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Reality Rocks article by Lindsey Parker re Idol last night:

Reality Rocks article by Lindsey Parker re Idol last night

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I don't know what's going on. Maybe it me, but Lyndsey's article left me kind of cold. Hmmm, seems like she took a couple of potshots at Adam and the Glamberts in a backhanded kind of way. Why would the Glamberts and Vote for the Worst unite and vote for Tim Urban when most of us don't watch AI on a regular basis, and haven't voted since the AT& T debacle. Adam gave Michael Lynche a standing ovation, so if I was going to vote for anyone (which I'm not) then it would make sense for me to vote for him not Tim. To me it seems like the fangirl Lyndsey who use to flailed over Adam is gone. Maybe it nothing and I'm reading to much into it. I don't know, but I do know that something isn't right. Hmm, I'm sure that there are plenty of you that will let me know if my assessment is wrong. Heck, I want it to be wrong. I don't like thinking and feeling this way.

the gift Adam has cant just be copied by everyone--He can "tell" them how to do it but them having the talent to pull it off is another thing..

I also liked her analyses. I dont worry about the idols not taking the mentor's advice. Anyone who is a parent or a teacher knows you can lead a mule to water but cannot make him drink. Adam did great, pinpointing very quickly what was needing improvement. Maybe some of them dont have the guts to do what Adam said, or they CANT do it because they just arent that talented.

I liked her analyses of performances too. Adam gave some great advice too bad people did not always listen him