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'Trespassing' Previews Causing Quite A Splash in the UK!:

Some lucky reviewers from the UK got a first listen to Adam Lambert's new album Trespassing. Check out what they had to say!

Yahoo's OMG: The five songs we sampled left us tapping our toes under our desks, bopping at our computers and holding back gracing the office with an entire set of dance moves.

Which five songs?

Sugarscape: "Outlaws Of Love" - we're told, is the most personal song Adam's ever written. Fans who worry that Adam's voice might not be showcased enough on the album can sleep easy as this song is all raw, tumbling emotion poured out in breathy, lingering vocal

4Music: "Cuckoo" - screams chart-topper, as it builds into a feast of jubilant electro-pop beats. Adam brings to the table strong, rock vocals as the track breaks into a raw and rough party track with echoes of 80s dance music.

EQ : "Shady" - This song, a collaboration with Sam Sparro and Nile Rogers, is attention grabbing from the get go. The lyrics are very suggestive and Adam's vocals are extremely seductive. His vocals on this track are also very diverse and really show off his extensive vocal range and ability. With a swelling bass and a big dance chorus, this song will make you want to dirty dance into the early hours of the morning.

Dean Piper: "Broken English" - Easily his strongest vocal on the sampler I've heard. It's subtle and controlled and reminded me of a Darren Hayes style track but with an injection of adrenalin to make it actually worthwhile listening too without wanting to top yourself when it's overplayed. And of course, the unparalleled first single "Better Than I Know Myself," combining sheer songwriting talent with major production pop sensibilities, this track speaks for itself. Click here or listen below.

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love... love... love so much.... Adam Lambert


awesome I love everything you do keep it up

One good woman

I cannot wait!


Can't wait to hear all the songs<3:)


I dunno about Broken English but my heart is broken in two whilst waiting for all this wonderful new music to take me on another wild ride and feeling sad cos I dunno when I will see Adam perform again!!! if ever???my heart may not stand another six months....I love you ADam F Lambert x


I just wanna hear all the songs NOW!!! I'm not waiting patiently, I'm just waiting and I can feel it in my stomach.
I already have physical reactions and haven't heard one note.

xx rachie xx

It gonna be a good year for Adam the Uk is now behind him thank godness!!
Can't wait for the album to come out ! Smiling

Alex Lambert Maison

The feedback is SO POSITIVE that I have a strong feeling that Adam will surely be more recognized now Laughing out loud Ths songs I'm predicting to be the next singles are :-

or any song of among the unknown 6 tracks Eye-wink
Adam you rule! <3


I am so excited for this album to come out! And it's great to see all the positive reviews and feedback--it just proves even more that we're all going to love this album!


I am so excited for this album to come out. It sounds amazing!!


It's amazing the buzz coming from the UK. Makes me think this time round Adams gonna be the megastar he should be over here


I read all reviews alreday and I just can't wait Smiling
Just 2 months and we all will hear this amazing Album,Trespassing will be Album of the year Laughing out loud!