Adam Pool Party Pics :

Adam Pool Party Pics

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thanks for this link and all the wonderful photos. So thrilled for all those who met Adam. Perhaps one day .....

She is so beautiful. She looked terrific all done up. A fan after his own heart. LOL Ah...he made her night. Thank you for posting this.

OMG!!!his smile rocked my world!!<3

Pics of Erica & Adam! Little did she know he was going to kiss her later!!!!!!!!

he looks so gorgeous Laughing out loud

thanks for sharing Smiling

omg! I loved the pic of the girl (Erica) in black leather w. studs and Eye of Horus tshirt with red hair...guess Adam did too cuz he planted a kiss w. tongue,on her tonite! wow! Lucky, lucky, lucky!! ;D

Lmao I am so relieved I am not the only one on here who was getting all excited about thinking I was going to see Adam topless with tight little swim trunks. But alas it was not to be BB still looks gorgeous though. I love the make up but sometimes it is good to see him without it

The necklace is a guitar hung neck-down. (subtle hint to bass guitar?)

All kinds of freckly yumminess! Laughing out loud

He's so cute, sweet and loveable. You r eally can see his freckles on his arms and some on his chest.

He's always so pleasant and hot looking. Definitely huggable. I wuv him so much. (sigh).

P.S. When I saw the word "pool", like cusegirl I got all excited over seeing sexy BB in his bathing suit.

Hmm, cute but looking tired, and all these women surrounding him. I really wonder how he feels about that. One of my favorite looks of his are the ones from the American Idol audition videos.

Awwww, the pics taken during the interview, without the full glam on, remind me of that young man from American Idol - you know the one. Smiling

He looks so cute but soooo tired....Sad

I swear he is an angel. Where does he get the inner resources to keep smiling and be so sweet with everyone who comes to meet him? He's so huggable!

I love that necklace, not sure what it is, reminds me of a bird skull. Would love to know what he was saying in the interview!

I like his shirt. His head is coming out of an opening in the skull.

Adam looks so gorgeous and happy! Smiling

@cusegirl I am not really sure the exact location. Taken today in Rhode Island I believe before the concert tonight. HeHe...I knew the title might be
@cookie I cant really tell what the necklace is.

Check out that interesting that a raven or a vulture?

Cool! Where were these pictures taken? How come no pictures of Adam in his bathing suit!! You had me all excited there for a minute! DARN..

I love his beautiful smile. And his ears.

I love his freckled arms. He looks so hot there! I love how he looks so at ease.