Atlanta, Georgia 9/14 & 9/15 concerts. Pre/post concert parties and more...:

Atlanta, Georgia 9/14 & 9/15 concerts. Pre/post concert parties and more...

Who is going to this concert?
Meeting at Tap a Gastropub from 5:00-7:00
I would like to get a few fans together on 9/14 for dinner & drinks before the concert. I talked to a representative from Tap and they stated that they have complementary valet parking and that if you eat dinner there, you can leave your car parked while at the concert. They would need for us to return by11:00. I told her that we would probably come back in for another drink after the concert and she said that would be fine. I think they close the bar at 12:00. Another good thing, they are 2 doors down on the same side as Atlanta Symphony Hall.
Overnight parking (parked after 12:00) in back of the restaurant cost $25.00 ouch! Don't park there.

Update: You can park at the Woodruff Arts Center. Parking will run $12.00 and you need to pre-pay.

I was told that access to the buses would be impossible because they are parked underground in a private parking that isn't assessable to the public.

Pre-concert party at Tap
1. 2prissy4u
2. goulagirl
4. NinnaD + 1 (dropping in for drinks)
5. Angel1977 + 1
6. zingoglitter + 1 (dropping in for drinks)
7. AuntieQuaint
8. nosyrosie98
9. Glamazon
10 Scarlett
11. Angelcakes + 1
12. Kmd54 + 1 (stopping by)
13. Glittermusic

If you don't plan on attending the dinner party, please stop by Tap and say hi.

Blue Glow stick flash mob.
Please bring plenty of Blue Glow sticks to share. Lets have a sea of blue and show Adam our love in Atlanta.

I called the box office and they said that the doors will open at 7:00 and the concert will start at 7:30.

If you need to get in touch with me, friend me on Adam's fans site. I'm also 2prissy4u over there too or you can send me a DM on twitter @2prissy4u
Where to stay: The Artmore Hotel
This is a great little gem in Atlanta located behind Atlanta Symphony Hall and the PRICE is very reasonable. It was voted number 15 out of 250 best hotels in Atlanta.
****************************************************************************** (I love that they are including Adam's concert in their blog!)

We would love to have you guys for a post concert get together! I can have the bar open a bit later to host you guys…however, it would be best to keep it to the bar/lobby. Although we love the courtyard, the noise can tend to travel up to the rooms. Since we will also have some business folks in town, I would hate to green light a get together in the courtyard at midnight, only to have to shut it down due to noise complaints. If you guys congregate in the lobby and bar, there will be no issues. If you can let me know an approximate amount of people, that would be great! When we get above 50, I like to have another bartender on board with us to make sure the experience is as great as it can be.

Let me know how else I can help! Thanks so much.

Best Regards,

Michael Halpner
General Manager
1302 West Peachtree St
Atlanta GA 30309
404-876-6100 reservations
WHEN: on the 14th & 15th after the concert.
Please let me know if you plan to attend the party on the 14th or 15th. I need to know so that I can report how many will attend.

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Bumping to the top to where?!? I can't find where this thread has been placed. And where is the West Coast thread?

Sorry I couldn't make it to Taps, I got pretty sick the night before and was planning to cancel. But decided to just go to the concert. So glad I did, it was the best concert ever!! I hope everyone had a blast!! Smiling

I just got off the phone with the Symphony Hall. They stated that they received an email from Adam and crew that said they will be allowing cameras. She said no camcorders or professional cameras though. ASH 404-733-4900

If you are flying in, you can take the Marta rail system to Midtown and get off at The Arts Center station. Check out The Hotlanta Glamberts thread to read info posted and find links. There's lots of info posted there.

I'll see you after the concert in the Artmore Studio Bar. It doesn't matter if your going to Shout or Tap, we all will have fun. With 1700 Glamberts in town it will be packed everywhere. We will wave to you on the Shout rooftop from Tap's patio lol.

The W is very nice, but yeah...we are having a party over at The Artmore. Come join us...check out the link to The Artmore. You might want to change your reservations and hang out with us after the concert to gush over Adam lol.

The Artmore has some great hotel reviews so I am very excited to be staying there.

I also noticed the Artmore has their own blog where they are encouraging Adam Lambert fans to stay there while going to shows at the Symphony Hall and The Tabernacle. Nice to have a hotel want Adam fans there.

The Symphony Hall is within walking distance from the Artmore and a short public transportation ride on the Marta rapid transit system (adjacent to the hotel) to the Tabernacle.

Apparently the Marta rapid transit stops at the airport near the baggage claim and there is a stop called the Arts Centre Station very close to the Artmore.

I may take the Marta from the aiport to the hotel since it's just a 24 minute ride.

See you all soon.

I'm sorry, but I won't be joining you for dinner at Tap after all. My hubby is supervising a project at Georgia Tech and foundout today he has a mandatory safety meeting tomorrow afternoon. He had planned to be off work by 2:00, but that isn't possible now. We'll probably be in bad traffic by the time he gets home, gets ready for the show, and then we have to drive back to Atlanta. I have my prepaid parking ticket, so parking at the venue isn't a problem. If we get there with time to spare, we'll stop by Tap for a drink. If not, maybe we can come by the hotel after the show for a while. Otherwise, raise a glass to celebrate mine and your birthday tomorrow afternoon! I hope to see you and the others at the show if not before.

Anyone want to share a two bedroom suite for the night of the 14th . Looks like it is less expensive than a single room and probable more fun. E-mail me at

Question for those flying in: Are you using a taxi or other service to get to the hotel from the Airport. Thanks.

Turns out my friends are planning to go to Shout instead but will try and stop by Tap to say hello.
See you all at the Artmore!

Thinking about switching from the W Hotel to the Artmore to be with so many fans. Would like to attend the pre and post party.

I'm glad to hear so many fans are staying at the Artmore Hotel together. I drove to Atlanta today to see where it's located. I didn't go in, but from the outside, it's such a darling chic hotel with a beautiful garden in front. I love old buildings, they have SO much character. This is a very nice area of Atlanta and we can walk from the hotel to Tap. Tap is on the same side of the street as The Woodruff Arts Center.
Let me know how many will be in your group if you decide to join us. We would love to meet you and mingle.

I'm staying at the Artmore with others in my group so I plan to go to the after concert party at their bar.
Would like to meet at Tap also but need to verify with my group. I'll post tomorrow.

2 of us plan to stop by Tap and will definitely be at teh Artmore on teh 14th since we are staying there! Dance Party during Intermission!!!

Flight booked and room booked for both nights now. I must be insane!

Look forward to meeting you all. This will be way too much fun.

Thanks so much for all the info and for organizing.

Question to you all - for anyone going to both shows and staying at the Artmore, do you all have any plans for the 15th during the day? I am flying in from Toronto and considering staying for the second show but wondering what to do during the day.

Is anyone thinking of getting a group together and doing any sightseeing, the Coca Cola attraction of just good plain Adam stalking?

If nothing is happening the 15th during the day, I might not stay for the second show but will definitely be there for the 14th and to meet you all.


Glamazon Toronto,

I just looked at my tickets for this show. The only reference to cameras is "no recorders", so I'm assuming it is ok to bring a regular digital camera, but not a camcorder. I plan to bring my camera.

Glamazon Toronto,
I added you to the list. I agree, we need to meet in the lobby at 4:30-4:50 to socialize and then walk as a large group to Tap. I'm going to be RUNNING. My plans are to leave work and be at the airport to pick up a couple of friends then head over to The Artmore Hotel. Flight doesn't come in until 3:50 so we will arrive hopefully around 4:20 or so. I will see if AuntieQuaint will greet everyone in the lobby.

AsianLatina, I'm sorry that you will not be able to attend the concert. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you were able to sell your tickets.

Glamazon Toronto,
I can't find information on the ASH site which addresses this issue. I'll try to call today and post info tonight.

@2prissy4u I sold my ticket so I won't be attending the dinner or concert.

Can we bring cameras to the Symphony Hall?

2prissy4u, I don't know if you tried to email those of us meeting for dinner at tap regarding the name our reservation is in. If you did, I didn't get the information. I can't believe it's less than a week away now!

I got a ticket in the 4th row for the Symphony Hall show. Coming on my own.

I would love to join the Taps gathering if I could.

Anyone want to meet in the lobby of the Artmore and head over together?

I am also on the fan site as Glamazon (Toronto)

I hope that you can make the Atlanta show. There were fans posting a few weeks ago needed tickets to this show. Hopefully you can sell them if that's what you need to do. If not, I hope to see you in Atlanta. If you are coming, are you attending the party at Tap or going with the other group to Shout?

Hope 1000,
I tried to send you an e-mail but couldn't, there is an error in the address that is posted.

I have two tickets in the loge and would like to trade for 1 ticket that is closer. My second person is bailing out and I am now going solo. Email me at

I will be at Taps. Can't wait to meet you all.

I've changed my mind and may not go to this show. If I can sell my ticket, I won't go. If I can't sell my ticket, I'll be there. I'll let you know. If anyone needs a ticket, let me know. My email is


Thank you for the infor regarding digital cameras at the Symphony Hall venue. I, like you, attempted to find informaiton regarding digitial cameras and the like, but I didn't find anything. I'd hate to show up with a camera to only be denied access. I might have to go postal! LOL

@ 2prissy4u Yes that would be great! I'm not in Adam's fan club (yet haha). You are on Twitter right? I'm on too- glambert_13. We could message that way if that works for you. Thanks!

You're attending the 14th show right? I will be at the airport around 3:30 to pick a fan up. Will you be there at that time? If not, MARTA's airport station is attached to the Airport, right off baggage claim. One way fares are only $2.00 and within 20 minutes, you can be downtown (taxi's are about $30 plus tip). You would need to take Marta to the Arts Center station in Midtown. You would be in walking distance to the Atlanta Symphony Hall. You can also take Marta back to the Airport for only $2.00. Are you a member of Adam's fan club? If so friend me and I can give you more details.

Hey guys, me again- I'm really needing a ride- could anyone possible pick me up @ the airport and drop me there after? Happy to reimburse you for parking and gas! Tried to find someone who lives in the Warner Robins/Macon area to carpool with, but have had no luck. Tried a shuttle service but they will only take me to the airport and pick me up there as well. Thanks in advance!

I'm coming to the 9/14 concert. Meeting up with @furadam and others. I have a VIP M&G, but it looks like it's only a 1/2 hour. So I'd love to join up with others after the M&G and before the concert.

I'm not sure if we will see the buses when they arrive. I have heard that buses can come into a city anywhere from 2:00 to 4:00 and fans watch as they unload. I talked with the manager from the Woodruff Arts Center and he said that the public will NOT have access to the buses because they are parked in a private parking. Fans will not be allowed to enter that area (I guess for security purposes.) Please come in and join us for drinks, I'm adding you to the list.
Check out the drink menu:

Hi everyone!!
In a week!!! Yay! Everyone excited like me!! Haha.
Hope you all have a marvelous week and look forward to meeting some of you at Taps and at the concert of course!

@2prissy4u.. I will come for drinks for sure ok!! Me & my hubby!

And any idea when I get a glimpse of Adam. I don't have meet&greet. Anyone have any idea, or a time that they normally get in the venue or normally leave, I see some vids of him signing authographs or taking pictures etc. Would love to get some info.


I can't find camera restrictions on the ASH site.
This is information from The Tabernacle:
Subject to artist wishes, video or recording devices, film or digital cameras are not allowed into the Tabernacle unless prior clearance is obtained by the performer or their management. If you have any of the above items you will be refused entry into the building. To ensure the safety of all of our guests, all bags maybe subject to search before entry.
I can't find information about The Atlanta Symphony Hall. I would think that non-professional camera's would be ok to bring.

Here is an interesting article printed in Access Atlanta:
How should audience behave in high-tech age?

I don't know what to tell you. I'm having a hard time connecting with Atlanta fans. There seems to be very little communication among the fans about the Atlanta shows. I wish you well and hope that everything works out for you.

Would anyone happen to be going through Greenville, SC to Attlanta? I'm looking to go to both shows but I have absolutely no ride down there or back. I haven't bought tickets yet or made any plans. I'll be happy to split room cost and I'm so very okay with getting up super early on Wed. to wait in the GA line at the tabernacle.
Any help would be appreciated. If anyone can hook me up, just contact me here:

Does anyone know how strict this venue is regarding cameras? Can we bring digital cameras?

I added you to the list. I'm looking forward to meeting you and all the other Glamberts. It's September...the count down is on!

@2prissy4u - Hi! I've decided to go to both shows in atlanta (on my own) and just want to see if there is still room to join your pre-party at Taps. If so, please add me. I am also staying at the Artmore. I'll send you a msg on ALF also. Thank you!

I've been on vacation so I haven't read the forums in awhile. It seems like this site is working better now, and Adam's new site looks great! I'm getting more excited now that our show date is getting closer. I can't wait to see Adam again, and look forward to seeing those of you who are meeting for dinner too!

Some of us are staying at Edit: The Artmore Hotel. I really don't know where most of the fans are staying. Atlanta has SOOO many choices I think fans are staying EVERYWHERE lol. It might be easier to connect with a group if you post on Adam's fan site. This site makes it hard to REALLY connect with each other.
We can send e-mails to each other on the fan site. Friend me on Adam's fan site. I'm 2prissy4u.

@2prissy4u I am looking at my flight time and I may have a difficult time meeting at 5:30 for dinner. I really don't want to be late and hold anyone up so we will just make it for drinks if we can. I am still looking forward to meeting everyone. I changed my flight because we decided to stay for the tabernacle show.

Looking for hotel options for The AtlantavSymphony hall show. Who's staying over???Where are you staying?

Yes, come in when you get there. Atlanta traffic is aweful from 3:45 to 6:00. So I hope we get to meet.

Hey 2prissy4u
would love to meet u too, I know it will be a tight fit with time but I will try to get there even if it is for a few minutes. I am stay just down the street at on 10th and have prepaid parking at the Woodruff. I land at 5:30, no checked bags, so hopefully I can do a quick car pickup and zip into the hotel to change as I am leaving from work to catch my flight. Will do my best to get there around 6:30. Wish me luck.

We did the WWFM glamstick flashmob in SF. Based on the look/smile on Adam's face it was a great success. Not the most perfect execution, but great fun and with lots of love.

For $66.00 you can get a round trip using Groom Transportation from Warner Robins to Atlanta and then back to Warner Robins. I used Grooms transportation before when they took my daughter from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Instead of dropping her off at the Airport, they took her to a McDonalds where my sister was waiting to pick her up. Maybe you could find someone to pick you up at the airport and then take you back to Grooms transportation after the concert or pay a little extra for Grooms to transport you to the Woodruff Arts Center. They took my younger sister home from the airport in Chattanooga.

Looking for someone in the Warner Robins area to carpool to the concert! Won't have my vehicle Sad If anyone can help out, let me know! Smiling

This is the craziest thing...I can't find any information on the Woodruff Arts Center web site about an Adam Lambert concert. I called and complained and they said that since it's a sold out concert, they took the page down. The truth is...they never had it posted. I told them that Adam's fans like to collect pages with all of the Sold Out venues posted and we are disappointed that they don't even mention his concert. The number to call is 404-733-5000

Squeeeeeeee!!! I would LOVE to see you again and for you to share your adventures. Let me know if Glamtravelr is coming and I will add them to the list.

I would love to meet you too. I'm not sure if that will be possible because you're going to be on a tight schedule. If by chance you have time, please stop by Tap to say hi. We plan on hanging out at Tap until 6:55, then walk over to Atlanta Symphony Hall at 7:00. I called the box office and they stated that the concert will start at 7:30.

Well here I am comin' up for air and see it's you, 2prissy! Count me in for any festivities...I think Glamtravelr is coming too but I won't speak for her. Any good hotels within reach? I will be going to the Tabernacle one the next day too--crazy?
Will be driving to ATL from NOLA--not sure what time I will get there...

Write me and we can plot & scheme tee-hee!

@2prissy....I doubt we'll be abe to stop by, butthank you so much for the invitation!!

I still need to go shopping for my outfit! LOL