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Hey Adam! Smiling
How are you?? Hope you're feeling good Smiling
I just NEED to know where can I get the black necklace that u wore in the "better than I know myself" video?


Will you be coming to the maryland area anytime soon? i turn 18 next month and id love to see you in concert im a huge fan! Eye-wink


Adaś taaaaaaaaaaaaak Cię kocham!<3 Mam do ciebie pytanie czy zagrasz jeszcze raz w Polsce tylko,że jakoś bliżej województwa pomorskiego.Chciałam iść na twój koncert,ale do Wrocławia za daleko,więc nie poszłam;( ,ale mam nadzieje,że jeszcze kiedyś odwiedzisz Polskę;) Martusia;)

Emily Jo Joyce

Hay Adam i would hope u would have a concert in Houston TX cause i never been to any concert in my life my big brother always is going to concert but now he in the army so not any more but i want my first concert to see is yours i always wanted to go to a concert i hope u come to Houston TX cause now i have the money to go see ur concert my first concert ever i hope u come to tx adam


I love anything you sing but I have to admit I love your first album the best. It really shows your fantastic vocal range. It is also a litlle more rockish. I like your second album but it seems more clubish. Are you going to go back to the power songs for your next album?

Brooky brooky

adam I Love You So Much <3 <3 "Kiss u"


You are my cup of tea, Adam! I would like to get/buy this song on a CD... 'Can't Let You Go.' I am in Austin, Texas and not sure if the UK CD will play in my player. I'm a grandma that is not very 'with it,' is the song on an American CD? I have loved you since American Idol, no one can come close (any where or in the past, for that matter)!!!


Hey I'd like to know if you ever plan to come to GA again I really hope you do.
Also I wanted to know what artists inspire you and who some of your favorite artists are?
I love your music so much and that whole band <3


Hi, my name is Andrada from Romania and my question is :

-- Do you want to come in Romania for one concert ?...please I’m your biggest fan and many people want to meet you in person.So,please …coming!!!

-- Do you agree to be in jury on American Idol ?

Love you,


hi adam,my name is lexus ,an glambert fan
like to sing like u

what is like to preforming with queen?
what is your hobby
do you like to perform with them?

P.S I like your music, and your outfits.

Georgia Glambert

First of all I wanna tell you that you are my hero!! And my question is will you ever come to Bulgaria??? All the Glamberts here are dying to see you !! Please! <3

Georgia Glambert

Have you chosen your 3rd single from Trespassing yet? Would you rather choose from the light or the dark side?


love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much :X
will you have concert in turkey? or some place near?
I love to come to your concerts but I cant they are tooooo far from me
Im from Iran
I know its to late but I hope you answer


I Love You Adam!!!!! I'm a little bit late Whit aks my quiestion i hope that you answered it??


Hi Adam,

How do you protect your voice/vocal cords?

I wanna know what you think about your voice.
What do u think about your ballad voice? your dancey voice? your rock voice?

Got a favorite voice u like to perform? like to listen to?

and when u hit those out-of-the-world notes, how does that make u feel?

For me I really love your voice. Singing, speaking and laughing.

Thanks Smiling


Hey Adam just wanna say i love you, your AWESOME music & your gorgeous voice!!!!!! now my question is Some advice to people who want to follow your path; what are three things you should never do in this business?


Where do we go to watch the livestream on monday?


hey Adam it's my 1st time am conveying my message and as far as i know you really do ignore your fans on the internet! Well my question is that would you help me soon enough to become a music artist cause am really passionate about singing. It's up to you to answer it or not, but i'll be really pleased if you do. : |


Adam I'm a huge Glambert from Greece. I've talk to you many times on twitter but you always ignore me. It's ok. I just want to ask you if you'll come to Greece and if you come when? Please answer me. Greece needs you! <3


Hey Adam I am a greek glambert and I have only 1 question for you, Adam. WILL YOU COME IN GREECE?????


If our planet is about to meet ALIENS on the first interstellar meeting and you are proposed to greet them with a song, what song would you choose? Eye-wink
You're becoming a new god of modern stage but would you like to possess factual powers like some Greek god?
What musical instrument would you like to be?


Oh Hi Adam So excited to ask my questions!!
Hope They'll ask U too!
1-How was touring with queen??
2-Did U miss home??
3-Which country did U enjoy the most??
4-Do U have any plans for Trespassing world tour??
Laughing out loud Thanks


hey Adam, my name is Mia and i'm such a big fan!!!!

- do you think you will be touring next year for your album?? ( if so, please come to Brisbane, Australia)

- will you be making any more music videos for the songs on your album?? I think cuckoo, trespassing, runnin or outlaws of love would make great videos Smiling

- And finally i just wanted to say how amazing you are <3 you are such a great inspiration and i will always be a Glambert Smiling

love ya xx

live again

Adam you with Queen have resurrected this wonderful music. Will there be a CD from this Tour with Queen? Will you please perform with Queen in the US? Glamberts are ready to fly anywhere to see you.

Janice K

Hi Adam!!!! So tickled to ask you a question! I want to know if you can hear yourself on the moniters over the bands sound system? I notice you fiddling around with your earpieces!? And what microphone do you prefer?

Thank you Adam, I Love You Sooo Much!! xxoo Janice K The Lady Elvis, from Nebraska


Hi, Adam!((: My name is Alizee (Aleh-zay) and I love you so so SO much. 
So my questions are, 
-Why is your song 'By the rules' only on the Japanese album? Love that song by the way(:
-Can you please visit El Paso,Texas?
-Will there be a third single? 
-I would LOVE to hear you sing Runnin' and Underneath live. Will you? 
Thank you so much if you got a chance to answer any of these. 


hi adam howare you?whyyou dident boured froum thisalotof programes youshow inher andanswer same questoin?im boured foryou!!!!!whatis feeling whenyou withe youerfans?


Will there be a world tour 2012? If yes are you coming to Holland/Amsterdam again?

What feelings are going through your mind when you're on stage with Queen?

Why is the song By The Rules a different genre then all the other songs on Trespassing? Btw, I love that song. It's great for summer. Smiling

Favorite piece of jewelry you own?

Do you know some dutch words? Smiling

Thank you!
All the best and good luck with the other Queen shows.


Hello Adam! (:

-- When you meet fans before a concert, which do you enjoy more: them acting crazy and excited or calm and normal ?

-- What is one thing that gets you extremely angry, and how do you deal with the anger ?

Thank you ! :3 And keep strutting your stuff on stage with Queen - the shows are beautifully phenomenal!

Ell Lambert

Will you come to tre Czech republic? ♥


1. What went through your mind when you saw all those hands go up when you sang Radio Gaga in Kiev? Must have been inspiring!

2. I see when you sing Another one Bites you really get into it, what song from Trespassing gives you that same feeling when performing it?

3. Will you ever perform Runnin Live? I love cranking it up in my car so everyone can hear it, so awesome!

Good luck with all of your remaining Queen shows & I can't wait for a Trespassing Tour!


Hello Adam! Smiling I'm Gizem and I love you sooo much Smiling And I'm from Turkey. My questions:

-You think will you win the Grammy awards with TRESPASSING?
-will you come to Turkey?
-Do you have a surprise for concerts in London?
-Have you chosen your 3rd single from Trespassing yet? Would you rather choose from the light or the dark side?
-Will it be shooting a video clip of “Outlaws Of Love”?
-Why not you say the bonus songs of Trespassing in your concerts?
-Will it be shooting a video clip Nirvana song? I want this.
-If you could be any person in the world, living orpast, who would it be?
-Could you take Sauli into music video? What song it could be?


Are you writing any new songs? Love Trespassing!!


At the press conference in Wroclaw, you mentioned quite enthusiastically that you learned a lot from playing with Queen. I am curious, can you perhaps mention some of the things you have learned? Oh, BTW, Queen and Adam Lambert, the three of you are a match made in heaven. The performances have just great!


How were you nerves before going on stage for your first concert with Queen?

How do you deal with being nervous?

Would you ever move overseas? and if so where to?

What's you favourite item of clothing, jewellery you own?


Hello Adam,
very sadly that show has ended. Ukraine, as well as Africa the lagging behind countries, such concerts as was on June, 30th in Kiev are very rare.
Your voice, your verses, music, forces people to cry, or to come off on the full. We very much love you.

So questions:
- Whether it is possible to hope to the Ukrainian fans, what you will visit again Kiev in 2013 with the world tour, as for example "Glam Nation Tour"? It would be desirable to see your solo concert with your command.
- What your usual clothes after performances?
- What your growth?

P.s. Very much I hope that you will answer at least first two questions.
Thank you enormous to your parents growing you, YOU very good person, I very much respect you and that you do.
Good luck in creativity!


Hello Adam,

When you have big event like your show or with Queen lately, how do you come back to a normal life after so much emotions? Is it difficult?

Excuse-me for my bad english, i'm a french canadian from Montréal.

Continue to be yourself, your a good inspiration and a good human being.



Hello Adam!
Very to be pleasant your
creativity! You very talented!
1) What impressions after
2) What hobby at you?
3) What for you the main thing
in life?
4) With whom would like to
sing still?

mad glambert

Hey ,Adam I have a few questions for you , answer any one of them or all of them Laughing out loud
1)what is your favorite sport??
2)what do you do when you have free time??
3)what is your favorite song of all of your songs??
4)what is your favorite outfit you like to wear??


Hi , my name is Andrada , from Romania and my question is :
-- Do you want to come in Romania for one concert ?...please I’m your biggest fan and many people want to meet you in person.So,please …coming!!!

Love Andrada.


what do you do when you get ready to go on stage


Will you come to Turkey Adam ? Please come... Sad :( :'(


Hello is Adam! Your appearance very pleased me in Kiev, arrive yet!
Here my questions:
1)You would like to have the realiti-show which would be translated all over the world?
2)how many to time may need you, what going at concert?
3)Do you have some "ceremonies" before a stage door?
4)How raspevaesh'sya you before living appearance and how many time raspevka occupies for you?
5)what years in the past would you like to visit on the machine of time?
6)what zoons do you love and would like to lead itself a dog?what breed?
7)what your favourite writer? Would you like to become the hero of book of fantastic character or anymore prefer appearance super hero?
Certainly for me questions are very much and I can yet write and write, but I need now to hurry on s'emku. Creative successes to you! With love there is Angelica)))
P.s. Not fill all hand of tatuerovkami!(will not go you).


Dear Adam, i have only one question: 2012 will be a world tour?If yes, in Romania in it?10x




i love you and i will be a Glambert forever
Can you have a concert in San Diego on 2013?


I love you and sauli Adam so here is my Question will be coming to Alberta canada for your tour I reaqly want to go to a concert Glambert forever and your Fans love you forever Adam


I'm going to send in my question:) In the meantime I hope you are loving performing with Queen! You sound amazing! I sure miss seeing you live!


Hey Adam,

Awesome job in Kiev and Moscow with Queen

Got a few questions 1) what's your favourite outfit to wear?
2) Has Sauli taught you any Finnish yet?
3)do you have a favourite place in Finland and have you heard any Finnish bands yet? (if you haven't I recommend HIM, Negative and Hanoi Rocks) and Are you going to come back to Australia when you start the tour?


Hey Adam! you are doing a fantastic job of fronting Queen, which is no surprise! Do you think it will be difficult or easy to switch gears when the shows are over and you return to the US to do your own shows after singing in front of hundreds of thousands,? See you in Costa Mesa & Fantasy Springs,sooo excited! <333