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New "Better Than I Know Myself" Remix EP! :

Adam just released three new remixes of his first track off Trespassing, "Better Than I Know Myself"! Take a listen to the new remixes below and then head over to Adam's Official Store where the new Remix EP is exclusively available for download.

Better Than I Know Myself (Robert Marvin Remix) by adamofficial

Better Than I Know Myself (Alex Ghenea Remix) by adamofficial

Better Than I Know Myself (Dave Aude Remix) by adamofficial

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Miss Glambert59

I like the Dave Aude Remix. It's really good.

A Broken Fantasy

Love all three of them (I know this is a little late commenting Sticking out tongue)

glitter for adam

there so amazing i listened to them over and over and over over and over again!!!!!!! LUV U ADAM


Thank you, I'd be really welcoming for the strong work you all have competent here to make this page more helpful. show thanks you once again.


Hmm, pretty good, but nothing's better than the original! ;DD


I just love Dave Aude's remix! Is so epiC!<3 Love ya Adam <3


I must be getting too old. But I just love the simplicity of BTIKM. I've always loved all his other remixes, but I prefer this song straight and simple. It is so beautiful. However, if you're young and love all the craziness that these remixes offer...more power to ya !! Yeah, they're a blast from the past and into the future. I keep seeing Transformers all over the place. I know my kid will love them. LOL Yeah, I love this song pure and simple. But that's just me. But they are pretty cool...and sick !!


I Love All 3 of Them !!!! Adam is Amazing, Not To Many People can sing Like Adam He has a Gift. I Love " Better Than I Know Myself" Iam so Proud Of You.


Just realzed on my ETA post.....I said the Robert Marvin remix was too much like the original.,.... NO!!!! I meant the second one! by Alex Ghenea Remix was too much like the original one. Jeeeezzzz! Wish the edit function worked on this part of the site.


Ahh! Is there any way to download those audio files to your computer???


OMG, these r incredible!!! i love u, Adam!!!!!

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Seeing as there's an error code when I wanted to add something to my original comment and cant....

ETA: The Robert Marvin Remix is too much like the original. When I think re-mix, I think of a totally different take. While I like it, I wouldn't choose it over the original.

The third? Didn't hit me at all. Too familiar--like I've heard the beat mix before kinda thing. The one thing I love about Adam is his originality and this didn't make the cut it for me.


Better Than I Know Myself (Robert Marvin Remix) IS THE HEAT!

Love this. The sexy, deep vibe really brings this song alive for me in a different way than the original, (which I think rocks, BTW)

Gotta have this...RTF LOL


love them all, but I like the 1st and 2nd most...Smiling


I love the Alex Ghenea Remix.


adam lambert is awsome no matter what he does!!! and i just love the fatc that both of our birthdays are on the same day <3


brilliant - all of them!


I like the second one, but I absolutely love the third one.


Love then all!!!


I love the second remix. Great sound and vocals and the beat is great for dancing. Goldie

Voodoo Glamber†

I love BTIKM remixes


TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!! Then, if u think about anything from Adam is amazing.....<3<3<3


s*** these remixes are like amazing<3


I liked Alex Ghenea's Remix best! <3






Love it !