Does Adam like cats or dogs?:

Does Adam like cats or dogs?

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@JennyC You either have good archives or a great memory. As usual Adam was hilarious in his summary of what the tabloids would make out of the incident. Sadly, it's what they do.

For some reason I have always had the impression that Adam doesn't like animals very much. I wouldn't say that he dislikes them but I don't think he particularly likes them either. I really have no idea but I do always wonder about that question because I am crazy about animals and I don't understand how anyone wouldn't love them...although I know that many people do's sad, they just don't know what they are missing...animals are wonderful!

Adam's an animal and I really love him too. Smiling

you can find it at the end of this article in People interview,,20325672,00.html

"I realized the tabloids will probably say that I'm a diva, I hate dogs, I have no credit and I've already burned through all my money"

Sorry, I read that interview a long time ago and I have no idea where. It stood out to me because of the credit card incident and the dog comment. All I recall is that it was a print interview.

I wish I could have seen that interview. Anyone know where I could find it?

DOGS!!!! (cats are nice, too!)

He owned a Golden Retriever as a teenager.

I think Adam loves all animals. Smiling

And thanks for that dog story - I hadn't heard it before and it's funny!

The "I hate dogs" comment actually went like this: after his credit card was declined, and he tripped over the dog (accidentally, of course), Adam said "People are going to think I've burned through my money and that I hate dogs"

This same thread appeared under another OP several months ago. I still say he would be more of a cat person because cats were revered by the Egyptians and he's got a bent toward that culture artistically. Also with his lifestyle, cats are so much easier as they don't need to have someone care for them 24/7.

I'm sure that Adam loves dogs Laughing out loud

@ALfann: Well that does sound like a situation where someone would say "I hate (something cute here)" and not really mean that, but the situation in general. Done it myself a million times.

But it would be nice to hear from Adam himself, so when he answers fans questions next time, try to remember to ask that (the whole thing about the comment and all, if you want to).

And if he doesn't like dogs, I would have to get my dog to meet him. So far no one has disliked him, even if they don't like dogs in general. He has a great sense of humor, very intense eyes, he's over all kind and has good looks. Just like Adam. So I'm lucky to have at least two great guys in my life.

There was an interview where Adam talked about being in a store and ready to buy an item (jacket I think) but his credit card was declined because he hadn't called in to activate it. He had no money on hand either. Staff and other customers had recognized him so it was a somewhat embarrassing situation. When he turned to leave, he tripped over a dog. The interviewer quoted him as saying "I hate dogs". If he did indeed say it, it may have been a question of the dog just adding a final touch of embarrassment to that particular situation, not his sentiment about dogs in general.

Unless I hear it from Adam himself, I will never believe he said he hates dogs. He DID say that God hates hate. Adam does not use that word. He has said he does not condone animal cruelty, which would fit with the Adam we love.

actually Cardenas you are wrong about some cats. When I go to work mine puts himself up in my bedroom and won't come out until I get home. Cats need attention and companionship from the people they love. If I go away on vacation, I always get someone to come in and stay with him.

For some reason I was wondering this yesterday, so I had to seach a thread. He seems so gentle person that I have really hard time to imagine he would hate any animal (if there is no bad experiences in his past). I have a dog from a shelter and I'm getting cats someday (from shelter too). I think Adam could easily be both, dog and cat person. Just think it's a good thing he hasn't got a pet, it really doesn't fit his lifestyle.

Kinda weird no one seems to know for sure..? Considering the fact that Adam has answerd like thousands of questions by now about everything. Even sporks.

no i really don't think adam hates any pets...but just doesn't have time to commit to a pet...but my bet is he likes dogs...

I heard in one of the interview he said he doesn't like pet and he hates dogs, growing up I think he said he had a dog name Maggie.

He seems like a "cat person." They can go their own way while he goes his and nobody's feelings get hurt.

I never heard Adam say he "hated dogs" maybe I missed it. What I do know is that Adam hasn't had a lifestyle for quite a awhile that would support a pet. I have 3 cats and a dog and love them all equally. "Hate" is such a strong word that I think if someone does make that statement they have had a bad experience somehow in their past, but I must add that I don't trust people who say they don't like cats. When pressed, it always seems like they say they are too sneaky. And the point is?

Hope he doesn't hate dogs. I remember seeing a picture of his family and him with a dog that looks like mine (pictured).

I'm pretty sure he likes dogs... and cupcakes Eye-wink

he's said point blank that he doesn't hate dogs... I'm pretty sure he favors dogs, doesn't really like pets, and doesn't dislike cats, just wouldn't have one.

My cat doesn't give me back any of love...she just wants me to be her slave or something...always loud, getting on my nerves ...but she's the cuttest thing ever..she thinks she's the princess of the house or something, but she's crazy as hell....anyway, I don't see Adam as the kind of person that wouldn't like animals, he's too nice and all

Well, I hope that Adam likes animals in general. Cats & dogs are great and are very consistent in offering you their love. I agree that with his busy schedule he probably doesn't have time for a pet right now. Hopefully he will in the future. They are such bundles of love & comfort and would most likely offer him some peaceful down time - I know that mine do exactly that for me. Whatever you give them they return ten-fold, I feel that I am the lucky one - not my rescue dogs and cats.

He doesn't hate dogs. He stated the press might portray him that way after the store incident where he tripped over one.
I have 3 cats also. I hear Monte likes them. I hope I run into him at the casino. I'll show him my kitty pics on my phone--heehee.

They had a dog growing up. Adam looks to me like the kind of person who doesn't need an animal companion. He easily attracts enough humans who love him unconditionally. Also a pet is a huge commitment. He doesn't even want to commit to a relationship at this point. He's just too busy and needs to focus. As a businessman, he also knows that his star could fade quickly in this business. He needs to make good decisions to ensure his longevity.

I would love it if he liked cats. I love cats, I got 3, they're my kids, lol.

i dont think he likes either. i read in a magazine article once that he hates dogs.