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Exclusive Concert Ticket Pre-Sales for Registered Adam Official Members:

As new dates are announced for Adam Lambert's U.S. tour this summer, Adam Official will be coordinating weekly pre-sales by emailing exclusive passwords to its registered site users. To receive the secret password via the Adam Official newsletter each week, fans simply have to sign-up for an AO account and be sure to check the box marked "Yes, I want to receive the latest news & updates" in the SUBSCRIPTIONS section of their profile.

So register now if you'd like to receive the special password for the pre-sales taking place on Wednesday, April 28, at 10am local time, for the following concerts:

June 4 Wilkes-Barre, PA / F.M. Kirby Center
June 8 Toledo, OH / Omni
June 12 Prior Lake, MN / Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
June 14 Columbus, OH / LC Pavillion UPDTATE
June 22 New York, NY / Nokia Theatre
June 26 Atlantic City, NJ / Borgata Event Center

Here's how to sign up for the Adam Official newsletter:

1. Register for an account.

2. Click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS option in your user menu (if you see 2 SUBSCRIPTIONS options, follow the steps below for both of them - this is a bug affecting some internet browsers that we are working to fix).

3. Check the box next to "Yes, I want to receive the latest news & updates" or "Adam Lambert News" - the message is different in each of the two (redundant) tabs named SUBSCRIPTIONS.

(Note: If you STILL don't receive the next AO newsletter then the problem is likely with your EMAIL. Certain clients (Bellsouth, ATT, Comcast, etc.) have their spam blockers set very high and the AO newsletter simply can't get through. Your only option here is using a different email for your profile (free companies like yahoo, gmail, aol, etc. tend to work) or changing your existing email spam settings, but we can't help you individually with that, sorry.

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Do you know if the Rockford Illinois concert is actually on the waterfront? Also...do you know if its standing room only or will there actually be a stage with seating?


is there going to be a presale on the cape cod melody tent? its a newer tour date release and I'm not sure when the pre- sale will start...


Starland ballroom in Sayreville, what a joke! 9:59am no tickets on sale yet, 10:01am sold out. Just terrible.


No luck with presales for Foxwoods. Went on at 10 with password. After 3.5 hours in Foxwoods Virtual Waiting Room, ticket menu came up with no tickets available at any of the prices. I will try for regular tickets on Friday at 9 sharp; but I'm not too optimistic. I'm hoping they'll schedule another show but it looks like Adam's itinerary is very ambitious already -- I hope he doesn't get exhausted to the point of affecting his well-being. Maybe he can get into Mohegan Sun in CT. I believe their facility is bigger.


I have been trying to get tickets for Charlotte all morning since they went on sale. But Ticketmaster keeps telling me it is sold out. Does anymore know how many pre-sales tickets are being allocated at each event? I can't believe it sold out in 10 minutes! Now I have to wait for the public sale. Adam should have opened up ALL tickets to his fans first.


Was wondering if there is a presale for the foxwoods show in CT public sale goes on friday and dont see a presale. will try my best to get a ticket for your show can't wait. I am off work that day and hope to get a ticket for the presale


Hi, signed up today. There is a presale tomorrow for the Charlotte show. Have the presale codes already gone out, or will you be sending them in the am prior to the presale?

Please help,



MagpieRye: I just subscribed you, but here's how everyone can check: http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1445551.


Is there any way to check and make sure you will get the newsletters / passwords. I follow the steps and it says changes made, but then I go back in to look and the boxes are unchecked again!!


Adam, I am so thrilled that I'll be seeing you June 4th! I don't want the night to end and it hasn't even started yet! I just can't wait to hear you sing. I just love you and want a hug or two from you : )


I'm not writing to vent about not getting tickets as I was lucky to get 2 yesterday, I'm on here to say how sorry I feel for all those fans who did not. I read a comment on here about how there are a ton of tickets being sold on ebay. This angers me soooooo much!!!! Wrong in so many ways! Non fans making a profit....and what are they part of adamofficial??? I'm starting to think there should be some kind of a test in order to get passwords for stuff like this to prove you are an actual fan, and than a unique password for each person. I know this would be hard to set up especially the password part. But seriously I saw someone selling 2 tickets for $1,499.00 I really hope TRUE fans find any way possible to get tickets other than buying them off these snakes on ebay. And if any of you NON fans are reading this well F-OFF!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


After reading the comments from the many loving Adam fans, I am so sad and upset for the Glambert fans that have not been able to purchase tickets for their area. Sad I tried and tried and tried all morning on Wednesday for the Nokia, NY show and everytime the TX Master site mentioned that there were no tickets available. I tried Atlantic City, NJ Borgata, same thing, BUT the prices are higher than Nokia. I live pretty far from Wilkes-Barre, PA. BUT I was determined to buy a ticket to see Adam! Therefore, I bought ONE ticket. Everytime I entered 2 tickets at least, the site mentioned that there were no tickets left! Unbelievable. What upsets me so much is that I am so surprised that 19 Entertainment did not prepare ahead of time. This is ADAM! 19 Entertainment should add more shows to the areas that fans have not been able to get tx! Its outrageous the way this has been handled! Very unprofessional!


Hey everyone, i noticed a concert date on ticketmaster that isnt on the concert list on adam official. Adam is coming to Norfolk, VA to The Norva on June 30th and tickets go onsale this Fri morning. It's advertised on The Norva website and on Ticketmaster. The Norva doesnt usually do presale since the venue is pretty small so thats probably why there isnt one. I dont know why this date isnt listed on AO but i thought i would share with everyone here. I live near Nofolk and ive been to the Norva before. Its all standing room only, no seats and it probably holds under 2000 ppl and concerts sell out fast there. Hope this helps!!


Tried getting Pre-Sale tix for NYC-Nokia. Nothing available all day. How can that be?? This is NYC. Please add another show for your fans or book a larger venue (MSG) perhaps.
My daughter will be so dissappointed.


What a bummer, once again "the man" gets all the tickets, jacks up the price beyond belief to make a buck off adam, and we don't get to go...even here in the Poconos...depressed... and you know "the man" doesn't really love how awesome adam is...."the man" loves just money....adam, here's your invite to come sing on our 110 acres...only a skip from wilkes barre, guests by invite only, of course......love you....so sad...Sad


according to the people at the Borgata in AC, the reserved seats in the risers are located BEHIND the standing General Admission tickets. My daughter, who has been there for other performances, said the same thing. so although they are seated, they are farther back from the stage.

That said, all PRE-SALE tickets are gone, so good luck to those trying when they go on sale to the public


Ahhh! I had this account for quite awhile but didn't end up getting the passcode - I don't know if I had the subscriptions checked but I did it now... is there still a chance I can get tickets today? If not I hope there will still be some Saturday Sad(((


I got password 5 minutes before pre-sale. At 10:00 AM sharp I started searching for Nokia theater. Nothing was available. How come? I was trying, trying, trying..... It is really, really frustrating!!!


I was able to get four tickets to the W-B show. When I first tried right at 10am, it said no match found. I kept trying for about 10 minutes and 4 popped up. I've heard before that when it says "no results" you should keep trying because sometimes people purchase tickets, but then something doesn't go through with their billing or credit card info and the tickets are then available again. I guess it is just lucky if you happen into one of those situations and find tickets. Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets on Friday for the general sale. Thanks for the password!


I'm extremely upset that there haven't been nearly enough seats for the New York area. On Long Island alone, there are thousands of Glamberts. Two shows at the Nokia (2000 seats) won't begin to cover it.

Hershey Kiss fo...

I'm happy for the people that got tickets, but very sad for those that didn't. I understand RCA's response, because they have nothing to do with the actual selling of the tickets. I wasn't surprised by the whole "scalping" thing... just disappointed. That's all. Just disappointed that I couldn't get tickets.

madam mo

I was able to get a ticket for Wilkes Barre at 10:10 this morning using the pre sale password. So the system did work at least for me. I was ordering only 1 ticket, so that' may be why I was lucky.


RCA, we understand this has been going on...
What should have been done was to announce how many pre-sale tickets were available. We all RSVP-ed and you knew how many fans would attend.
Throw some extra for dishonest e-bay money-makers and then announce the number.
So, NY, PA and NJ sold out so fast. Can anyone tell us how many pre-sale tickets were set aside for those 3 locations? I knew around 350ppl responded they would attend NY and Borgata center. In my opinion at least 2x350+50 should have been reserved for the fans. How much were offered? 100?

Hershey Kiss fo...

By the way... for those scalpers on E-bay that are selling the tickets for $300.00 or so. Well, I would probably pay that much to see Adam, if I knew he was getting the profits. Why should I give all that money to someone else?

Hershey Kiss fo...

I'm sick to my stomach. I tried since 10AM to get fan club pre-sales for Wilkes-Barre, PA. Ticketmaster online says TRY AGAIN, NOTHING MATCHES YOUR SEARCH... blah, blah, blah. I think all the tickets must be gone. I've tried like 100 times or so, $%*, it's almost 1:30 PM here, and I've been trying since 10AM. I think that the fan club pre-sale was a BIG TEASE! I looked on e-bay and someday named "dandlticketconnection " from New Orleans is selling 2 tickets to the Wilkes-Barre concert for $300.00. This is NOT fair. Isn't that called "scalping", and isn't it illegal!??!?! The real fans don't get tickets, but someone in New Orleans who wants to just make some quick cash was able to get tickets. I don't get it. Like I said... sick to my stomach. Sad


Can anyone please share the code for Columbus, OH? Ticketmaster's site says fan club tickets went on sale this morning.


Borgata NJ pre-sale is over. i just talked with someone on the phone. I am so disappointed!!!!!


I just spent 2 hours trying to get tickets for the concert in Wilkes-Barre. So frustrating! I finally got through to the Kirby Center on the phone and the girl told me they only had a certain amount of tickets for presale,(only online as someone else stated) a certain amount for members and a certain amount for the public. She said the public tickets go on sale Friday at 10AM and it will be crazy. What I would like to know is, how can all the tickets be sold out for the prefan base online at 10AM? Were they selling them earlier? So frustrating!


I wanted tickets for WB also, couldn't get them. They are on sale on ebay for anywhere from 300 to 600 hundred for two tickets. Us the fans who want to see him can't get tickets but the people who know how to work the system can buy them and then sell them at these high prices. I love Adam but not willing to pay that much. There should be a law that this can't happen. I am really disappointed. I hope I can get tickets to Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA when they go on sale. The place up in WB only holds 2000. They need to bring Adam to bigger places so more people can see him,


Keep refreshing and trying, I ended getting 4 tickets for Mystic Lake Prior Lake, MN. If someone is viewing the page or trying to get tickets at the same time you have to refresh and try again. Took me about 50 times. WOOT IM AM SO EXCITED!!!!


I just purchased my tickets online for the Toledo area with the member's password with no problem. I can't wait till see you Adam!!!!!
Anyone else going to the Toledo concert ? IM me


So, is the pre-sale over? Does it make any sense to keep trying? I have been trying for 1h and obviously no success. Does anyone know if the pre sale is over or due to the high traffic demand the web site cannot load and I should keep trying? I saw tickets for 400 already on the black market. Oach!


Thank you so much for offering pre-sale! Just bought tickets for June 4th and made my daughter's life! It's her sweet 16 -and hoping her first kiss comes from Adam!


I am so disappointed. I could barely sleep last night in anticipation of seeing "MY Adam" in Wilkes-Barre. I got up extra early (before 6 am) just to check my email for the passcode. My husband tried since 10 this morning and nothing is available. Now, here I am in school and I just want to cry. What am I going to do?


Thank you all who sent me the password. i was the one with the wrong email.
I cannot get through but you were so kind to share the code with me.
i will try to find tickets at higher price. I se they are already available! Ppl from here bough them and are selling them double price.
To all who got the tickets- enjoy. to the rest- let's hope that we get through!
Love, vessela


I clicked on the link to buy tix for adam's show in nyc and entered the password I got in the email. When I select ticket quantity and click on find tickets I get a message 'sorry. no exact matches found'. They can't be sold out already? Can they? Anyone have same issue?


Hello - it doesn't do much good to not get the advance sales notice until after the tickets have already been sold out. This is extremely disappointing. I hope that you are planning on adding dates, as there appear to be many of us who have been shut out of these concerts.


I just got through to the Wilkes-Barre Kirby Center via phone. You can't use the Adam Lambert pre-sale promo code anywhere but online; however, you can become a member of the Kirby Center at a minimum $50 membership and buy tickets through them. The rep told me they are already selling in the balcony. VERY DISAPPOINTED.


Didn't get the code until 24 after 10. Hello the tix went on sale at 10!!!! Have been trying for the past hour to get tix to WB show and says nothing available. What???!!!!


anyone wana share the code for the toledo show plzzzzzzzzzzz.


No problem getting my tickets for Toledo show!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!
Good luck everyone!!!!!!

Hershey Kiss fo...

Did anyone get tickets for the Wilkes-Barre, PA concert???? I've been trying online and on the phone for 1 hour and 11 minutes... I'm SOOOO FRUSTRATED! I want to see Adam! Sad


Everyone that can't get tickets on the pre-sale, you all do know that you have another chance when they go on sale to the public. just keep trying!


I know what you mean after reading all these posts of people not able to get tickets, I guess we are lucky that we even got any tickets! I feel so bad for all of you having problems! I would be so upset if I didn't get to see him in my state!


Any one have the code for Minneapolis???? Did not get in my email


Tried exactly at 10 to get tickets for AC Borgota and I can't get any Sad I'm so mad.


You could be right. There was the option for reserved seats, but that could be an error. I did purchase the standing room only tickets just in case. It doesn't matter where I sit or stand just looking forward to seeing Adam!


anyone know the code for the toledo ohio show?????? I cant get the email with the code!!!! uuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhh~~


ok seriously, why am i not getting any presale code? i'm subscribed to everything. i need the one for mystic lake, anyone willing to lend a hand?


this is redicuclous, ive been sitting here since 10 and still havent got tickets to the NYC show.. is it sold out already?