Remixes EP Available Now:

Today is the day. Adam Lambert releases his highly anticipated "Remixes" EP exclusively at his Official Music Store. This EP won't be available at other retailers til Tuesday, so get a head start and get fantastic remixes of "Whataya Want From Me" and "For Your Entertainment" from some of the hottest remixers around! Click here for more details.

Listen to one of the remixes from the EP below!

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If you're having any problems with the download please contact customer service here and you should get a response shortly:


I love that this was done. I think all the remixes are really good, and so awesome to have "Voodoo". It's a great dance companion to "FYE"


I love all of these remixes. They are great for dancing and most of all they are really fun to use on the treadmill! Just Adam, me and the treadmill - great combination. Makes you want to move!!!!


I bought Voodoo, WWFM (Brad Walsh Mix), FYE (Brad Walsh Mix) and I love all of them. I litsen to them and they make me happy. Anything Adam related just makes me happy! Nice job of Voodoo, Adam!


The Remixes are wonderful! Can't wait to shake my booty on the dance floor! It's bad enough that I'm shaking it in the car! Lol!


great song


You were the one that should of won American Idol by a landslide. You were robbed. There is no one that can even come close to your great talent and voice this year or any year for that matter!

American Idol knows this and I am sure they know what a mistake they made.


That's so amazing! Why am I not suprised? You amaze me all the time. Great job, Adam. Eye-wink

Gosh, I just LOVE saying your name! =)


Just wanted to say THANKS ADAM! 'You made me want to listen to music again!'


i Love the remix! Love you Adam.. can't wait to see you on Idol!!


i love it .. not bad for me still a nice song .. better still the original version of the song .. still adam.i hope more songs by Adam Lambert to shine .. i love you adam .. I can't wait to see you on idol next week


You is beautiful very very remixes going from brazil pleasee ...


Voce e lindo .. gosto muito de sua voz e suas musicas o clip novo ficou show ...quero ver quando vem ao brasil responda me sera uma honra recebe-lo aqui


really wish these were available in UK, I know we get 4 extra songs when we get international release, but I do love the remixes of WWFM


Love it .. makes me want to dance .. makes me think of glittery disco balls


I love the WWFM remix ... sounds like Babylon music!!!

Janice K

WWWOOOWWW! Now THIS is more like it! I LOVE them!! I felt all along that some of them were pretty generic, for someone like our beloved Adam to do!!!! WOWO, These blow me away!!! I love you Adam, Janice K


Loved the remixers ! I love to dance so they sound great to me.
I'm looking forward to seeing you on American Idol. I'm happy
that you were chosen to mentor and very proud that you are
my favorite singer.


Uuu i have to say... omg just awesome songs! I listen to these again, and again Laughing out loud Good work Dj's Eye-wink


Adam you wanted to know opinions about the remix ;well I love this one so far until I buy the others ofcourse. I love the original recording however this one will kick ass on the dance floor and that is important too. This will reach a whole other group of music lovers and fans. Is VooDoo on this remix CD? It doesn't matter I will buy all your stuff anyway.
Hey Is your Mom still starting the fan club? I only want to belong to the "Official" one. Make sure you annouce it on this page so we know it is real. So many people out there I am not sure who to trust. You could make a killing on mouse pads t-shirts etc. We just want a little piece of you and your music. Thanks for listening!!


I hope to hear these in the club scene soon! I like them all but I really think that I will have fun dancing to the 1st WWFM and the 1st For Your Entertainment. I love Voodoo as well.

I didn't have any trouble downloading them.


I'm torn on the remixes. At first listen, I wasn't too excited about them. I love Adam's concert performances - the way he spices up each song with unique variations, changing the color of his voice, etc. I found the remixes, for lack of another word, flat. They don't highlight his voice. However, after listening to them again, I have to say they are quite danceable. I particularly like Brad Walsh's FYE and WWFM mixes. After a few more days, I'm sure I will love them all. Voodoo is hot though. That song has been playing in my head for weeks now!


The remix is awsome!!!! I love te sound. Can't wait to see you on Idol this week.....


I LOVE IT !! Smiling


thank you adam, I LOVE THIS!!! being a new yorker i love the powerful explosive energy in this remix, and voodoo haunts me everywhere i go. you are a constant amazement in my world. you have IT!!

i too had problems with the downloads but i'm patient concerning tech glitches and know it will be resolved soon. eagerly awaiting the other tracks. thank you again!! wonderful!!


I've paid for the remixes but can't download them...sounds like this is a problem? I hope they figure it out and then let us that bought the album know. I can't get enough of Adam, what a wonderful talent he is. I am also so impressed with his composure! He is the real deal!!


That was actually really catchy! I dont really know much about remixes tho. I didnt really like the actual song against that beat like the pitch was off compared 2 that beat, but I did like the beggining where you could hear him against the beat that part sounded really good!!!!!


(2nd attempt to post here)...looks like I'm not the only one having a problem with downloading the remix. Last night, April 9, I paid with PayPal the $5.99 to download the 6 songs; once my payment was confirmed, I clicked on download, and the only thing that happened was ERROR MESSAGE with no instructions on how to download; therefore, I paid my $$$'s and got nothing to show for it... .. at least I'm not alone!



Sparky jam

Adam, go on!!!
these remixes must drive all dancefloores in the world!!!!!!!!!!!


So I guess I'm lucky, I could successfully download. Must be honest, the remix is not too bad, but it has nothing on the original. In general, I'm not too wild about remixes, original all the way for me... Love Adam, can't wait to see his delicious face on Idol next week! So proud he is chosen as a mentor, he'll be inspiring and totally lovable! Needless to say, I will be drooling all over the place...


in love .!! amazing.


Having problems downloading.....says complete but I can't find them anywhere

maria i

let's dance Eye-wink))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


nothing to decry the

Carmen Leda

Hello, if somebody has some information about it, please help:

I don't live in the USA but I was able to download FYE (the song) from this site when the album was released, without any problem. I also bought the physical deluxe album and it was delivered in time to a USA address I have for this purposes.

Now I don't even see an option for me to download.

Is it restricted internationally from now on or is it just a temporary glitch? I've been buying from Amazon since the beginning of times, except the MP3 downloads; I can't even install their AmazonMP3Installer software. iTUNES, forget about it, not available for me either. This site was my only option for the EP!!



I love the remixes but unfortunately I'm having problems with the downloads...They won't download period! Guess I'll wait to purchase them on iTunes!


I didn't think I'd like the remixes, because I don't tend to like them in general, but I really liked this one. Of course, the original is better, always is, but the remix is pretty cool. I'd love to buy them, but for some ridiculous reason, everytime I click the link to go to the store, I get re-directed to a page which says "buy the For Your Entertainment Collector's Edition" which kind of sucks. Is the remix EP not available to buy in the U.K or something...? Anyone else having this problem?


Dear Adam,

I love these remixes. They are awesome.


Am I the only one that gets re-directed to the 'buy the For Your Entertainment Special Edition" CD?


Same problem as @collectiongoddess. Sent e-mail to sony music digital. Something downloaded into my music area but will not play.


Adam the songs are awesome. Love you!!!!! Can't wait to get the songs for my i pod!!!


will this be on itunes?/1/!?!!?!


This site seems to never get the downloads right. I think those of us with Vista OP systems should wait till it gets to ITunes. I am not a real fan of remixes but the I do want the Voodo track.


This particular remix reminds me of:
RING MY BELL by Anita Ward

I looooooooooove VOODOO though : )
Just purchased it : )


I tried downloading it again just as a file and with a different credit card. still didn't work... now i've wasted $12 dollars!!! and have no songs : (


hmm, I didn't like it. so sorry, adam, I love you to pieces, but the bulk of this just sounded like someone sped it up, like chipmunk mode--it wasn't different enough, but at the same time, I don't think this song should've been made into a remix anyway--its the one simple song on your album. the "ahhh's" & "whataya want, whataya want" towards the end with the techno beat sounded great, but parts of it also sounded like cher's overdone dance remixes (like "one by one") ... not that you care, your sound is your sound, you're not gonna change it for anyone, lol! Love YOU still, just didn't love this remix. =/


Actually! I liked the original much more. This is too busy Adam. Still great though..


I can't get it to work either. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.


I didn't get mine either. Says unknown publisher & can't download required software? & why does it say it is an application?