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Adam's Live Chat:

Adam's Live Chat

How exactly does this work?

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i missed the chat too >_<

Did everybody miss the part with him saying that he is never in the AO forums, and that we scare him?

Otherwise loved him and the chat! He looked and sounded like he did on AI, and I liked to see that man again:)

@isolde,thanks for answering,but now i'm really freaked up,i cannot think anymore,what means BB?thanks!

@flory you could e-mail questions to BB at the end and he answered them live.

I can;t wait till it goes up on AO, I pretty much missed the first 30 mins .bc it was lagging so badly =(,but the last half worked fine. =)

where u could e-mail?

He just blew me away...I found it really hard to focus on what he was saying because seeing him this way was extremely distracting so when he said that you could e-mail I just froze. I thought, no way I'm going off to my e-mail leaving you here! It was like having him on the couch at home and I never wanted him to go...though I knew he eventually would. How am I going to sleep now?! ...or what's the point, I'm to go up in about 4 hours anyway. I'm so screwed! But I'm happy!!!

@lovingmesomeadam-thanks very much,but i need more answers!i d'ont have a phone or camera on my computer,all i can do is to write,read and watch ONLY,and that's why i need to know how it's works the chat!what time is now in us?it's day or night?thanks!

So excited that he addressed my question about the pick up lines!!!! ahhhh....I wish he said who they were from, thn he would have said my name and I would have died!!!

I have to try coconut water because of Adam. I just noticed the buttons on the bottom are not hot pink anymore!

who put the question?everybody?where they put yhe question?here?

flory: The chat will be posted here on AO tomorrow so you'll get to watch it then.

hiiiiiiiiiiiii!what happen?when was the chat?how?it was live?do u need a camera?a video?or u could look at him?how it's work?it will be a second time?when?PLEASE ANSWER ME!SOMEONE!?PLEASEEEEEEEEEE.

Weird. I have a huge crawing for some coconut water and I don´t even like it.

Best. Night. Ever. =] Got some epic screen caps for you all to enjoy =]

My fav is the jungle shot =D

I laughed until I cried, I smiled like I haven't smiled in a really long time....this man makes me feel so good inside. <3<3<3

he seems so genuine and so comfortable with everyone that sometimes I think any one of us could just pull up a chair and do an interview ourselves...he makes it seem that easy for everyone he talks sweet, he is

that was SOOOOO much fun :] am i the only one who wants some coconut water right now hahaa.

Yeah, missed it too - can't wait for the vid tomorrow (smilie)

Any fun/shocking/informative questions or answers?


Loved the open bar question and the "get the men do what...?"

i cant wait to see it!!

The chat was AMAZING. I was so high after it... totally mesmerizing. Adam is just so good at talking. =D

But I'm so sad for all of you who it wouldn't work for! ♥ It'll be reshown, though... I promise you'll be laughing so hard, pounding your keyboard, etc. ;D

The chat was incredible. He is so charming and down to earth. I can't wait to watch it again. Smiling.

They said it will be up on AO tomorrow...don't fret!

omfg i cant believe i missed it! do u think it will be up on here later?

i missed it .... boohoo

AHHH - can't believe I missed it - watching the olympics! So there will be a video??? Thank the Universe!

The chat was wonderful! Adam is so open, honest, and natural and so adorable!!! Good info too - EP next month, fan club coming... I feel all warm and fuzzy right now!

I missed Adam's chat! boo

The Planet Fierce Gods must be shining down on me ...

I had no idea this was happening tonight and I come 'here' every day, but I just happened to come 'here' at around 8 PM when it was all just beginning.

I have never been more entertained for an hour with someone just 'talking' and answering questions ... it was so refreshing, delightful and real .... Adam is so genuine and unfiltered that he's almost an aberration and an anomaly in today's world of self-protection being driven by the ego. Adam has none of that ... he's real, he's honest, he's open and emotional and warm and just Adam ... and no one can ask for anything more than that from another.

I can't wait to watch this again tomorrow ... thanks everyone for having it available here ... and I look forward to joining his Fan Club with Mombert at the helm ... how much betterer can it get!!!

Adam, you are truly a glittery alien from the fiercest planet in the Universe and I am so glad that I am a small witness in this galaxy.

Shine on and on and on and let your soul and spirit fly ...

what a fantastic hour out of my life that was!! i can just listen to adam talk forever. so open and honest. so witty and charming. he stays so true to himself. i can spend hours just disecting his answers. i loved when he showed us each piece of his jewlery and where he got them and what they were. i loved his fascination with astrology. i loved the look on his face when he talked about the ramen and cheetos (tastes like fake cheese... hahaha). he is so articulate when he speaks. so comfortable in his own skin. he is absolutely amazing and i am so happy to have been able see this live chat.

Thanks Adam! That rocked. Had techie probs at first though. Can't wait till the vid goes up on the homepage!

I missed the first part. I was sleeping instead of doing my homework. XD
I can't wait to watch what I missed when the video will be on AO. =D

Absolutly LOVED IT!!
Sorry to hear that some of you had problems. The image froze a few time but other than that it worked fine for me.

Loved everything about it. Really good questions.
So natural and down to hearth.
Love the idea of the fan club!!

Thank you Adam for taking time to do this!! YOU'RE AWESOME!

Pluck, I missed the chat! Awww... :-/

Is there any place to see the chat now? Couldn't make it home in time.

First singing with the middle schoolers, then this -- how can any one person be so adorable?

I thought the questions, for the most part were very good. Adam is the most adorable man in the world. I'm so happy I finally got it going and I'm thrilled at the fan club coming in the future after trying to get tickets for River Rock the past 2 days, I hope the fan club can help with keeping the scalpers out.

He was deliciously sweet and wonderful. I have a craving for a coconut water drink.

OMG he was so adorable and so gorgeous with his black/white plaid shirt!! His facial expressions, hand movements, drinking his coconut drink, everything he did was just so cute, I love this man!! And, he was so honest, genuine, he didn't even want to lie about not being in charge of his Facebook, his handlers there wanted him to lie and he wouldn't do it. I can't wait to watch it again tomorrow!! **big smiley face**

P.S. I'm sorry some of you guys had a problem with the video/audio, I honestly had no problem with mine!

Wow, that was so awesome! Thanks so much for doing this! He is so genuine, real, funny, bright, sincere, articulate (Ok, I need a thesaurus for all the words that mean "awesome"!) I truly think he is such a great person. I don't believe "stardom" will ever change him. I think he will always be this honest and humble. I just can't get over how genuine and real he is. Don't ever change! And I hope you find Soul Mate #2 and #3! lol Love you, Adam!
So looking forward to the new Fan Club with the diamond tipped spork! @Ed, so maybe you and Mombert will be working together! lol That is so cool!

WoW...Adam bb Thank YOU!!! hour of my life..well, one of them!!! That was awesome!! He is a truely amazing, awesome, good, nice, loving, funny person. You just effing rock Adam!! Thank you!!!...We Love you!!

That was awesome!!! Loving technology that allows me to watch a LIVE Q&A video from the other side of the world!!
I had the video on full-screen - it was like he was talking just to me! lol
Thank you Adam - you're amazing as always xx

PS. I cannot wait for a fanclub!!! Love it!

how charming he is. did u guys hear hims say NO ONE TRIES TO PICK HIM UP, it's always him doing it? -- (so he couldn't say the best/worst pick up lines he'd heard.) that just does not compute; and so poignant.


OMG! That was sooooo good. Great questions asked. OMG! A fanclub for us would be wonderful, and mombert running it, that'd be awesome.

OMG!!! That was amazing! He was so happy and infectious! This made my day! I emailed a really great question that he probably didn't see. I need to know the answer!

OMG he was so presh & adorable!!!!

@carli I noticed that too about some of the chatters.. kind of irritating but I was able to tune them out too and focus on Adam.

OMG! How precious is he! The first part was pretty choppy but it got better. Will deinitely watch it again when it's posted here. He's such a sweetheart.