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Now you can get even more Glambert for your buck, by joining the newly launched Adam Lambert Fan Club! Pay a visit to see what amazing offers are in store - participation is FREE until September 1st, 2010.

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i'm done at signing up

Glam Bucket

i love adam so much


YAY just ordered my copy of Adam's accoustic CD...I am so stoked..cannot wait for it to arrive!!!!! i LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! I have been a fan of yours since day 1 of Idol...when you auditioned I said..."That guy right there is a "Supa Star"....ha ha I was right!!! I will follow you anywhere Adam....Im a fan for eternity!!! ♥♥♥♥


I just saw Adam in concert less than 48 hours ago and he was just awesome! He had different outfit changes and his bus drivers came out on stage dancing in their boxers! That was so cute! I was at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida for his sold out performance! It was just one night before the last stop on his U.S. tour. His last stop was Seattle last night! Adam get plenty of reast and thank you for your beautiful song "SOAKED"! I cried like a pussy because that is a very meaningful song to me. I'm 45 years old and was so embarrased to be crying in front of my buddy and the lady next to me, but, I wanted you to sing that song so bad and you did! I felt very blessed that I was one of the fortunate people that got to see you in concert! My best friend wasn't so lucky. He couldn't get anyone to cover his shift at Starbucks after I got him a ticket for his birthday, which is on September 27th! I did, however buy him a concert shirt. Adam, I wish you all the love in the world and many blessings! Thank you for making Sunday, September 19th, 2010 such a special and memorable night for me!
Love, Bobby!

nana anna

when adam visit Indonesia, especially in Kalimantan ..
I miss you adam ... Nana



i did join up when the site was free and got some points for adding friends and sending messages. I forgot my log name and tried to change my password but it said it didnt recognise my e.address ?
I have re- registered now because i have tix for UK tour YEEEEEEHAAAA!
but want to kno if the delux pack regarding meet and greet still stands outside of America and will i be able to get one or do i have to pay to be a member - or is it too late Sad( ???
i sooo want to get a pic taken with Adam for my profile pages- i wasnt brave enough to ask him before in London Sad(


been a fan since day 1........gone to 3 concerts.......just love your music your look band guys are great........i was a member b4 u started a fan club


I love the new Fan Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granted, I don't get on here (this site) as often as I should, I tend to highly frequent the Adam Lambert Fan Club (group) on FaceBook Smiling So, I didn't hear of his Fan Club though here or there, I caught it from ``I Dream of Adam Lambert`` group, on FaceBook. I did have trouble manuvering around the site for a while, they're still working out the bugs I guess, if you will. But, the reason why I'm overly-exstatic about it is I was able to get a GLITZ-VIP pkg. for the 14th show!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling I'm sooo over-joyed beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get 1 for the 15th (as I'm going to BOTH shows), but the 15th GLITZ-VIP pkg. sold-out in less than 2 minutes Sad Well, I'm stilll IMMENSELY HAPPY I actually get to ``MEET`` Adam and (hopefully) get a hug and tell him just how much his music means to me, and how much ``HE`` means to me. I am soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alice n

i just join up!!!i am adam fan since last month..i think he is fantastic singer..he have incredible voice..and he is soooooo hot!!!!!!
i dont care that he is gay..i still love him..he is so awsome like no other singer!!!
oh,and sorry about my bad english..


Just joined up! I think this is the first fan club I've ever joined. Will be seeing Mr. Lambert and troupe in Evansville this coming Wednesday! Can't wait. I did get to see him in Louisville earlier this summer -- for my anniversary. My hubby was really great -- he just kept feeding me gin and tonic's and I just kept dancin' the night away. I got my voice back 2 days time ever!


i've been on the site for 5 days and the site doesn't fail to make my heart smile...
i love it!!!!
i wish the site will stay as long as Adam lives...

HOORAY for Adam!!!!!!!!!!


I also have no idea how to access NPR. A public radio or tv station? Audio only? I don't have a clue, but would like to access.


awesome. i <3 people who <3 adam lambert!

Tina Lambert

aaww!! nice!! I will register Eye-wink

Thanks RCA Mod, and no one panic: Adam Official isn't going anywhere.
XM Iris

Here is contact information for the Adam Lambert Fan Club site. It is listed under the Contact Us link located at the bottom of the page.

Monday - Friday 9-5 pm
U.S. Support 1 (877) GND-CTRL
International Support 1 (916) 443-9205

live again

Still having problems...I couldn't register until I used the same user name & password I use here. Fine. Now, 1 day later, that site doesn't recognize the password.

I hope this site remains, for those that are having problems with the other site. It's not like there is a phone no. or custormer service if you're getting bounced.


wow,it IS real.i'm gonna register as soon as possible.
what r the main differences BtVn here n that site?


Sooo awesome Adam!!!! I will for sure be a member!!!!

live again

HELP I need some help here.

First, I can't get the website to register me - we just go around in circles - I click register and it starts over ...and there aren't that many options! (Glam or Glitter)

Second, In switching from this Fan Club over...What is a URL address? (And you have to get it right and be happy with it as there is no editing.)

Third, Adam said, he will be on NPR on August 30th so watch....???? It's not listed in "EVENTS".....What is NPR? I've searched tv stations....Is it a program?