Ana Glam

Adam, Love, love, love it! When are we going to be able to buy your music videos. I want to put them on "loop" and never watch anything else.

Lambert Lust

You gotta love the part from 2:50 to 3:03. I love that face he makes. The video is glamtastic! Laughing out loud


Did I mention how much this makes me want to PARTY? And end with Adam's smile ...

Love the wild costumes and dancing!


I love this so much! Sheer fun and some important thoughts too among all fun. Thank you for another great video!


Luv it Luv it!!!

adam biggest fan

i luv this video so muchhhhhhhhhh and i luv adam mre

luv u adam mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i like the dancing part alottttttttttt


I love this video, totally fun and makes ya want to get up and dance


By far one of the best music videos ever Sticking out tongue i like the dance moves and just the overall atmosphere of it being in the woods and all...it's AWESOME!!!! Laughing out loud <3


Adam, how awesome you are!! I love everything you perform. Your talent is endless. "If I Had You" is amazing, good beat, great song, and awesome dance moves. I will soon be 50 years old, and I love your sweet and thankful personality. Thank you so much for your entertainment. Keep up the great work!!!!


Congrats on being #1!!!
This video is amazing and well done.I love the song its just so upbeat and catchy. Its a great song I love it!


The fans made it number 1 this week on vh1. We are a powerful bunch. Loyal to fault. Yea Congrats Adam on this and we are going to keep going for 20 weeks straight. Won't you join me voting for this amazing video?


This is greatttt!


I love you! This is such a great video and im sure you'll have more!!!! LOVVE YOU!!!!!!!


Congratulations on becoming the first artist to reach #1 twice on VH1 this year! You deserve to be number one on every chart. Great video, great song, and amazing, fantastic, talented artist! You are the best!


Congrats on making Number 1 this week on VH1's Top 20 Music Video Countdown (I never realized until now how long and formal that title is. lol). You deserve it!


I love adam lambert so muchh!!!! his songs and his awsome performances, i just LOVE HIMM.


This video is just Glamtastic! I love that smile at the end. Plus, this gay guy has a crush on you. Love your smile. Whew!


absolutely ADAMAZING! i love that his friends are in it including allision! thats so sweet of him!!!! i love you ADAM<3


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've watched it a million times. I promise you, I am the biggest Adam Lambert fan EVER!! Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D


Watching this video pretty much daily,its like my vitamin "A", as in ADAM,makes me happy. Floating from 3 days of ADam, shows last Sat,Sunday MOn,God I this man so much!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!


I'm so glad! This new video is very good! and pulls to go to dance! and you as a motor that winds all around! I hope this video will show on MTV Russia!mentally shake your hand!

sup ppl

loved the video but do you like the 80's even though u wont answer me back, but just wondering does anyone else notice that his hair is like the 80's also his outfits. not that its a bad thing but just wondering
love ya <3


AWESOME SONG!!! Very COOL VIDEO!!!! Keep up the gr8 music!!!


Really like the new video, my wife and I are both in our 50's and we really enjoy listening to your music. We could not wait to see what you were going to sing on American Idol. We also saw you in concert in Toledo, Ohio. Keep up the good work!!!!!


Amazing Video is an understatement to say the least. Adam looks great in it. I think he should grow his hair out like that. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

As always Adam you rocked us.

Love always to you and the all the fans that support you.


love this video really much!<3 where can I send fanpost to him,could anyone tell me,please? Smiling


so Adam, guess what? YOU'RE A BIG HIT!!! coming to Maine anytime soon?!?!?!


You are so hot! have you ever thought about tryin for a part in twilight?