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For Your Entertainment Album Cover:

It's finally here! The official cover for Adam Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment" has arrived...take a look below!

And if you haven't done so already, be sure to pre-order For Your Entertainment today!

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Albums OUT TODAY!!!! I just ran out and bought it and i am in love with it!! Great Job Adam.....favorites so far are Fever, If I Had You, Strut, and Whataya Want From Me, and of course For Your Entertainment!


LOVE the new song! It's just what you describe that you wanted. Just don't let your rock roots drown in the new music. I especially love the lyrics. So strong and powerful. Dominating and seductive. I loved the song even more once I read the lyrics. Eye-wink Keep it coming, you're wonderful!


Love the music......My 72 year old mother already pre-ordered CD for herself. She is so cool. She also has mouse pad with pics of him. I am 45 and hope I can get the CD also. Wish I looked as good in a picture as Adam.
This is talent..
Love ya Adam


This IS Adam, the real essence of him - I'm just sad that everyone doesn't get it. Can't wait to hear the rest!

bham fan

This is why we love him! Mr. Glambert at his best. New song rocks.


Adam's life is dedicated to the arts. He's amazing because he uses visual art so well. He's the canvas. I love seeing all sides of him! I love the cover!


Hate the cover!!!!!!!!!!! Love the music!!!!!!!!!!!
There are much better pixs of Adam.
Will still buy the album


I'm gonna be honest here. I really love Adam and I think he is extremely gorgeous and sexy. But the first thought that came to my mind when I first saw this picture was "OMG, he looks like a drag queen!".
I have nothing against drag queens, but I just don't like this picture at all.

Sorry Adam... But I still love you and I'm going to buy the album anyway Sticking out tongue


Bill Kaulitz??!! Sad to see this name mentioned in a few comments here, as a comparison of the Adam/Bill cosmetic similarities. To me, any comparisons at all are MINDLESS. Adam is a handsome, high calibre Seasoned Performer compared to droopy-assed, skinny, "here-one-day..."POOF"...gone-the-next" Girly Bill ( with his limited vocal range and his buncha teeny-bopper fans!! ). WHAT A SHAME and a SHAM to reflect this bizarre comparison on Adam's first Album Cover. Adam is like NO-OTHER and I'm disappointed in this photo of androgynous Adam, which imo is.."TOO OVERLY FEMININE" Straight people, especially older male and female fans, will be turned off by it. (I'm a devout Adam Fan, but I'd be too embarrassed to show this CD to my friends.)

Note to Adam....."You have two options. TRASH this album cover or KEEP IT and lose millions of sales."


I absolutely love Adam and have already pre-ordered his album...but I am very disappointed in the cover. WAAAYYY too "girlie" looking with that pose! He looked soooo awesome in the "Time for Miracles" video and there are many, many better photos of him. Love you but this is aweful!! Sorry!


I was so afraid I was going to hate this - hate club music. But this is AWESOME. Have listened to it 5 times so far and no plans to stop.... Great first single. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And I FLOVE those lyrics...)


Adam just heard your new single" for your entertainment"... and it is awesome, made me get up and dance! Can't wait for the rest of them..


why he's soooo near to perfection!
i heart you adam! more and more
each day!!! cant wait to see your
show if you have a tour around
Asia dont forget to put Philippines
on yer list!! mwwwwuaah!!


My first thought was that this looks like a Bill K. wanna be photo. That in of itself is enough of a reason to scrap it. The album is supposed to be NEW, not a copy. Secondly, he looks more female than male which is a turnoff. I already preordered the album and I look forward to getting it - but I'm going to be taping the Details photos over this cover - or switching out the case. Anything would've been better. He's taken a million unbelieveable hot, androgynous photos that scream ADAM. Why this? I don't know who this is.


Adam, I love you--but I don't like your album cover... I feel it doesn't protray the true --YOU-- and talent and a man as you are... Sorry--- I know I'll love your music... Even though I'm Gay, please change your next album cover to project the beautiful man you are.....You have the talent to turn the world upside you have done mine....


I love his personality, love his voice. Can't wait to hear his new music. He is so awesome. As far as the cover, love the outer space cosmic look and his blue hair. He looks prettier than most women. Glam rock is here!!! I do miss my manly Adam. I plan on buying atleast a dozen of these albums and giving as Christmas presents. Album cover will brighten any room!


I have never bought a CD based on either cover art or the title. And I have bought a lot of CD's in my time. I buy CD's because I love the artist OR have heard about the artist from someone else and respect that person's opinion. I may not be crazy about the cover but I respect Adam's decision. I think most of the comment (haven't ready every single one LOL) reflect that - we love Adam no matter what. Can't wait to hear his new music!!


Yes O-K, so I get the "campy" and "endrogyny" part, very cool and creative. But whatever they were going for and want to call it, I personally think it's stunningly beautiful and I absolutely love it. The eyes, the lips, the softness, the beauty......just absolutely gorgeous!

The starry background is such a beautiful reminder as well of the backdrop on the AI Tour during the MUSE Starlight song. Speaking of which, I am soooooo excited to hear that Adam collaborated with MUSE to do a song on this album. Just so excited and can hardly wait to hear this whole CD!!

Also, perfect name for Adam's album in my opinion considering how many times he's reminded us that he's here to entertain us.

Beautiful, beautiful album cover. Just can't wait to hear what's inside.


GORGEOUS!! "Rock Idol Glam Goddess" with the chameleon-like personna. SImply breathtaking..photographically framed in perfection.. with all that you present.. Keeps us desiring MORE of your "Faceted Entertainment & Icon FAME".. open your minds, souls; you are unanimously devoted to our appreciation. Uniquely prismatic in presentation, polished performance, and a taste of what to expect.. & now.."On With The Show"! Mon Amie, Je t'aime.. Glamangeleyes


I really like the cover! Very creative and totally glam! This is just another side of Adam, and I want to kiss those lips wicked bad! Adam IS masculine and IN TOUCH with his femininity. He is one who embraces both sides of himself. He is a rare breed who can BE both-- all one side-- all the other side--and somewhere in the middle. Adam, rock on! Love you to pieces!



I agree with all those that think the photo is way too feminine. Adam is soooo gorgeous and there are so many amazing pictures of him. It is beautiful but he just looks too much like a girl for me. Well you know Adam says he likes to shock people. He certainly shocked me. I am disappointed, but I'll get over it. Everything he does is for a reason.


I love the raunchy Adam Lambert. I cant wait to sequester myself with the CD. But man Adam...Im hoping you stay true to your rock roots....and get a bit away from the Lady Gaga...transformation.....Hey Babe....the covers a bit too "Rad" for me...Love the tender..sensitive Adam....but the Adam women and guys toss their
undies" for...aint for this coverguy.....You have a model face sweets, but its your voice we long to hear and the model bod that we want to see on the Covahhh.....winks...Love you no matter what Adam...


I love the cover and can't wait to buy the album. Just saw Adam on Oprah and am so thrilled!! She wants him back on her show to perform!!!


Adam isn't the most mature person for his age, and his choice of a self-indulgent album cover rather than one that would make potential fans take him seriously is further evidence of that. I hope he doesn't undermine his career before it even gets off the ground by making poor judgments and dismissing anyone who disagrees with him.


Don't get me wrong...I think Adam is so sexy. However, this picture makes him look like Pink's twin.

Mary C

Adam you do not disappoint. Your album cover captures true beauty. When I first saw it
I smiled. Shakin it up again! Cant wait to hear the music.
love and peace to you always,
Mary C

Mary C

Adam you truly do not disappoint! Your cover picture captures beauty. When I first saw it,
I smiled. This is very catching to the eye. Shakin it up again baby!!!!!!!
Cant wait to hear the music..........
love and peace to you always,
Mary C


Adam doesn't want to be labeled a DRAG and his FIRST album cover looks like an alien DRAG! he is messing with the fans. SO DISAPPOINTED!


I can't believe the extreme reactions and drama in regard to this cover! Smiling It's hilarious!!! I've personally enjoyed the swinging pendulum ride this has given me, from Huh?.. to Oh,.. ok, I get it now!! Smiling We Adam fans are a passionate bunch, aren't we?! We ain't seen nothing yet with this dude! I can't wait to see the art on the inside of the cd!!!!! No online download for me!!!!


so so so so so so so so so so so gorgeous!
so amaznig and unuque and its totally Adam. i love it!


I just love this cover, it's amazing! Can't wait to hear the album!!!! Adam, I hope to see you on tour here in Portugal.


well i am disappointed to much makeup an dont like the blue hair but... i will buy all his cd's he is an amazing singer !


Before the album cover - You seemed to have a perfect trifecta. All ages of women wanted, gay/bi/lesbian wanted, and reeling in the hetero male with the Details shoot and TFM video. A great thing for first album sales. Also a double dip for online download sales and CD sales where many people wanted to purchase both the digital version and CD with cover art version.

After the album cover - I think a lot of the hetero males are going out the door, many of the women are disappointed to say the least (this is me and I am an Adam fan) and I am reading posts that even many gay/bi/lesbian fans are not happy. Not a great thing for first album sales.

The music better really be good because now you will have to work even harder to climb that mountain. There's a saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this one is speaking volumes. Sadly, from the business perspective not good ones as far as maximizing sales potential goes.

Still time to make a better plan as this has not gone mainstream yet. No need to apologize, just take action. Yes it has the internet all a buzz, but I want to see sales rocket you to stardom (that's my selfish motive). Think of this timeframe as a grain of salt in a hopefully long-lasting career and a trial balloon Smiling

Adam, put your businessman's hat on, stat... Rethink the cover or put this picture on the back and a hot, sexy, glittery, fierce one on the front. I have seen fan art and photo remixes on the web with more excitement and class. I get the campy thing and desire to push buttons, but want to see you maximize sales first. Then there will be plenty of time to push those buttons! It's all about sales right now. From a business owner to a businessman and JMHO.


I was really hoping for one of the pics from the Robert Sebree photoshoot.... they are SO AWESOME - POWERFUL - STYLISH !!! SO UNIQUELY YOU, SO PROFESSIONAL LOOKING !!! .. you're gorgeous (as always) here... just looks like a fan's Photoshop job.

holly wood

i mean, i love him, but i am not a fan of the cover. Sad come on adam, you can do way better than that


Adam is so beautiful...his face is perfection with or without makeup OMG Damn your lips are perfect I'm glad he did his cover like this... I'm glad he is who he is I can't wait for the album to arrive to AZ...


I am ok with the album cover, I happen to love it and agree with the comments of some fans here that he is going for the androgynous look. To me, the music is more important than the cover and I will buy the album for the awesome music that is in it regardless of what the cover is. The cover is trivial to me. If some fans don't happen to like the cover, they can replace their personal copy of the album with a cover of their own creation.

However, what bothers me is that some really conservative fans and the neutral music lovers who are not in either the Adam or Kris camp or who are totally not into AI but have heard maybe one or two of Adam's songs and love them and were thinking of purchasing the album might be totally put off by the cover. I am worried about how his album sales will turn out.

As a hardcore fan though, I am going to support Adam all the way and try to pursuade people to look past the cover and purchase the album for the awesome music that is in it.


Some people are just...clueless...LOVE the cover, think I get it, and can't wait for the music. I admire the "fierce."


I love your album cover. Adam, I love IT !!!!


This is beautiful. Lov it. Definitely a masterpiece I can hang in a art gallery. This is for sure Adam we know and lov. Now I'm really dying to get that CD. I'm sure his song will rock my world.


This is going to hurt sales even though he has the best voice in the business. He looks too much the woman.


Sorry, but I do not like this photo at all. Adam is such a handsome and adorable man. Don't understand why this was chosen....looks way too drag/feminine. But Adam has to be what he wants to be and not what I or others want. Love his voice though.


Adam, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your voice and music!! The debut album cover...HATE-HATE-HATE it!! You’re beautiful, but the ‘photo shopped-fantasy’ theme does not look like the authentic Adam that we all know and love! It feels so non-organic and plastic. Too transvestite for a larger audience. I hope you will still consider the black outfit (pleather)...smokin' hot and looks just like we know you to be. I will buy your album no matter what, but you are too HOT to be a cheesy caricature. I noticed many, many fans saying the same on your Facebook page. Look forward to seeing you on tour! Hugs. Smiling


I am very disapointed with this cover. I'm sorry to say this, but my first impression it wasn't as good as I feel when I listen to him. He is gorgeous, but as a cover for a album that everyone is expecting to be AMAZING, it's too girly and very 80's. Love to ear him, but I can't believe on this cover. Who was the graphic designer? Where is the part "never seen before"? Sad..... He deserved more than this.
I understand that the GLAM is back, but there are modern ways of looking back in the past.


Sorry Adam, But I don't like the cover at all! Love your music love your look on the movie preview but not this look. Who ever is picking your pictures needs training and I am available. I would buy your album anyway regardless because I love your voice. I bought no boundaries and I hated the song but wanted to support you. Get rid of all the sexual rubbish and start promoting yourself on your voice because that's all you need to sell yourself. Your voice is awesome! Good luck with it all. I will keep watching out for you. Trish Australia.


New day, new morning: first came back online to see this beauty again Smiling

ŠįļķęŋĎŗęąmş ☾

Adam, I think its brilliant. It's beautiful. Buying multiple copies as this cover will be a keeper. Smiling


Adam Lambert album cover is officially my desktop cover. I am loving my Mac book pro ever since Sticking out tongue For those women who loves/dying over Adam Lamber like me, get the latest edition of DETAILS magazine. Adam is supehot!!


I love the cover, but it's the music that counts. He has so many looks, and such a versatile voice, he can sing any kind of music he wants. This just basically got everyone's attention and they are a talkin'. Adam Rocks !!!