Question: Does anyone know where/if I can get a life sized cardboard cutout of Adam? | The Official Adam Lambert Site

Question: Does anyone know where/if I can get a life sized cardboard cutout of Adam?:

Question: Does anyone know where/if I can get a life sized cardboard cutout of Adam?

My partner, Linda and I have been debating whether to have a blow out party for my 50th birthday in April or go to Key West (which we love). Given my health predicament I'm leaning towards the party. Just having a blast with family & friends. It would be an amazing memory to cherish. So, that said, I'd like Adam to be in attendance! I know that the chances of him attending are slim to none, so I want to get a life sized cutout of him (in all of his ultimate "hotness") so that I can have pictures of me and psuedo-Adam at my birthday celebration. I've looked on the internet and can't find anything. Any ideas???

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I think one of us should start a new business Eye-wink

Thanks everyone, for your thoughts. I will continue to look for my "faux Adam". I know that he is out there, and I will constantly watch & wait for him to come into my life. Seriously, I really want a cardboard cutout of Adam. This will make my birthday celebration complete. Brilliant!!! No one is better than those who grasp the truth and honesty of Adam. Love this man, love his music and more than anything else - love that he "gets" everyone. I simply love and respect him.

I think Kinkos does this..check it out. Also, check out Staples.

If you see a picture you like from @LightLoveAdam and write to her, she will probably let you get it printed ( for personal use only). Then, if you live in a reasonably large city, look up 'large format printers'. They may be under signage or graphics.

I got a great poster done for Adam to sign at my meet & Greet. It wasn't life size, but thats because I had to carry it, and I had a budget.

Here is the pic of the poster 3ft high:
(the closest I'll get to having Adam in my bed)


Check out your local office supply store. I checked at Staples because I was thinking of doing this for the State birthday party. I could have one full size of Adam sitting for about $65 but I would still have to mount it to foam board or some sort of backing myself.

You might also try searching the term Standups. I have seen Adam lifesized pillows advertised, that might be fun at the party. If you wanted Elvis at your party too, they sell a nice assortment of his standups on his website store. Hopefully Adam's store will sell these items someday.

Oooh....I'd like to just have one of those and never mind a party....I would feel like celebrating just having Adam with me for a cup of coffee! God, my husband would probably come home and find me making dinner or something for the cutout lol!

I got a cutout for my daughter when she was a young teenager and had it waiting by the xmas tree one xmas morning. It was "Legolas", the Lord of the Rings character played by Orlando Bloom who she had a huge crush on. It was so awesome, I put him by the tree and put a Santa hat on him. When my daughter got up in the morning too early and looked she thought it was some kind of scary "elf" hahaha.........he was an "elf", but not that kind! She ended up loving it was so cool, so lifelike and extremely handsome. Mmmm...Lord, I just don't know if I could think straight with having a "full size" Adam around....especially if he was wearing the zebra pants in the photo lol. I would need to be on severe blood pressure meds constantly and I usually have very low blood pressure!

Jude,i just googled celebrity cardboard cutouts,there r heaps of site which do that,good luck Smiling

@Jude18, have you tried a site that makes cutouts? I found several just by googling "life-size cutouts". Some of the sites are Party Standups, Life Size Custom Cutouts, and Movie Cutouts. If you have a favorite photo of Adam maybe you could get it made into a life-size cutout.

Hope that helps!!

no idea. usually stuff like that is at concert venues and record stores where the artist is featured. Good luck though, sounds like a great idea!