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It's a Fact: Critics Love FYE!:

Adam Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment has not only received a warm welcome by fans (debuting at #3 on the charts with almost 200,000 albums scanned) but has also received amazing reviews by critics. Check out these great reviews by People, Rolling Stone, NY Daily News and USA Today below. If you haven't already picked up your copy, be sure to get For Your Entertainment today!

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The critics are oh so right!!!! This CD is great! I listen to it so much. I love all the tracks, But my Faves are Music Again and Whataya Want From Me. Adam This CD is everything I expected and More. I heard you want to cover Sweet Child Of Mine Which I had always thought you could blow away along with Stairway To Heaven!! Can't wait for the next CD!!!


The album is amazing. I can't stop singing after hearing it. Each day I have a different favorite song. It is exceptional.


The end of the bridge on Pick U Up...OMG...I play it over and over...just gives me goosebumps!!! Love the whole album. Can't wait for the tour and album #2!!!


Wow!!! Good for you!!! Keep them coming. You have such a great voice. Even my grandma likes you!

Oh Adam

The songs keep taking turns running thru my head.


1. "DEXTER" Inspired Brother's Murder"
FCC jerks still thinking Adam Lambert is the problem?
2. EMINEM barks while you sing.
3. FYA - I'm staring to like pop music again Smiling
4. Don't spend too much time reading posts messes judgment.
4. Keep being a beautiful person.


I am LOVING this album!!!!! Adam is soooooo talented and he sounds fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! For his debut album, I think Adam did brilliantly!!!!!!!!! He achieved what he wanted - making his fans dance, laugh, cry......just makes you feel so much when you listen to it!!!! He is a brilliant artist and I just LOVE him!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to MANY more amazing albums!!!!!!
Kerry-Lee (South Africa)

Darth Mary

Congratulations Adam, your cd is amasing and his power is the variety of the songs. They are all different and unique and your voice is perfect in every one.


The fact that everyone's arguing about which songs are the best should be telling us how Great this album really is. I mean, I can't even decide which are my own top favorites, let alone pick one! I think it's Aftermath, Sleepwalker, and SFire Winners. Or maybe Music Again, Whataya WFMe, or FYourE. Oh, wait. Here comes Broken Open, Strut and Fever..

Love everything, everything, and everything about everything.

Buy a CD for everyone on your Christmas list!

Four and a half stars.


@ladiesfirst, that makes a lot of sense. Why are people so disturbed about their own sexual tendencies though? Are we that socially conditioned/brainwashed? Makes you wonder what else everyone's been conned into believing, doesn't it? (Whoa, don't get me started or I'll never get off my soapbox Sticking out tongue This is where I come to worship Adam, not rant about other stuff!)


One more thing; concerning Eminem and I hope I’m not rubbing anyone else the wrong way, my wife, who is a license psychologist told me that everyone has a certain percentage of heterosexual and homosexual tendencies in them and that only 10% if the population is actually fully heterosexual. She also stated that people who harass others on their homosexuality have unresolved issues with their own homosexuality; furthermore, they find their own unconscious tendencies repulsive and cannot consciously admit to themselves so they project them on others in order to feel virtuous.


@skecanj, I like those slower songs too. Don't you think WWFM is sort of a slow song too? My favorite slow song is Soaked. Loaded Smile is great, but I have one criticism, and that's the part where they added some kinda reverb or whatever it's called that to me sounds like farting chipmunks trying to take over Adam's vocals. Do you know which thing I mean? Seriously, whoever was in the editing room that day should be spanked!


Adam, please please sing "Broken Open" on one of your TV appearances. It's my favorite and I'm hearing it's the favorite of many other people. My other faves are A Loaded Smile, Soaked, and Sleepwalker. Please sing more of your slower songs on TV -- remember how well Mad World did.


People Magazine loves “Whataya Want From Me”; USA Today loves both “Whataya Want From Me” and “Music Again”; Yahoo loves “Soaked” and “Fever”; NYTimes entertainment loves “Whataya Want From Me”, “Fever”, “Music Again” and I could go on and on. What does this mean?
I find it interesting that of all the articles I've read on Lambert's CD "For Your Entertainment", People Magazine, USA Today, Yahoo, NYTimes, Billboard...ect. All writers love one or more songs and dislike the rest and after reading Josh Love's article and how he likes, rather loves "A Loaded Smile".
I'm convinced that Adam did the right thing when he was considering what songs to choose for his CD, taking into consideration what his American Idol fans like about him during his performances, the variety of music genre and styles, and I for one being 52 years old and not so much into the latest music, am thrilled! I’m very interested what he will do on his second CD and I know you are to!


Screw the critics, fans are giving it 5 stars!! hey, j/k Smiling This CD is one of the best debuts I've ever heard. I don't know how Adam could have put out a better album for his first commerical offering. I think this one will be a classic, seriously, one in the pantheon of great & memorable albums. People who don't like the elctro/pop vibe should keep in mind that this is only the first thing Adam's done. Many artists don't put out their "definitive" album(s) til they're several albums into their careers. We have a LOT yet to hear from Adam Lambert. I know some people wanted a more stripped-down sound that made more room for the vocals, and I can understand that--after all, Adam is the VOICE of the 21st century, his vocals are madness compared to anyone else, and he doesn't need anything to enhance it. Still, nobody wanted to see his debut turn into "Adam Lambert Sings Engelbert Humperdinck" (did they?). Laughing out loud Altho' that does offer a certain amount of campy possibility, lol. (Actually, EH had a great voice.) Right now I'm just enjoying every minute of my FYE listening seminar, absorbing every song, because every time I listen to the CD I get more engaged with each song. And I look forward to Adam's next album with deep interest in discovering what direction he'll take when he goes into the recording studio again.


Heck YES!!!!!!
GO ADAM!!!!!!


It is a fantastic album, 198,000 in sales is good but the album is better than that and, I expect , will do better in time when Adam gets past the whole AMA scandal and ABC issues, people will be able to see his real artistry.


Dear Adam; hope you are really enjoy all this!!!, love you soooooo much, you are the best performer of this moment and a excepcional person. All our support from Argentina ROCK GOD!!!


I just want to say this,
Adam, you electrify me, or to put it another way,
you take entertainment and shove it down our throat, I love it......


THE BEST.....NO.1.......Laughing out loud


awesome.. gawddd


We all LOVE you're music!!!! My friends think the album cover is weird and that's why they wouldn't wanna buy the album... But actually, I LOVE your album, it's awesome, special, and of cuz, eye-catching!!!! Smiling Glad that the critics love FYE!!!


The critics are so right about your album, Adam. I think it is destined to become one of the biggest selling albums in recent times. It is so very diverse and I think would appeal to both pop and rock fans. Personally listening to your album makes me instantly cheerful and at peace. I love practically the whole album. I forsee your fast paced and upbeat electro-pop songs getting many spins in the clubs and bars. Love your slower and more emotional songs too. There is something on the album for everyone. As I listen to the album over and over again, my perception changes and I am beginning to really love songs that I initially only liked. Great job, Adam!!

I look forward to it going multi-platinum (hopefully) and getting nominated and winning awards. I would really love for it to win a Grammy or two since even the critics love it so much. This is indeed a great debut album, a real gem and I look forward to better, more explosive albums from you in the future which will no doubt further stamp your individuality as the artist who has revived and updated the glam culture.


Adam, I hope you read these comments. Let me say, I am a huge fan of yours. When you sing, mountains, rivers, and oceans can move. Your voice brings me a feeling of supreme joy and fulfillment. I am enjoying your album more and more every time I listen to it.

My one critique of the album: your voice is very overproduced. It's not the pure, gorgeousness that it was live on American Idol. I hope that you are planning to do some acoustic versions of at least some of your songs on upcoming award shows and/or other performances. I need to here the multi-layered texture, and see some of your beautiful vulnerability. Perhaps concepts to explore on the next album?

Sincerely, a huge fan.


I am a 53 year old, grandmother. I am happily married (27 years) to the love-of-my-life (a man). I was raised in the Bible-thumpin' heart of Dixie. Yet -- I am unabashedly an Adam Lambert fan -- no apologies to anyone. For the 1500 complainers -- why weren't your kids in bed and why aren't you also complaining about the Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga performances? You and the corporate wonks at ABC are a bunch of hypocritical homophobes. I was totally wowed, awed, and amazed by Adam's AMA performance and if I could find a video of it I'd watch it again, and again and again! His background is in the theatre so what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did you expect?? The song is about sado-masochism and he was acting out the lyrics -- BFD!! It was a superb, edgy performance by a superbly talented entertainer. It was not performed during prime time and the AMA's are historically risque'. It's not like he went on Oprah and let loose! I guarantee you, tho, that the ABC boycott will do nothing but stoke the fires underneath the rocket talent that is Adam Lambert -- there is no such thing as bad publicity. He has been turning the entire music world on its ear since he hit the national scene on Idol and there's going to be no stopping him now. I don't give a flying flip if he's gay - he's the most talented singer I've heard or seen in my lifetime and I will buy every CD he puts out and I can't wait for the day I can see him live in concert! Do you remember the last thing Adam did during his performance -- something about a "bird" being flipped? Please imagine his millions of fans "saluting" ABC and those small-minded 1500 complainers in the same way! 'Nuff said!


The Daily News article was the highlight! Articulate praise for an artist that's bringing so much beauty to the world - love it.


That's right!!! Adam is Amazing and he has proven his talent....the critics reviews has giving Adam one more opportunity to shine and shut up the ones that are trying to judge him by his actions on AMA's.
ABC has being trying to block him from his appearances but you know what they are saying "when 1 door closes, 20 and more will open" As we see Adam is getting more and more appearances - Barbara Walters Special, Conan and Leno has confirmed that Adam will appear on his show on Dec, 21st. I've got to say BRAVO Adam!!! I am extremely happy for you. : )


Its my favorite CD so far this year. I just love Sleepwalker. He is so talented, nice and down to earth from what I've seen in interviews. He's going to go far! We love you Adam! Bought your CD to give as holiday gifts too. ABC can take a hike. Their hypocrisy is appalling. I'm 52 yrs old and have seen more sexual innuendoes, etc on music shows, award shows, etc. between men/women, women/women. Why all the hoopla because it was man/man? Ridiculous! Talent will prevail. Congratulations on a fantastic CD!


What's not to love? It just gets better and better the more I listen to it. Adam's vocals fit all of it. I've said from the beginning, he is the next best thing! Can't help but compare just a little to Freddie Mercury -- being a Queen fan since '77 (when Adam was just a twinkle in his parent's eyes!) anyway there is a definite connection there.....which is a good thing............
Adam, if you're reading - ignore the bad stuff people say, they don't matter anyway - just enjoy the good stuff and keep being you. It's the weekend! Go out and party and celebrate - you deserve it!

Brian E

For me there is only one critic that matters and that is yourself. I dont know how many movies or songs or books or albums that have gotten bad reviews, that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and vice versa. And just like Adam and virtually every other enterainer out there says, if you dont like it, dont buy it. Project your negativity or "hate" elsewhere. Not going to please the world!

I have been an Adam Lambert fan since his audition for AI. With that said, I am only mildly disappointed with the album and only because I am not all into some of the genre that is on the album. But like some others have said, Adam tends to make you listen. I, personally, was hoping for a more "rock" type release, or at least a more "rock" type song or two. He mentioned wanting to cover GnR's Sweet Child of Mine. Just the thought gives me chills. If anyone could do Axel justice, or even better, it could only be Adam. When I saw him with KISS in the finale, I was so giddy and excited, it wasnt even funny. And he rocked it, at least in my opinion. And if anyone could ever step up and be a respectable Freddy Mercury, only Adam can. He is the only one that I have seen or heard with that type of range in such a long time.

In closing I would like to add that his live performances that he has done has definetly helped make the songs and album grow on me. There is just something about his performing live, that is trully, "Entertaining", and even though it is not my preferred "rock" genre, at least yet, its definetly something I would go see and enjoy. I look forward to his tours and many more albums. Thank you Adam.


I'm 48 years old. I loved everything about Adam on Idol and I'm not disappointed with the CD. I think the Kid has it all. He's very talented. He is going to be HUGE! Well, he already is, but I mean, he's going to have a long, successful career.


We all love you Adam!! It's basking time......mmmmmmm....

Here's more good news...check out this great Huffington Post article:

Review: Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' An Instant Classic

there are many more too !!


We all love you Adam!! It's basking time......mmmmmmm....

Here's more good news...check out this great Huffington Post article:

Review: Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' An Instant Classic

there are many more too !!


FYE is one of the best albuns of the year, in my opinion. I love this album. I can hear all the album without skipping tracks. Because it's so eclectic. It's impossible to be bored.


You have a unique set of pipes!...They can make us cry, make us smile, make us love, make us believe, make us melt, make us dream, make us scream.....WOW....Artists like you only come once in a lifetime!....Love everything about you!


If there is anyone who doesn't like Adam Lambert, then it's their loss. They don't understand why he's a big deal and never will.


I don't see how anyone couldn't love such a brilliant album! There's a song for everyone!


It is brilliant debut, I am glad that critics see it too Smiling


here ppls like it too Sticking out tongue

it got 4stars from5 Sticking out tongue

go adam and please come to finland <3


Fans love FYE too! At least, this one does. Some of the styles aren't my 'normal' listening, but when ADAM sings them they become my favorites! Adam, 'you make me want to listen to music again....but mostly YOURS'!


These reviews say everything I have been thinking about Adam's album, and I'm so happy to see that the critics are in agreement. I'm no music expert, but I know that when Adam sings, I hear a voice like no other. This album is a gift to us all. It is a masterpiece. It's worth every penny!!!!


I love the album, and the Washington Post, along with me, thinks ABC is acting ridiculously! for "Sanctimoniously Dumping Adam Lambert"


You are so genuine and it's so nice to have that. Add that with your good looks and velvet voice and we can't help but to support you. Loving the album

ŠįļķęŋĎŗęąmş ☾

Love your album Adam. Its amazing. Every song I love. Thank you for sharing yours gifts with us.


WOW.... it is true thou Adam's album is one of the BEST album of the year. I hope he gets nominated. Adam works hard for his album. The whole albums is AWESOME. Maybe one or two that is not my favorite but out of 14 tracks they are all GREAT!.

Calling Adam's fans to go to vH1 and listen to Adam new video, so his video can be included in Top 20 Countdown, so we can see it play on TV. Everyday I go to VH1 and play the darn video but the counts never lifted to 10 thousands something. So, where are Adam's fans? HELP... to see our wonderful Idol Adam on top 20 countdown.


We all love the album, Adam. You rock!


GOOOOOOOOO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling