Watch Adam Lambert’s Performance on American Idol:

Adam and Angie Miller teamed up to perform "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia on last night’s finale of American Idol. Relive their amazing performance below.

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great performance , I adore it


I can't stop watching it!!! I love you so much ADAM!! FOREVER!! but I can't stop thinking of you!!! <3<3 please come to ISRAEL soon!!


Great post! I really love this performance. Lots of people are watching this concert and all tickets are sold out. I'm avid fan of Adam and Angie Miller and I'm looking for more updates about their next concert and tour. Thank you for sharing.

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great performance by both.


One word ! PERFECT ! ! ! Smiling

gracious glambert

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•. * .• '´¯)¸ .• '´ ¯)
(¯`'•:... I Love You Adam...: •'¯)
(_¸.•'´(_¸.•'´* ?*`'•.¸_)`'•.¸_)

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Im a huge fan of him 100% !!!! So if you hate him don't add me plz !!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love all Songs Of Adam Lambert And ALso I'm A Trespasser And Coucoo !!!!

My Wish : Meet Adam Lambert and tell him lots of things and give him py painting of Adam and give him my playing Adam's song CD to him and HUG AND KISS him !!!!!!!


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Amo Amo Amo! <3
Linda voz dele com uma performasse Incrível!

Fan Brasil! haha' Eye-wink


That was incredible. That song could move mountains, and it certainly moved my heart. I am in tears right now. Their voices were meant to sing that song together. The shear power and soul in that song shook my whole world. PHENOMENAL.


Adam and Angie were truly amazing together and this was a perfect song and a perfect arrangement for them! The chemistry between them was palpable and just added to the whole performance. Adam was phenomenal, as he always is, and was such a gentlemen allowing Angie to have the spotlight as this was her season. He didn't need the introduction -- just the audience reaction when he began to sing said it all. I haven't been able to stop watching this video and listening to the MP3 on my phone. And I love reading all of the positive reviews! Adam and Angie were, without question, the highlight of this year's Idol finale. Adam always makes me so proud to say "I am a Glambert!"


Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ this duet is sooo beautiful and much better than the original Smiling so emotional & strong ! Angie sings like an angel and Adam is perfect as always ! @ home I have to watch it again and again on YT and @ work I hear it often on my MP3-player in change with other Adam-Songs Smiling perfect song choice ! it could be Adam's lyrics... anyway he makes every song he sings to his own song Smiling remember AI then... I never wanna listen to the originals again...(except cryin' & black or white) Eye-wink Smiling Eye-wink ring of fire, mad world & whole lotta love are history Adam made Eye-wink ...and the other songs too Eye-wink his choice was always wise ! with every song he sang he wanted to tell us something about what he feels or who he is... I think... Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ


That performance was amazing! I was hoping that Adam would sing his heart out. He never fails to disappoint. I absolutely loved it that the crowd screamed when his voice entered the song! Adam's voice is just so beautiful. <3


That is true, Adam Lambert defiantly got more opprentunites then Kris Allen did, Kris Allen has like 1 or 2 videos and 1 album( I am not sure if there is only 1 but I am sure) and Adam Lambert has like 2 and is coming out with another one!! Laughing out loud He also has like 6 music videos!! :3 I wish her plenty of luck.

Ligia Ferreira

@glambert1002 i kinda agree with your comments, i was expecting that from idol, not she as winner (were my guesses). But the non-winners have conquering new stages in their careers as Adam. And like Adam said on his tweet she's already a star. I wish good luck to her.

Ligia Ferreira

Memorable, brilliant, perfect duet and performance!! Shocked


They have been choosing wrong winners since Season 8 Eye-wink


I still can't believe she went home! The 2 other girls sucked!! Really bad too! She is an amazing singer! They sing so well together! I love this!


Adam if you read these please please please consider making this performance on itunes with Angie Miller. I know so many people that loved this performance and are wondering if it will be available to buy! Love love love this!!! Amazing as always!!!


Was wonderful! I love everything about Adam, love all that he does! This duet was best ive seen in years! I am a grandma of two, 60 this year. wish we could have had someone like Adam in the 60s & 70s! Love & blessings too all xx Smiling


That's how you do a duet! Outstanding performance (and total class act) by Adam. Angie did a great job too, though Adam is clearly in his own league.


Adam is so flippin AMAZING! He gave me chills on Idol! Sounded so beautiful with Angie. LOVE!


Adam is the consummate performer - he gets it just right every time. Would have loved more but it was her time and he was a perfect gentleman by not out-singing her or self-promoting.


So loved this performance, and found it way too short! He was also one of the few guests who were not there to promote his own music, but to promote the show and Angie. Oh, I'm such a fan!


I loved watching Adam's duet with Angie last night on my TV! Their vocals sublime!! So beautiful!!!!
★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★ *< _..•*’¯★¯`*•._ >* ★


Got to love Idol still haha! Loved this performance! Nice harmonies, good emotion, like always from awesome music artists/performers like these guys


Beautiful duet. Loved how (without even being introduced) the audience broke into applause when Adam appeared. He is always the audience favorite.


Gave me chillbumps to listen to! Their voices blend perfectly together!


Watched Idol last night just to see Adam,he and Angie did a magnificent job ,their voices blended beautifully. It was a stellar performance.


I don't even watch American Idol anymore. Not sure anyone does. However I'll watch this simply because it's Adam. :] --- Adam would be a great judge on The Voice. But--- two Adams would be confusion.


That was totally beautiful and gave me chills *___________* Adam was brilliant ... and his voice... oh damn !