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Does Adam smoke?:

Does Adam smoke?

I was wondering if Adam smokes. I have his calendar and the January picture is him smoking and i have seen a video of him at a concert and he blows smoke on Monte's guitar. So, does adam smoke?

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Not quite sure, he did drugs but i dont think he does smokes

He did drugs well at least he stopped doing that and I really hope he does not smoke cigarettes its just a scary thought living in a world without him. That just does not feel right.

I really hope not. Adam...You are too sexy for smoking or drugs. Don't let those things damage who you are or how beautiful you look. Stay strong & sexy adam. LUV YA FOREVER!!!

He used to do drugs, and he did used to smoke cigarettes, but I do know that he was smoking weed at that show (it was Amsterdam) where he blew smoke on Monte's guitar, BUT he was singing Purple Haze AND it was legal there (right? Oh God, RIGHT?!), so obviously he was doing it for the novelty. I do remember that he tweeted (assumedly for that shoot where he's smoking a cigarette) about how it was VAPORENE, no tobacco, and he seemed very adamant that we understood he wasn't actually smoking. I think he realizes it's bad for him. I don't think he's doing it right now, but if he were to start up again, we all are gonna start spamming the heck out of all his social media to get him off of whatever. I, luckily, do not think this will be necessary any time soon.

Well can't deny it, he looks sexy.

Yeah.. I Think he Really Smoke. Did you ever watch his show that he smoke? And the Cover of magazine??

I don't want him to but he does sometimes. The drugs were scary, but he's off those now. Let's hope it stays that way. It would be really horrible if he lost his voice, and I think I would die without him. I have successfully gained three more Adam followers these past two days and I've got another one on the hook. They said that if he falls apart, that we (us four) would get him a care package and an angry note telling him to get it together. But then at the end, or on the backside or whatever, we would automatically say that we are sorry and that we still love him.

PLEASE DON'T SMOKE ADAM! We glamberts love you just the way you are Smiling

I know he did drugs i hope he still doesn't and I hope he dosen't smoke either cause it nasty stuff and he'll ruin his voice. Personally I abosolutly hate everthing about smoking. Both of my parents smoke cigarettes and I hate the smell, the d@mn ashes that go everywhere, inhaling that smoke, I just hate it. Oh and I get to walk around smelling like ash tray even though I don't smoke, not fair. sorry end of rant/vent.

Ok, so a bunch of you guys are talking about Adam doing drugs. When he was smoking pot on stage, that was somewhere in eurpoe and its legel there. So that wasn't that bad. Also, he's admited to experieminting with drugs but I don't think he does them anymore. execpt for the odd occasion at a party or something. Another thing is, of a person dose drugs a lot there will be large swings in their personality. We don't see this in Adam. So I would say drugs are, for him most likely one of thoose things you do for fun every once in a blue moon. not enough to harm him.

As for ciggs, I know he DID smoke them. (sourse: An interview where he was asked about his first kiss. He said the girl he kissed also gave him his first cigg.) If he still does, I have no clue. Your guess is as good as mine.

Maybe try tweeting him? idk...

STAY HEALTHY!!! I love the lambert! Sticking out tongue Laughing out loud Smiling

Yeah Smiling Adam ca do anything. Hes an incredible man X)

something tells me he can get through it... Sticking out tongue

Yeah it's really scary and i hope Adam will be okay...

@black I didn't know he did drugs either until this post. It scares me a bit...

I really hope he doesn't, I didn't know he did drugs I'm really sad to hear that I just hope he isn't doing drugs now because it destroys the body's natural functions and I really don't want to see Adam being hurt in any way.

i hope he doesnt because i find smoking unattractive but he is too attractive for that even to knock the tiniest dent in the way i see him. he is the best no matter what.

I totally agree

i thought he did. but i dunno, maybe he did but doesnt now? and i hope he is DONE AND DUSTED WITH THE WHOLE DRUG THANG!

I seriously hope he doesn't and I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

Hm. If he does then I hope he takes good care of himself, cuz smoking can do some BAAAD things to you. Anyway, if he does, I still love him all the same! Laughing out loud

i agree

he did drugs someyears ago.. HOPE HE IS DONE WITH DRUGS, SERIOUSLY.

and i don' know if he smokes cigarrettes or not... many people smoke, i smoke too

but what is really important is that he is done with drugs (i hope)

hmmmmm... this makes me think.
well, I STILL LOVE HIM and always will.

i know he used to do drugs a while ago don't know about now...

All I know is that he smoked/did drugs a while a lonnnggg time ago.

The smoke you saw on Monte's guitar was when he was smoking weed at the Amsterdam show of Glam Nation. Just pointing taht out (:

I sure hope he is done with all that.

I sure hope he is done with all that.

I'm not quite sure, he did do drugs for a while a few years back, bt I think he's pretty much done with all of that.