Adam iPhone Case:

Adam iPhone Case

i have a question about the iPhone case available on the online store that i was i hoping someone could help me with. does anyone know if the case would also fit the 32g iPod touch? i was thinking about getting it for a gift for someone but i dont want to get it if it doesnt fit the ipod as well. thanks Eye-wink

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maybe you could contact store directly and ask about this?

I guess I stand corrected, lol to be sure, take an Ipod touch with you and try it on?

oh cool! thanks you guys! @Christyh, so its not too big or too small, right?

I have an iPhone and, in Erie, looked at the case. I'm sure it would fit the iPod touch, except that it does have a hole for the camera lens that's part of the iPhone, and doesn't come with the iPod touch. Hope that helps!

I have an I Pod Touch- the cover fits fine

I have heard that the case does not fit the IPOD. the iphone is thicker than the ipod touch, so it does not fit.