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@Miachihu: "Gentlemen prefer blonds, Sauli Koskinen" A Q&A interview at Nyt-liite August 22, 2014. Transl. at Sauli Corner

Scroll up on the same article I just posted and you will find the transcript of a great interview with Sauli that was posted on August 8th.

@Miachihu: Sauli: "I enjoy my life as single." Article in Seiska, Aug 14, 2014. Transl. in Sauli Corner

Gorgeous pics. I hope we get a translation of the article.

@_coma_berenices: Sauli … ,;da0b163fb3995eff7fa5095a1d26ebe3

@_coma_berenices: more Sauli … source

@14gelly: I agree with your comment Adam, Sauli looks gorgeous Smiling

@14gelly: It's still so funny and cute to me that he follows a Sauli fan account Smiling

Scroll up to read more items that haven't been posted here before!

@tiiqqu: Sauli/BB-Extra IL interview "Pranks" Aug 8th transl at SauliCorner

Thanks @kaarin

@Miachihu: Sauli's new picblog August 7, 2014 "Yesterday's photoshoot" Transl. at Sauli Corner

‏@Miachihu 22h: Sauli's new picblog July 5, 2014 "Queen + Adam" Transl. at SauliCorner

@tiiqqu: Two new Sauli blogs June 18th "Ready for the Queen gig" & "Amazing gig" transl. at Sauli Corner

@tiiqqu: Sauli hosting the Big Brother Extra this fall, 3 articles - transl. at Sauli Corner

Sauli attended the Queen + Adam tour kick-off at the iHeart Theatre!

@Suebluern: Just met Sauli!!

Sauli was there with his cousin!

saulikoskinen IG: #cousins #kk #hats #queen #amazingnight

Yaaay for Sauli!!! So happy for him!

@larisaglam: IT'S TRUE. Sauli is the host of Finnish BB Extra this year!

@tiiqqu: Sauli's Hollywood blog June 4th "Griffith Observatory" transl. at Sauli Corner

Forgot to remove quotation mark at the end, so the link in my last post didn't go live. Here it is again!

@JustAFanAL: Aaaw!

Adam "liked" Sauli's Burning Man pic and posted a comment "Hahahahahaha what a night!!". Sadly, no details! Smiling

@JustAFanAL: Aaaw!"

@sizzling Sauli has other sources of income besides his blogs. I posted this earlier.

@HachiIsMyName: Sauli will be in this new Finnish TV show where the contestants have 1000€ and 24 hours to put up their own restaurant Smiling Airs Autumn 2014.

If he lives frugally, Sauli can probably manage to live as well on his earnings from these projects as do many people involved in the arts who live in LA.

@Miachihu: Aww Sauli... Sweet memories?

Sauli's caption: "Burning Man 2011"

Not sure how much money Sauli makes with his blogs, but if he can support himself with it while still enjoying a good amount of free time, he's landed himself quite a dream job!

@Miachihu: In case you missed it: Sauli's new picblog May 27, 2014 "Snakes" Transl. at Sauli Corner

@Miachihu: And in case you missed it: Another picblog from Sauli May 28, 2014 "BD dinner" Transl. at Sauli corner

@Miachihu: Sauli's new picblog May 21, 2014 "Griffith observtory" Transl. at Sauli Corner

I love reading Sauli's Blog and look at his pictures everyone posted. Thank you for this thread Smiling

Awww! What a lovely tribute to friendship!

@tiiqqu: Sauli's new Hollywood blog May 16th "A Dear Friend" transl. at Sauli Corner

Congratulations Sauli!!!

@HachiIsMyName: Sauli will be in this new Finnish TV show where the contestants have 1000€ and 24 hours to put up their own restaurant Smiling Airs Autumn 2014.

New IG pic! Hot ... in more ways than one! Smiling

saulikoskinen IG: #sun #la #90F Smiling

Cute pic of Sauli with Adam's BFF Danielle at her Candyland themed birthday party Saturday night. I'm happy to see that Sauli still remains close with Adam and his circle of friends.

saulikoskinen IG: #candyland #sweet @daniellestori

Sauli attended the party with his friend Johanna, the bodypaint & make-up artist!

saulikoskinen IG: #candyland #sweet #pink @pinksumakeup

@Miachihu: Sauli's new picblog May 10, 2014 "Vivienne Westwood" in Sauli Corner … (no transl. needed)

I agree with this tweeter! Sauli looks so cute and young in this pic. The new close haircut must have been for the silver bodypainting.

@citygirl36: Sauli looks like he's 12

Some new Sauli stuff!

Awesome pic!

saulikoskinen IG: #bodypaint #silver @pinksumakeup #teaser #comingsoon

@tiiqqu: Sauli's new Hollywood blog May 8th "Finnish Friends & Some dangerous animals" Sauli Corner

@14gelly: Sauli is wearing a jean vest very similar to Adam's #newtrend and he shaved his head! He looks very pretty

@Miachihu: Sauli's new picblog April 25, 2014 "New haircut" Transl. at Sauli Corner

@Miachihu: Sauli's new picblog April 23, 2014 "Additions to clothes closet" Transl. at Sauli Corner

Scroll up for another blog post from April 19th entitled "Chip n' Dale".

@kaarin Thanks for the updates.

Here are two more posts from Sauli! He's such a sweetheart!

Scroll down to April 16th & April 17th post is just below it.

‏@tiiqqu: Sauli's Hollywood blog Apr 16th "Royal Caribbean The Oasis of the Seas" transl. at Sauli Corner

"Royal Caribbean, thank you for this trip!! I can’t wait to get back there again! The best trip EVER! I recommend this experience to everybody!"

‏@tiiqqu: Sauli's Hollywood blog Apr 17th "The Caribbean Islands" transl at Sauli Corner

"Thank you Royal Caribbean! This was really the best prize for all the hard work during last autumn!!"

☆♥♪☼♫ rochelle ♫☼♪♥☆ ‏@IndigoPlanet · 2 t
Sauli surfing on board the Oasis Eye-wink … So cool, Sunshine!! @saulikoskinen1 <33

@tiiqqu: Two Sauli pic blogs Apr 9th "St.Maarten" & "Baie Orientale beach" transl. at Sauli Corner
and more new pictures of Sauli's IG

New photos of Sauli's IG ♥

I am wondering how Sauli will go on his daily runs while on this ship. Of course he'll have a gym available at least. That's a huge cruise ship and I personally am not a fan of cruises. Would rather be on a mainland and explore. I hope Sauli is enjoying this trip though. It's well earned for sure.

@kaarin That ship is enormous. I'm so envious.

We had spring blizzard last week - 40 cm of new snow was added to a couple of feet of old stuff still hanging around. Sigh! A cruise like this would be sooo awesome! However, I gotta save my $$$ for travel to Toronto and Montreal for the two Queen + AL concerts I have tickets for.

Priorities!!! Smiling

@kaarin Thanks for the update. I hope Sauli has a wonderful cruise!

@tiiqqu: Sauli's new pic blog Apr 5th "Oasis of the Seas" transl. at Sauli Corner
“@tiiqqu: Two Sauli pic blogs from Miami April 5th "Miami" and "Wynwood" transl. at Sauli Corner …”

@kaarin Thank you. Sauli looks gorgeous in the pics and vid. Every type of camera loves him! Smiling

@ ALfann: I have understood that it is advertisement when Easter is the "door". I look forward to what's stored in and when we see them, interesting Smiling

@kaarin Thanks for all the pics & the vid. Is the video of Sauli making cookies an advertising video or was it part of a cooking show?

Sauli baking gingerbread cookies ♥

@kaarin, I really enjoyed the pictures in Sauli's latest double Hollywood blog. Interesting to know that he was in a cooking and a fashion show in Finland. My favorite picture though: The last one posted that he describes as a "mystery picture from Stockholm" with an added winky face. I'm sure Sauli and Adam were just as entertained with the fan reactions following their instagram pics from Stockholm as we were excited seeing them. LOL.