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I for one am totally boycotting that network, screw them, what are they going to ban adam for life?? good, fine, goodbuy ABC!! (goodbye greys' anatomy, a small price to pay!

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LongIslandGirl: I hope you see this post!! Holy Moly, it's almost 2 am and I have a huge deal that I am trying to get through tomorrow through Friday! I can't believe ABC's condemnation of Adam Lambert has gotten me so hot! lol

I posted my letter to Ms. Sweeney on another thread. It is too long to repost here, but the thread has my username karenforadam. THX for the address. It confirms another fan's address. I will use it.

I am not sure if others realize the audacity of ABC and the bigger picture of censuring Adam is really about. This is much bigger than Adam~~which is bad enough! He does not deserve this treatment AND WE, the viewing public, should not tolerate it.

See if you can find my thread and maybe tomorrow we can get a group to send similar letters to the "top" people of ABC/Disney.

Money, viewers, etc. talk! Always follow the money. You seem to know that!

Double standard, this was aired on FOX- Pink on TV Billboard Awards 2004 picture: video: #AdamBringsChange

We are tweeting now #AdamBringsChange #BoycottABC #ShameonyouFCC

you people should all STOP. are you not listening to ADAM. do you really think you are scaring abc. they are bigger than all of us together. the whole mess is getting worse. this is definetly hurting adam and his career. it has been hell ever since the ama show, i wish adam would never been asked to go on that show. we all thought it was a great complement.. it has turned into a night mare. i dont know when i have had a good nights sleep.i wish it would all go away. my love to adam and hope is doing well. where are all his entertainment frieds?

I think ABC is sending out a homophobic, hippocritical message by doing this. I can't control them or the FCC but I CAN not watch their network.

I changed the channel. No more ABC. Time to look into who their sponsors are too. Say yes to CBS and NBC

Let's do what Adam asked, things will work out in the end.

Tweet @abc @fcc both verified tweet address. Do not watch Jimmey Kimmel. Rumor is Allison is taking Adam's place do not watch. Boycott New years eve with ABC. Make a statement

Just to be clear. Adam's performance did not break any FCC rules.

The FCC has rules on what can be done and said on public airwaves, TV and radio, so if someone curses on the radio they can be fined and I think nipplegate for janet jackson resulted in a fine. so they can look at whether something is in violation of the rules and levy a fine. That's it. Interestingly, shortly after the AMA's, this issue was discussed on the ORielly Factor and their panel actually all agreed that Adam did nothing wrong - technically. so if THEY think it did not violate rules well then its likely that it didn't.

But the FCC can only look at a specific incident and decide whether or not it violated their rules, ABC can of course decide that Adam caused them embarrassment and ban him from the network but its not the FCC that is doing that.

I was realy upset by this, but I am going to take the Adam route and just think positive and look foward to the appearances he will make. This will pass and I am convinced Adam will come out on top. Let's all keep a positive attitude and support bb in any way we can. He needs our love and support now more than ever. Please heed his advice.

karen let me know I want to start a serious campaign against them too.. this is BS we are the veiwing public they need us so we have the power...

try this link for ABC exec info..

I agree with Hot. This must stop. We will end up looking like the Claymates. We must stay positive and act maturely. Of course we are disappointed and angry, but that doesn't give us license to behave irresponsibly. We need to let this play out! Like Hot said, we want to keep the 2,000+ newbies!! Chill people. Adam wouldn't want us acting crazy!

PURPLEGIRL, Thanks for clearing that up for me. I knew it had to be more than the FCC or 95% of the programs/live shows on tv and radio would all be in trouble.

How did the FCC get involved?

Boycott the SPONSORS!!!!!!!
Tell the sponsors their commercials are worthless on ABC if you are an Adam fan

I started another thread before I saw this one. I NEED the TOP EXECUTIVE of DIsney/ABC's email address!!! I KNOW someone on here can get it! PLEASE POST!!

The FCC? That's a joke!!! If it was the FCC then CBS would not have Adam and Leno on NBC would not book him. BS.

THIS IS ABC!! Yeah, see if I EVER watch that network again and WATCH me start my own personal campaign against ABC!!!

Adam HAS to stay neutral. He's smart. BUT< WE, as his supporters, DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE IN TO ABC'S BS in PROGRAMMING US and what we watch!!!

What's the address to the top dog? Please? I know someone on here is computer expert enough to get the top dog's email. Please?

ABC sucks!

No he is trying to not fan the flames but it has nothing to do with the FCC, they can only say oh you did this against the rules. They are looking at whether or not Adams performance broke their rules and casual discussion says no but that has to be determined yet.

BUT they cannot insist a performer be banned for possible future acts, or not be shown on TV so it is NOT the FCC keeping Adam off ABC it is ABC who is essentially saying we do not trust Adam Lambert to not repeat his antics on a live show. So basically petty and vindictive punishment by ABC to Adam and when exactly does that end?

They can choose to ban Adam so I can choose to not watch ABC.

and if the FCC is the problem then how come all the other stations are allowed to broadcast Adam? I would like that explanation... as for Greys I will watch it on youtube

Adam has to say that... he cant afford to allienate them anymore.. we on the other hand are the viewers... they need us not the other way around.. How do you think these relatively small groups such as the AFA and PTC have so much power? They yell and scream and boycott.. I dont buy the FCC crap I think it may be a small part of the equation but Kimmell is on well outside of FCC hours in all regions... and I do not believe we sound ignorant we sound passionate and there is nothing wrong with that.

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, and it is the government agency that oversees what is broadcast on TV and radio.

I support a boycott 10000000000000000000000%.

O.K. So don't spam ABC. If it's only the FCC, then why aren't all the daytime soaps and other risque programs in trouble? That's what I don't understand.

Hoforadam I agree to you it is not ABC==================

Just for know what means FCC?

The peoples who dont accept the man's gay? Or the parents who dont know what they want in there life and just juge all peoples in the entertainners?

So we just need to back of BUT NEVER GIVE UP like Adam make for now...

Let"s FOCUS on beig positive...plz.

TY Dreamerpnk4Glambert.

As Adam said in his tweets, it is not ABC that is the problem but the FCC. Adam's live television appearances are being cancelled based on their regulations, not pre-taped performances. Hence the reason ABC is showing the Barbara Walters interview but not live Kimmel and NYE appearances. Ellen is also on ABC, at least in my area, again a pre-taped appearance. Do not blame ABC for this, the "blame" rests solely on the FCC's shoulders for preventing Adam from doing live performances on network television.

Please don't start a war about this. How are we representing Adam here?

@midny: This is completely and UTTERLY embarrassing! Read about what the FCC controls and regulates, people. AND IF WHAT ADAM TOLD YOU TO NOT BLAME ABC WASN'T ENOUGH, then I can't help you.

These threads are all ridiculous and make some look ignorant. Now there's a fan war thread against Allison. For those of you that were so proud of 4000 being on here earlier; act like this much longer and you can kiss that goodbye, too. What an insane embarrassing show this is.


I don't know if its totally the FCC though, Adam has just had a really good attitude about this and he knows how passionate his fans are. CBS took him on for more than one showing and they had no problem with it. Letterman and the Early Show.

Listen to Adam please. He asked us to not blame ABC- why are some of us so intent on doing the exact opposite?

I'm with ya. I had a feeling after the backlash from the AMA's that they would cancel his New Year's Eve performance. This is utterly ridiculous. I think we oughta spam ABC with all sorts of communication voicing our outrage.

i soooo support this boycott! i was even telling my friends who are semi-adam fans not to watch it. great idea!!! we should trend this on twitter.

ABC's ratings had really fallen before AMA's and if they get sued they will have to sell the network. Too Bad... But I will be boycotting ABC and nothing they do will make me forgive them.

the damn FCC should be getting the heat


I'm going to have to agree with Hotforadam here. Adam wouldn't want everyone jumping down ABC's throats, when he told us not to blame them. It's the FCC.

I can't boycott ABC because I never watched anything on that network. I mainly watch NBC and FOX and some CBS.

Geez, do you know what control the FCC has? Even Adam told everyone not to blame ABC. You people need to get a serious grip. This is embarrassing.