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Tommy Joe Ratliff:

Tommy Joe Ratliff

This site has an amazing collection of TJR pictures, videos, and info of Tommy. Check it out.

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Check out for the OFFICIAL merchandise of Adam Lambert's globally loved and adored Bass player, Tommy Joe Ratliff! Show your love with TJR t-shirts, prints and more! All designs are individually approved by Tommy himself! So go on, check it out! It really awesome Laughing out loud


I love that serious look; because when he smiles he blushes like crazy... so sexy...

Tommy is just awesome! I love his hair. Well he looks usually serious, but when he smiles.. awww Laughing out loud

have been waiten on this forever i am in love with Tommy Joe thx bunches Smiling

I have a good question, I think it's good Sticking out tongue Does Tommy cook?

These pics are really cute (: I'm loving Tommy more and more - he's just adorable!

He is so dang cute... I prefer brunette or red headed men; with Adam I get a 2-fer. But, Tommy in person is the Glitter Baby Vampire and a sweet aura that is mysterious yet familiar... I love that he glomms on the lipgloss to drive Adam insanely wild, too. Eye-wink

WOOOOHOOO it's tommy's bday! Happy birthday tommy you rock!

It's his birthday today!!!! Laughing out loud <3 Laughing out loud
Cupcakes and neopolitan shakes laterr (:

i luv tommy. wat a legend. adommy <3.

plus tjr has awesome hair. i luv it Laughing out loud

gunna check out the site. i need sum more tjr pics Laughing out loud

Thx! Love Tommy soo much! But Adam will always be the first ! Laughing out loud

I like Tommy, too. Tommy seems to be a cool guy. When I was at the San Diego concert on the Glam Nation Tour, I met him. We both talked by having a few conversations and had my picture taken together with him. That was the coolest thing I've ever done right before I met Adam and got his autograph for real in person.

Thanks Smiling
I love Tommy, he's amazing Laughing out loud

Thanks for this!!! Tommy is such a cutie and sweetheart!

I don't have facebook so I didn't get to see the picture. I met Tommy in Knoxville. He was so kind to all of the fans.

@buckeye... same thing happened to me and he was so adorable and very sweet, to think that he had to step on the railing and extend his body just to get close to my face for that picture!!!! I let him know how totally grateful I am for being sooooooo accommodating!!! I just love the guy!!!! No wonder he has been picking up fans on every tour you'd think he's almost as popular as our BB. He makes up for that time that fans have to wait patiently for Adam Lambert to come out after the show/concert to meet his fans.

That night of July 25th was epic for me. I finally got my wish to see Adam face to face and have a picture with Tommy Joe Ratliff. My next goal is to get a picture with Adam Lambert. Hopefully it happens within the year!!!! <<<<<>>>>>>>>

Thanks for the link. I met Tommy after the Cleveland show and he was so gracious. The first picture someone took of us didn't come out and he was very patient waiting for another. He is really as cute in person as he is in pictures.!/photo.php?pid=11328&id=100001392695490

Thanks for the link, I had to post this first & say, How cute is that? Now I'm going to check out the link! Smiling

Awww thanks!! I love Tommy and this is an awesome site Smiling

ahhhw *-*

I wish I was born in the 80's...

thanks! i LOVE tommy! Smiling hes gorgeous!!

Sweet Laughing out loud
thanks for the link!!!

Laughing out loud I follow tjrpics and tjrfans on twitter.I LOVE TOMMY!!!! Laughing out loud.....yea, I know rite?! AMAZING Tommy stuff on this site!