Is Tommy gay or strait???:

Is Tommy gay or strait???

Ok so I thought Tommy was gay ,but I have heard from so of my glam friends that he is strait. Now I am totally concfussed!!!!! Help Me plzzzzz!

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Tommy looks georgous just sayen, but I believe that it is just an act because I have seen him in interviews and he likes girls he may be Bi but I don't think he is gay.

what I find funny is If you look at a lot of pics of Mr.Tommy before he was in Adams band, he looks very straight. But then he lost a few pounds, started wearing tighter clothes and chaged his hair style. Now he looks gay. I also think he sounds gay when he speaks. He also said in an interview that he has been into make up and clothes since he was a child, most gay men say things like this when they are adults. I would not be the least bit surprised if Tommy came out as Bi or Gay, but as of know I think Tommy 100% straight.

omg thats what im saying! but in another thread they yelled at me for saying that! they said it was all for show. i dont think so.

ok so every website and bio of him says that he's strait..and thats what he tells ppl...but my thinking is that he is secretly gay but isn't "coming out" yet b/c hes too scared too...but i think that he should bc i mean him and adam need to get togerhter and date already..its been long enough!!!! so he is strait (for now, at least)

Haha yupp, thats so true! Laughing out loud

@can't get enuf adam Tommy is definitely hiding something...

Tommy is straight, i was so suprised when I found out. Theres part of me that thinks hes hiding something...

Accutally I would like one of them to see us talken bout this so that maybe they could set us strait

Tommy always says he isn't gay but I think he might be on the fence cuz the way he is with adam on stage just screams gay. I'm super sorry if i'm wrong but thats what i think.

yup i keep thinking about that. (no offense to these people) some people have sick minds about Adam and Tommy. (and other people i guess) I mean, Adam is gorgeous! but people can go a little TOO far.

@KittyKat oh god that'd be awfully embarrassing and awkward...

im so confused! but then again what if he ever came on here and like saw this. how awkward would that be?

Tommy says hes straight but theres no way he is! he loves kissing adam too much! Laughing out loud <3 Adommy!! <3

I'm confused too,he seems really gay. I never like it when somebody turns out gay but because Adam is gay and I don't want him to be lonely so maybe it would be better if Tommy was gay but what I really want is for Adam not to be gay , I don't know it's really confusing.(I don't mean to offend any gays out there by saying I don't like it when some body turns out gay)

i Think of Tommy as Adam's boyfriend, But i Know he's Not, i Think tommy Has like A meter That makes Him gay At one Time and Straight at Another, BUT he's Not bi

I have heard adam and i think tommy both say that tommy is straight and i believe them...but i choose to ignore that knowledge and in my mind he's gay lol love them both Smiling

I watched an interview with Tommy about his clothes and he (i do not mean to be rude in ANY way at all, I really like both Adam and Tommy) didn't sound straight. I never have heard him talk until then sooooo... Im not sure and Im REALLY confused!

I ve just listened to an interview on youtube, in which Adam said, Thommy was strait.
It´s confusing because I can´t believe it. Sometimes it seems to me as there is love between both, when they kissed each other. Or how Thommy sometimes look at Adam before the going to kiss, this can´t be played, I think.
Maybe they aren´t a couple, but they have to have feelings for each other, it´s obvious, I think.

He's ADAMsexual!!!!

I think he´s gay or bi too. I can´t imagine that he kisses Adam only for show.
Is it sure that Tommy has a girlfriend? Also I wouldn´t want to be his girlfriend, when he kisses a boy, it doesn´t matter if it´s only a job.

In my opinion he is gay or bi. Whether and Adam are a couple or not I don´t know, but in my mind, they are one Eye-wink
But If they were a couple, they would be a sweet one Smiling

I am completely confused! I have heard how Tommy is Adam's boyfriend, Tommy only kisses Adam for show and that he is bi. I don't really understand? Is Tommy dating Adam? ????? Shocked

He's straight but he acts gay onstage. And he makes a rele awesome gay partner for adam. i know we all wish he was gay but unfortunatly he isnt

I think he is a straight sexual and gay outside

I love bot of themin any condition<3<3
@billie joe lamert im totally agree with you:))Laughing out loud

Um...I vote straight but Adam makes straight guys feel gay and it's called bi-curious. Adam himself said he (Adam not Tommy) is bi-curious so even people who are totally gay can be bi-curious, duh. And it doesn't matter much what his sexual orientation he is, no matter what he's still Tommy.

Um...I vote straight but Adam makes straight guys feel gay and it's called bi-curious. Adam himself said he (Adam not Tommy) is bi-curious so even people who are totally gay can be bi-curious, duh. And it doesn't matter much what his sexual orientation he is, no matter what he's still Tommy.

Eh, he might be straight! You never know. Not everyone who kisses the same sex is gay. He's probably just EXTREMELY open and accepting if he isn't bi/gay. Imma go with open and accepting because if I can't have Adam, I WANT TOMMY.

He's either just super closeted or bi.

ok fine i guess I believe yall now!

Tommy and Adam make such a cute couple, am I right? Yes I am, thank you! Haha, but TJR has a girlfriend. He posted her pic on his twitter. They r just rlly good friends. I've kissed my bestie b4 (We're both girls haha LOL.)

ummmmmmmmm when i look at tommy and hear his voice at the smae time my gay dar doesnt just go ding it goes GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY BBBBBEEEEEPPPPPBBBBEEEEEPPP

he says he's straight but i don't beieve it. i mean he kisses adam all the time. i think he must at least be bi i mean he doesn't seem to mind getting kissed by adam but then again who would??? (other than haters)

who wouldnt love to kiss adam, besides haters, but i still think they would like it...

He says he's straight and that he just kisses Adam for the entertainment of the audience (but I think he's lying Eye-wink )

im my opinion he is gay!!!Laughing out loud
but i think He should be Bi!!Shocked

He might not be completely gay but he isn't completely straight either, at least I don't think he is because if he was completely straight he couldn't be kissing another boy every day!

I agree, lol, Everyone says he's straight and I beleive them...but I think he could be gay for adam. Eye-wink hahahaha!

They say Tommy is straight, but I like to believe other wise Eye-wink LOL

Ok fine but he can't be completly strait he has to be bi but ok

YAY for glammy guys! theyre so purdy!

And the winner is: STRAIGHT. He just likes to get glammed up (:

Both Adam and Tommy have said that Tommy IS STRAIGHT! He's just sensitive and in-touch with his feminine side. Smiling

Tommy is as far as I know, straight. Adam said it in one of his tweets to someone last week so I believe him.

I think Tommy is strait. Laughing out loud

he's straight. look at the donors choose live chat thing and somewhre almost halfway through someone asks something about the band and he said tommy's straight.

I know it is very confusing. I mean how can you let ADAM LAMBERT kiss you on almost a daily basis and say that you are straight?!?!?
But if he says he's straight then i guess its true
(even though i don't beleive it for a second Sticking out tongue)

tommy is straight. or thats what they say anyways! i dont see how you could be straight with adam doing all those things to you everynight but so far tommy still says hes straight.