Adam in overalls cute is this!! Credit: Adam Lambert 24/7 | The Official Adam Lambert Site

Adam in overalls cute is this!! Credit: Adam Lambert 24/7:

Adam in overalls cute is this!! Credit: Adam Lambert 24/7

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They are both sooo cute! I love pictures of Adam as a kid.

*licks for lilly* LOOK AT THOSE EYES.!!!!. beautiful boys.

Awww this is adorable XD XD XD XD

Thank you for the picture! It's adorable! Yes, Adam has nice, fine hands. But look at his eyes: they are charged, ready to tell us the whole story.

That is a cute pic...Smiling

HA they both look exactly the same! Except for more glitter...and black hair...with a little nail polish for Adam.

Oh Amiga this is a beautiful picture of Adam and Neil at that age, Adam's eyes wow!!!!!!


It looks like Adam's face is sun-kissed, making more freckle appear. Nowdays he wears a hat in the sun, probably plasters himself with sunscreen and wears makeup.

Cute picture!

Bump for anyone who might not have seen this pic.

ADAM so beautiful and poised from the beginning! Plus we always
love Neil.

@ lilly Yes, South Africa was on the cards and seems a good posibility this next year.

Too too adorble, the brother's Lambert. Smiling

What happened so those freckles?He still has them on his body but not on his face..well except for those lips..He's always been beautiful .My first boyfriend had the same colors,I have a weak spot for strawberry blond men

Awwwwwwww! Adam and Neil sooooooooo cute .Thanks for posting My new background.

LMAO! How adorable Laughing out loud <333
even back then, his eyes were gorgeous 8D

@BARBLS.... I never heard that he was going to Korea, but did hear he might be going to South Africa.

Adam's face is so amazing in this picture. The shape of his face, his features and so love the freckles and hair. He was so adorable as well as good looking even at that age. The glimmer in his eyes are the same as today. The evolution has been gorgeous every step of the way. Neil is precious and love that he is smiling. Love when he smiles. I hope they stay close all their lives.

I was waiting to see if anyone knew why Neil was in South Korea. I thought that I read awhile back that Adam might do a concert in South Korea in the early part of 2011. Does anyone know if this is true? Or was it South Africa? Can't remember!!!

This so sooo adorable! Adam is already "posing" here, just like he does so naturally now Eye-wink
looove the matching red and blue oshkosh! And Adam's eyes and long fingers were stunning then, even as a little boy <3 And the ginger/blonde hair...

I say this picture is circa 1987? (ages 5 and 2 1/2)

So So Cute!!!!!

Adorable! How much cuter can these boys be? I wonder what Adam is doing now? Maybe he is picking out an outfit for New Year's Eve. I assume he is staying in L.A. I hope he surfaces soon - alot of withdrawal going on!

Awwwwww.... both boys are such cuties. It looks like Neil is trying to copy his big brother's pose.

Neil is about 2-3 years younger right?

What a cutie! He does look a bit like Opie in that picture and I mean that in the nicest way. How much younger is Neil?

Even had beautiful teeth and smile as a child. Oh, and of course those beautiful eyes!!! Yes, something special about those hands too.

@asiladam, that pic with Adam and his blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in the blue, and Neil with his dark hair and eyes dressed in the red is SO like many of my pics of my two youngest boys, who have about the same age difference. I always dressed the older one in blue because of his eyes and the younger one in red because of his coloring as well as his personality. This pic really brings me back to those days with my boys at that age. They are 19 and 21 now. Sad

DAMN spam filter is giving me no end of trouble!!!!


that is sooo cute! thanks for sending us something "new"

the hands instantly reminded me of Curt (Chris Colfer) from Glee Smiling lol anyone else see it?

No early signs of the Glambulge? Sorry. I thought all threads had to go that direction. LOL Evil

awww adorable! I've been saying that alot to old pics tonight... Neil did look like Neil you're right adamlee

Adorable! Neil looked really Neil at early age. Adam was cute but he has changed a lot!

That is too cute! I think that is the most adorable pic of the boys together that I have seen! Smiling

OK, everybody ready?
Say, Awwwwwwwwww

Thanks for posting @lilly Smiling

Oh KatieJ, I agree. I have the pic of his hands taken by Robin Roemer as my desktop background.

This adorable, thanks! Love how Leila knew to dress Adam in the blue (goes better w/ his hair color) and Neil in the red.

Oh, they are so adorable !!!

Yes, the hands! I've always thought his hands were beautiful. But seeing this pic, it's stunningly obvious that they have always been lovely.