Phone number to Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC phone number :

Phone number to Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC phone number

Call Jimmey Kimmel Live phone number (818) 460-7477 Press Opt, 1 opt 2, opt 4 ext 546 leave message - polite but to the point. I told them I was disappointed in their decision.

This number is the ABC number it's just in reference to the Jimmey Kimmel show.

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The number I provided IS ABC!! It's just a number in reference to Jimmy Kimmel


Thats a good way to NEVER have him on the show in the future.

I hope no one takes your advice honey and you decide to change the OP.

I'd think about it some more - this was not Jimmys fault. Trust me - Kimmel is a way cool guy.

ITA Adamizing. I've read that Kimmel fought hard for Adam, and I believe it. Let Kimmel be and get in touch with ABC or with GLAAD instead.

It wasn't the show's decision it was the network. Jimmy supposedly fought a hard fight to keep him on and is determined to have him rescheduled as soon as the network ends its blacklisting. Let's not make enemies out of friends like Jimmy who is a big fan of Adam.