question. Is that Adam singing on new Office Max commercial?:

question. Is that Adam singing on new Office Max commercial?

Its an Office Max commercial for school supplies. Mom is waving goodbye to her kid going to school. The male voice singing a lovely song in background sounds like Adam. If it isn't him, they picked a singer that sounds EXACTLY like him. meant to draw our attention. It got my attention! So many movie stars earn extra money nowadays as voices for commercials.....Could someone Twitter him and ask? thx.

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oops! Sorry for the double post! LOL

OK, let me clear up something. I am NOT Chris Mann. While I am a Chris. I am not the Mann! I am just a fan of his. Who when I saw that some of Adam Lambert's fans thought it was he singing in the Office Max commercial. I just wanted to let you all know that it wasn't. And point you towards the man with the voice who made you stop and take listen. Chris did tell me that his new album should come out in a few weeks. So If you like the snippet of what you heard on the commercial or what you have heard on his website, myspace, Facebook, or Youtube. I hope you will check out his new album when it is released.

If you haven't been to any of his sites and want to check him out. Here they are again. Trust me. You won't be sorry!

Official Website:
Official Youtube Channel:
Official Twitter: twitter at @IamChrisMann
His Personal Facebook Page:
His Music Facebook Page:
Myspace Page:

So sorry for any confusion.

Ok, since it's been determined this is NOT Adam by @Marvelous0ne it now becomes an "Off Topic" discussion. Smiling

Wow. I was out of town for the weekend and came home to read all these posts today. Gosh, y'all...I had even tried to record the commercial with my cell phone and actually opened a Youtube account to upload it. It didn't work. Probably my cell phone's fault. Oh, the lengths we go to for Adam. Lol! Getting a Youtube account is a stretch for me. I'm actually kind of a busy person and don't want to get addicted to Youtube and Twitter and all those newfangled 'Puter things. Haha.
Thanks MarvelousOne for clearing it up for us. I'm assuming that you are Chris Mann. You have a good voice and I like your version of Heartless. Your voice is immortalized already for us on Youtube. I will listen to more of your music in the future. Good luck with your music career. You deserve success too.
The clip of the song used in the Office Max commercial is beautifully lyrical and quite lovely. It fooled me, for sure. I think the Office Max people may have known they were picking a singer with a voice similar to Adam's (if only for that 15 second clip.)

♪ﱡBĄŖBĻŞﻬ♪: i couldn't agree more Smiling the officemax jingle made me do a double-take, but his voice sounds very different from Adam's now that i listened to his other songs. He's a very good singer though, but not a ROCK GOD like our beloved BB <3

Well I listened to this guy's youtube and he is pretty darn good. Not like our BB is, mind you, but I wouldn't have a problem listening to his music. I wish him success.

Did sound like Adam at first but after hearing the whole song, no. I Went to iTunes and listened to some of Chris Mann's other music and he definitely does not sound like to Adam. He has a great voice, better than most of the singers on radio today, but sorry, in no way does his voice come close to the purity, range or the passion I hear in Adam's voice. Adam is in a league of his own!!!

@Marvelous One, you said that we can "not" relax, is that a typo and you meant "now?" Because I cannot relax after hearing Chris' music! Also, do you know the title of the song in the Office Max commercial and is it on one of Chris' albums? And finally, are you Chris Mann?

well that confirms it. I'm officially BSC. LOL xD

If I wasn't staring at his pic on his website, I would think it's Adam. He's cute too, although I don't like facial hair.

OK Marvelousone-Are you Chris Mann?


nice version of Heartless - even before KA did it on AI8

Thank you for clearing that up!!

Thank you so much!!! I checked Chris Mann out...very cute, talented, and yes...he sort of sounds like Adam...which is a great complement.
Chris Mann EP Preview - Lights Fade, 8 Story Walk Up

Mystery solved!

Yeah, there's a definite similarity in voice timbre - very pretty - but in watching his videos he sure not the performer Adam is and when you hear him do a whole song you can hear that he doesn't have Adam's technique or sense of phrasing. He's a little nasal in his upper register and he sure doesn't move through his register changes as seamlessly as Adam does. Still a very beautiful voice, though.

@MarvelousOne, thank you!!! Yes, now I can relax, lol.

Not to say that he compares to Adam in vocal range and depth, but this guy has a great voice from what I'm hearing at the link you provided. But sadly for Office Max I won't be rushing out for office supplies now. lol

ETA: In an ironic twist, the first song that plays on the guy's website is "Heartless", which was the choice of AI contestant Kris Allen. I will probably be torn limb from limb for saying this, but in a way his vocal on it sounds like if Adam's and Kris' voices were fused into one. Barf! lol

This guy really does sound like Adam!! wow, beautiful voice, he is kind of hot too.

Well that answers that. Glad we found out who it is - was driving me nuts. But one day WE WILL hear a familar voice in the background of some high profile commercial and it will be OUR BB !!!

That is not Adam Lambert singing the song used in the commercial. His name is Chris Mann. Upcoming singer/songwriter You can visit his website at or his youtube channel at You can follow him on twitter at @IamChrisMann I hope you all can now relax! Smiling

To see what Chris Mann lookslike, just look at my avatar picture!

@sastenio: Thank-you for the definition of BSC. I have been asking everyone I know, including my 15yr old, looking it up on line. LOL Smiling BSC thats what I am. Laughing out loud

I think if OfficeMax is smart, they should "leak" who the singer is. If it IS Adam, then I could predict that they will have an unexpected surge in Back-To-School sales. We are BSC after all. Ewhh love the new word.

It really, really sounds like him. If it is, I would love to hear the whole song, if there is a whole song!

make some noise with OfficeMax
Lets get their attention.
Tweet your inquiry to
ask if it is Adam in their back to school commercial.


here is the corporate page for email info:

@HoustonWisewoman, would you mind putting the link in the OP? It keeps getting lost in the comments.

This is going to worry me too until I know the answer!

all the posters on YT think so too. To me it sounds like I CANT MAKE YOU LOVE ME and CRAZY that he did on NYE at Upright Cabaret before he started Idol. I just hope they are giving him royalties for the use of his voice.

I just found the vid on youtube. I lolled so hard as I watched the mom wave bye to her kid. It DOES sound like Adam! That's just random. I need someone to verify this or else it's going to keep bothering me now:)

Oh my goodness, it certainly sounds like bb!!

I love RCA mod's comment, "If so, how lucky is Office Max?" LMAO

Does anyone know if they have music like they have clip-art and stock photos where they could pull up songs and use them? I wonder if Adam recorded some things like this? If that is the case it will be hard to verify because OfficeMax wouldn't know who the artist is.

OMG! so i listened to the link with my eyes closed before reading the comments, and i really think it's Adam! Ok, now i want to hear the whole song! is there a link to the whole song somewhere? Smiling

Thanks So I listened to Brigadoon and the ad and now I'm confused! This is just the sort of thing that drives me crazy until I have an answer.

I dont know about the commercial, but the Brigadoon performance is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Havent listened to it in a long time, tears in my eyes. thank you for posting this

@cusegirl, BSC means "batsh!t crazy"!

lauriellen, I agree about "feeling" his voice. It does sound like something from a musical. I did searches on a number of lyric databases and couldn't find anything, so it seems like it is something obscure that was specially written for a specific musical performance. But if that is the case, I am wondering how it came to be that Office Max decided to use it. I doubt if it was created for Office Max, because the lyrics sound more like a love song, not that appropriate for a mom saying goodbye to a child going off to school.

I took me a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time to find the video.
(here it is if you had the same prob)
here's the song Adam sang from Brigadoon

I think they both sound A LOT alike, but I don't know for sure if that's actually Adam singing.
RCA, any help here??

BSC??? What does that mean?

The more I hear this the more I think it is Adam. I don't think it sounds like his Take One tracks, which are more subdued vocally than this, but it sounds much like a theatrical vocal when he has to project his voice more clearly; it reminds me of his performance of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, for example.

When he sings the line "I'll tell you that I love" in this clip, that's when I hear that unique sound of Adam the most. I am just frantic to know what song this is!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

Whether it's Adam or not, it says a LOT about Adam's impact that Office Max WANTS it to *sound* like Adam Lambert is singing in their commercial!!!

@lauriellen, it doesn't sound any more BSC than anything else I've read here today!!! LOL Evil (are you loving this smiley?)

I thought it was him after 2 notes. If you hear Adam on "Take One" or in "Brigadoon", Adam can sing many different styles and does accents really well. For me it isn't his phrasing or breathing that I recognize. I can "feel" his voice. If this is not Adam, then I want to know who the f(_)ck it is so I can go buy everything he has out. Does this sound to BSC? Evil

I would say no..I don't think it's him.

@2pugs, I felt that way when the clip from "Hair" was recently posted. At first I didn't think it was Adam, then after listening several times I wasn't sure. I'm STILL not sure whether it was him or not. Same with this one.

How can I not know after having listened to him sing virtually every day for over a year??????????????

I think the guy really really sounds like him, but to me it sounds like he has a bit of an accent, and he enunciates is words more, like a choral singer would. I don't think it's him.

Yikes..maybe my ears are hearing things but I don't think it's Adam.
I think the singer is meant to sound like Adam, but not the real thing.

So many of you think it is..maybe this fan (me!) has "bad" ears LOL..if it IS Adam, going to have to walk away with tail between legs MORTIFIED that I did not recognise Adam's voice!!! What punishment will be put on me for this! Evil

xxmusic: I did the same thing, it was showing on the WE channel over an hour ago. This is the first time I have sat through commercials to see it again to see if it was really him and then went away back to my work each time the movie came back on, lol.

It sounds like him!!
I remember i was on the computer and the commercial came on i was like ADAM? it really sounds like him!!!

I have to admit I totally dismissed that it would be Adam until I heard the commercial. It really sounds like him. It sounds like him in a play. I'm not sure which one. I looked through all the songs on Take One but not there and looked through some of his plays but can't find it.

Thanks, RCA Mod... I guess we're all wondering. We've got to find out! If so I will be buying some products from Offix Max. LOL!!! Smiling

@2pris, OMG that is such a beautiful song, would love to hear Adam sing it too, altho' I like TT's version. I loved Brokeback Mountain, saw it years ago when it was new. A beautiful story.

I have no idea. But, if lucky is Office Max?! Eye-wink

Still trying to put my finger on that song. I'm not sure if it's Adam.
Remember this one?


Lets get their attention.
Tweet your inquiry to
ask if it is Adam in their commercial.

Wow, that does sound like Adam. I'm wracking my brain to figure out what song that is!!! So far nothing. It must be either a song from a musical or maybe another unreleased demo track never heard before. Anyone recognize the lyrics?

RCA Mod, can you tell us?!

It sure sounds like him!

Thanks for the link @glittericious

Sounds like Adam in Brigadoon (the musical).

Who else can have such beautiful voice and breathing? Adam's voice is truly addictive. The more u listen to it, the more u discover its ultra-perfection! This man is a Godsent treat 4 our hungered ears and eyes and our bleeding hearts! His popularity will increase immensely with these media and ads.