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Joe McElderry 2009's Britain's X Factor winner:

Joe McElderry 2009's Britain's X Factor winner

According to this Britain's news line, Adam wants to hook up with him. I don't know how true this is, but he is very clean cut, gay, and a really nice young man. He also has the voice of an angel. I'll bring some videos in. But first this one.

Here's a new one

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Joe is very young, born June 21 1991 = 19.
A very young looking version of Kris Allen. Too young for Adam.

;this should be moved to "off topic''

He is so cute. Something about him reminds me of David Archeleta.

Ohh Joe is so cute!

thanks for posting these links.....I had been meaning to research Joe but never got away from my Adamizing
He is really good and I wish him a great career

this is another case of media exaggeration, when interviewed someone asked adam about him cuz god forbid he doesnt have to discuss other gay ppl, so he said he saw his video and he was cute. again, probably in answer to a question he said something like oh yeah I would like to meet him

this became the new big "adam wants to do this guy" nonsense

dont beleive all this crap in the rags................

maybe the'll stop asking him about bill at least

When I searched Adam Lambert through Yahoo in huge print at the top it says "Adam Lambert Fancies A Teenage Boy!"....for what that is worth, just chiming in....

I think Joe's very good. He's cute and charismatic and seems comfortable on stage. I think that he has a great future ahead of him. He seems to be the type Adam likes, I can understand why he is interested in meeting Joe.

That's what I thought jamie. Smiling

From a distance, he reminds me a little of Kris Allen, but he is better looking.

This is what I imagined Adam's type to be....pretty, clean cut, and young.

Thanks SweetAdam.

Joe is a cutie with a good voice.

Oh yes --------- Joe Elderberry is cute beautiful face and he sang great too. I have a dought that he was gay and now Im not surprise he make his coming out...

He will now have his liberty and have the life he want...its good for him...

@Sweetadam. I thought this video was charming! He definitely has a nice voice and seems to have an endearing charm. Thanks for sharing!