Attention Globerts! Adam's media coverage outside US:

Attention Globerts! Adam's media coverage outside US

Hi all, I find it very interesting to know if and how Adam is covered in the media outside of the States. Based on this forum, among other things, it is clear that he is already an international phenomenon so I thought it would be cool to have people post here about Adam sightings in your local media.

I'll go first: there's a quite a large poster of Adam as a supplement in the June issue of Suosikki which is the main pop culture magazine for kids and teenagers in Finland.

Anyone else?

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This is the latest from MTV's Jim Cantiello, re Adam, including touring Australia!

I spoke again with Sony about an hour ago.. the person I need is back from leave now. Will keep you updated : ) I have tweeted Jim too.

We are all very excited. Adam's had very little coverage so far, and FYE has been in very limited supply since Mid-Dec. WWFM was first heard a couple of days ago on radio..and his musVid clips are just starting too.
blakk <3

Article in Finnish magazine Me Naiset issue 6 / 2010. Online version of article is here:

And was this posted here?
PODCAST from Finnish magazine Stara, Adam interview


Link to German magazine thread

Link to Japanese newspaper article: Vocalist of the century

Link to UK Times article thread

UK fans could you post scans of that fabulous Adam TIMES article here too?

In case anyone hasn't seen this here's a GREAT interview with Adam:


This is two weeks old but I didn't see it posted here so...

As many of you might know Adam featured radio channel NRJ Finland's "Star Weekend" a while ago. They played 8 songs off of his album (Aftermath and A Loaded Smile were played twice) during the weekend and on Sunday they also had Adam talking about the songs. I couldn't catch the first two, which were Aftermath and A Loaded Smile again, 'cause I had to take my mom to train station but here are the rest of the remaining six. Sound quality is kinda so-so in the first clips 'cause I started recording them with my iPod Nano and then got software to record online stream, so yeah. Laughing out loud

Well, on one of the radio stations in Taiwan, I heard the guy describe Adam as a visual kei artist outside of Japan. Lol!

Thanks so much. Keep doing everything possible to keep Adam #1 - worldwide!

@ALfann: Glad you like the thread!

@nuusk: I will translate the 2nd part soon and post it here.

Great thread. I enjoyed reading and listening to all the media coverage. Thanks.

Adam was just in Toronto Canada. He was beyond Amazing and managed to do many interviews... Go to the Canadiadams thread to see links to ALL HIS INTERVIEWS. Enjoy!!!

Adam will be coming closer to You guys soon, for sure. wooohoooo Smiling

@Niina thanks for the great article. I loved your information about various fan groups of Adam, would you mind translating that too?

I just translated the first part of my article. Here goes:

Adam the Irresistible

It all begun with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Adam Lambert, with a background in musicals, was labelled too theatrical during his audition but he soon became a finalist of American Idol and a phenomenon.

The media wrote constantly about the singer and the judges had difficulty to think of anything negative to say. Television audiences around the world watching the eight season of the singing contest went crazy.

Lambert’s charisma and voice, the ability to pick just the right songs, change his style over and over again and sing music from different genres believably took the breath away from millions of people. Often seen wearing eyeliner and black nail polish, Lambert was different from the other, more conventional contestants not only because of his voice but also because of his attitude and the audience loved him.

The fan group of Lambert – who is often called the reincarnation of Elvis and Freddie Mercury – that has grown over the past year is big, devoted and, in Lambert’s own words, nuts.

They request the songs of his debut album, out at the end of November, from both radio and television channels, raise large sums of money for charity in his name, are fans of the other artists Lambert promotes on Twitter, make fan art and discuss every move of their favourite idol on his official site.

In addition to coming up with the name Glambert the fans have set up a bunch of other fan groups which have their own discussions, vocabulary, Twitter accounts, sites, Youtube channels and blogs. There’s a group for teens, cougars, those that admire Lambert’s external attributes as well as nationalities from Canadians to Japanese people. Here are some of them with explanations.

American Idol’s 9th season starts on Sub on Saturday January 30th, 2010.
Adam Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment is in stores.

After this, there is a list of some of the different fan groups and their descriptions.

There's an article on Adam & his fans in the weekly supplement of a Finnish newspaper, Kaleva. It is the 4th biggest daily newspaper in the country. The article is in Finnish but I will write up a translation later. Until then, here is the article with a lovely pic from the Sebree photo shoot: - full article on Adam & his fans - a short list of Adam's fangroups in the article - A closer view of the 1st part of the article

I guess I should mention that the writer of the article is, um, me. Smiling

Thanks to everyone who has been posting in this thread! I haven't in a while but thought that Adam's first interview with Finnish media needs a mention also in here. Here's the link:

The interview was done on the phone with Adam last Thursday. People seem to think it's a good one! Smiling

Here's Adam on a Malaysian radio interview

I'm from Portugal but I saw this posted at twitter!!

When I surf google for Adam articles in Romanian there are always articles abot AMA, American idol and stuff like that or people posting his vids on blogs and if I search for Kris it appears lots of titles with only Adam's name Smiling))) isn't this funny

I posted a thread floating around here someplace about him touring in Australia. Adam is making waves everywhere. He's going to be a world wide superstar before our very eyes!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, this thread needs to be at the fore!


This is funny, irreverent, and all about 'controversial' Adam.

Adam speaks about the AMAs answers Gaydar questions, and is invited to say and do absolutely anything risque here in Australia : )

It's very Strine; the US will pick up on the Aussie 'accent' haha

More Singapore Coverage of Adam!

MyPaper (18 Dec 2009) (a free daily in Singapore read by daily commuters and students) reviewed Adam's FYE album and gave it 4 STARS! They LOVE his album and dedicated almost a full page to him!

To read the article, please click here:

Hi guys! Adam's awareness is growing, Pauline, and that's fantastic! Thx for the links, we love reading about other countries media : )

Niina..Please add this link to your OP:

To save this thread Global Media Coverage thread link to your favourites:

Adam's FYE CD is now slowly becoming available in Australia, as of this weekend! Please visit Adams Aussies for further details Smiling We are soo excited..and will monitor Adam's successes!

Adams Aussies thread:

Keep up the good work everybody! How to grab more sales for Adam..pls see my thread:

huggles, blakk xox

Well... the Singapore Glamberts have been charting any major coverage of Adam over here. The major one in the last few weeks is this one:

The Straits Times LIFE Section today (28 Nov 2009) has just published a cover story of Adam vs Kris:

Read the whole article here:

Another coverage is this weekly entertainment magazine called 8 Days. It covered the AMAs and ADAM's performance in it. Also, the magazine traces what they see as the "camp-formation" of Adam! And calls him a "Queen".

While Adam receives almost 3 pages full of coverage, this is unfortunately not a very flattering coverage!

However, there's no such thing as bad publicity... so YAH!



I missed this thread! When is search function working on this site again? Ridiculous that it is taking so long to make it work

Australian issue NW magazine, also available in NZ..--- Dec 21 Rihanna issue... Adam featured in full-page article Smiling

blakk xox
Adams Aussies Thread:

Adam is on the radio and MTV Asia all the time. They even performed FYE on last week's Singapore Idol. This has been posted on this site, but here's the link if anyone is interested:

Hi everyone!

I've been networking heavily to promote Adam, and have created a new album thread to make things easy for us. It's important that we cover the wee hours when Adam's US fans are sleeping, with regards to voting, keeping out trolls, interviews, and links, including welcoming newbies here at AO and most importantly, promoting his music.

Please read and bump my album promo thread, and also when on Twitter, RT the link every now and then so other fan sites come on board. We can work a lot more constructively, as Adam's incredible music will sell itself anyway. It's more about the world's awareness of him and his unsurpassed vocals. We can easily promote FYE and TFM.

Here's the thread link:

You can always contact me by clicking on my username and getting into my blog page.. It will show my threads links. Please visit Adams Aussies, where I've created a lot of link ideas. I won't be setting up a website, coz I'm not web-savvy, but have created a Twitter account and Aussie Chatroom to promote Adam. These are easy options for the time-poor Reps. I also write articles about Adam, which you can see here: ~ It all puts him in the public spotlight, which helps with sales figures. I have spoken with a Hollywood lady whom Adam sees each month, and she's passing on info directly to Adam for me, re us reps, AO & Sony.

Adam's album will be released earlier than March 4 now! I've had if confirmed by Sony that it will be here in Australia before Christmas : ).. and I'm still trying to confirm that Adam's doing a promotional only tour here in March 2010. We are soo excited.

You guys rock! Good to see all your hard work coming to fruition. Thx, blakk : )

lambertlioness, thanks for posting the Israeli TV intereview. That was awesome.

@prae Thanks for clearing that up!
@flyte Yeah, I love seeing it too!

re-the article in French, the reference is to his smokey eyes and basically saying that both women and men and attrated to him..

lambertlioness: Thanks for posting, it's great how his popularity is just growing everywhere.

This interview on Israeli TV is priceless. So cute. Way to go Adam, on getting out of kissing the interviewer in the most charming possible manner, lol. Watch to the end, even if you don't understand Hebrew (it's actually pretty obvious what they are saying anyway). The last part is Adam's interview in english.

A french article proclaims Adam to be the new american star!

Ok, so my french is somewhat rusty, but in essence the article calls Adam the newest musical phenomenon in the US, and says that even though he lost AI, his popularity has exploded. He has gotten strong international support (witness the 350.000 followers on facebook) and is all over tv shows and radio, making him the new musical revelation of 2009. He has a look like Bill Kaulitz (here comes something about his eyes, I'm not sure what they are saying), is openly gay and not afraid to go out holding hands with his boyfriends in public. I think the next part is about the break-up w Drake. Finally they mention that his album comes out Nov 23rd and link to Mad World and FYE.

French speakers on here: come to the rescue if this translation isn't more or less correct, lol!

FYE is starting to get some radio play here Smiling

BUMP Smiling

well, recently he wan on the Philippine Daily inquirer, a tabloid. His interview was on 2 parts! and I think last saw him covered on the local tv news when he pose on Details mag!

I love this thread! Keep it bumped.

Love this thread! Hi guys!

American Music Awards advertised about 12hrs ago thru Foxtel Cable TV in Australia!!!

Adam's headlining it too Smiling

That's so awesome that people around the world get to hear and know about Adam! Hopefully, Adam will be a huge international star and everyone will know about him and buy his music! Let's dream big!

Thanks for the info. Just love to hear that the whole world is lovin' Adam. I so want him to be a HUGE success !!! His music and Adam as as person are just that GREAT !!


Thanks for stopping by blakkrrox!

A Finnish tabloid has a short vid of Adam from the 2012 premiere on their website. See here:

Hey guys : )

Just an update from me... We now have an Australian thread here at AO, called Adams Aussies. We welcome Aussies, expatriate Aussies, and all international friends : )

I'm collating any further Adam media info as I can, and will post it here. We will grow as people seek more on Adam, especially after his releases.

Please pop in and say hi !

I didn't know this thread existed. I love hearing how well Adam is doing in other countries. I can't wait til he is known all over the world.

AdamRockGod: Thanks for giving the URL address for this Singapore article. I've been saving all of these articles for a scrapbook (or ten!) that I plan to make since I first learned of Adam's unbelievable talent and charisma. In fact, when I learned several months ago that Adam was on the front cover of a magazine in Israel, I realized that Adam was going to be a huge star!!!

GlamAndEggs: You're very welcome. I've found it to be quite useful in order to find things from a certain time period. If one does a full search, there is a lot to go through so the localised search is a great thing. Do share what you found. Smiling

@Niina - cool thanks! I do use Google search every now and then to look up news but it's usually from the States. I'll do a localised search and see what comes up.

Wow, he has gotten some attention in Singapore. Great!

GlamAndEggs: I don't watch that much tv nowadays either and don't read a lot of magazines. But I do a Google search every now and then so that I choose the country (in my case, Finland) and the time during which I want to search. That gives you the links in our country during the last week, for example. Works for me. Smiling

Btw, check out the video from my earlier post. It is quite steamy. Eye-wink