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Visit the New Adam Lambert Fan Club:

Make sure to go check out the new and improved Adam Lambert Fan Club here. Pick up a membership package today and join the Glamily!

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chris morrison
sara hd

hi adam you looks verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy porfect in these hair i love your hair please do not chang it and please say more about your new song after trasspasing album.

Joe Jessy

the best song that ever heard!!
the song that adam sing it was great..!!
Smiling <3


The fanclub is great! BUT, that money stuff is not really fair. My mom let me do it,thank God,BTW luv ya mom and also ur credit card!, but i just think that...not everyone have a credit card. So, yeah...


how are you?


I am thinking of becoming a fan club member, so I looked at the online store connected to the new fan club. Both t-shirts are sold out. I sent a message asking when they might be re-stocked. That was about two weeks ago, but I got no answer at all. I'm disappointed. Why would I sign up to be a member of a fan club that is not responsive? I'm crazy about Adam, and wonder if he knows that his fan club is not being managed well.


I've visited and it looks beautiful!


I would like to see some activity before I sign up. Like a tour?? Why no Events?? Love your music and voice but your management has blown it on this one.


im happy that adam lambert has a new album i love his new look


I am the part of Glambert's. I know it. <3 for Adam.


I would love to be in the fanclub. One problem is I have no money! I mean no money 0 dollars and maybe a few cents but, no income. If I had money I would pay for the fanclub but, I think it should be free because alot of people are struggling with money and jobs these days! I think the fan club should be like Kelly Clarkson's or Daughtry's because they give you rewards for being a fan and doing activities and stuff. I know that Adam's label is the same as Kelly and Daughtry so why not have a rewards system?
Adam has some of the most dedicated fans and they deserve to have a chance for rewards that don't cost money. It isn't like they would be giving stuff away! I know that at Kellebrities and Daughtry Rewards that you gotta work hard to get the points and rewards and honestly paying money would be easier sometimes but, when you have no income and no job this is a good option. I honestly think there should be 2 options either pay for the fan club or choose the rewards program. It is win/win for all fans that way!


Taking money from glambert membership is a stupid idea. It should be free. Not everyone have a credit card and money doesn't show,how much we love Adam,just our souls,basta. But if i get laptop,i'll check new fc site 4sure


So not fair that you have to pay. I think that every one who loves Adam is already a part of the Glambert Family!


Wow, a new-and-improved fan club--that's great! Laughing out loud That's so awesome!! But, in my opinion, you shouldn't have to pay money to be considered to be part of the Glamily; you become a part of the Glamily when you love and support Adam and other members of the Glamily. Smiling


Checked it out. Not bad. Not sure i'm ready to swich over but i'll think about it. CAn't leave the glamily yet can i Eye-wink

Lusus Naturae

that's great news!

live again

Since we are asked to sign up - Is it a new fan club or this one updated? If it is the same fan club, we're already signed up.


I'm thrilled to see the fan club has been updated. It was looooooong overdue. I personally was only going in there to get mail as we can't communicate with individuals on here.

I'm hoping they do some contests and special things to keep us interested.