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@kaarin Thanks for the updates.

Here are two more posts from Sauli! He's such a sweetheart!

Scroll down to April 16th & April 17th post is just below it.

‏@tiiqqu: Sauli's Hollywood blog Apr 16th "Royal Caribbean The Oasis of the Seas" transl. at Sauli Corner

"Royal Caribbean, thank you for this trip!! I can’t wait to get back there again! The best trip EVER! I recommend this experience to everybody!"

‏@tiiqqu: Sauli's Hollywood blog Apr 17th "The Caribbean Islands" transl at Sauli Corner

"Thank you Royal Caribbean! This was really the best prize for all the hard work during last autumn!!"

☆♥♪☼♫ rochelle ♫☼♪♥☆ ‏@IndigoPlanet · 2 t
Sauli surfing on board the Oasis Eye-wink … So cool, Sunshine!! @saulikoskinen1 <33

@tiiqqu: Two Sauli pic blogs Apr 9th "St.Maarten" & "Baie Orientale beach" transl. at Sauli Corner
and more new pictures of Sauli's IG

New photos of Sauli's IG ♥

I am wondering how Sauli will go on his daily runs while on this ship. Of course he'll have a gym available at least. That's a huge cruise ship and I personally am not a fan of cruises. Would rather be on a mainland and explore. I hope Sauli is enjoying this trip though. It's well earned for sure.

@kaarin That ship is enormous. I'm so envious.

We had spring blizzard last week - 40 cm of new snow was added to a couple of feet of old stuff still hanging around. Sigh! A cruise like this would be sooo awesome! However, I gotta save my $$$ for travel to Toronto and Montreal for the two Queen + AL concerts I have tickets for.

Priorities!!! Smiling

@kaarin Thanks for the update. I hope Sauli has a wonderful cruise!

@tiiqqu: Sauli's new pic blog Apr 5th "Oasis of the Seas" transl. at Sauli Corner
“@tiiqqu: Two Sauli pic blogs from Miami April 5th "Miami" and "Wynwood" transl. at Sauli Corner …”

@kaarin Thank you. Sauli looks gorgeous in the pics and vid. Every type of camera loves him! Smiling

@ ALfann: I have understood that it is advertisement when Easter is the "door". I look forward to what's stored in and when we see them, interesting Smiling

@kaarin Thanks for all the pics & the vid. Is the video of Sauli making cookies an advertising video or was it part of a cooking show?

Sauli baking gingerbread cookies ♥

@kaarin, I really enjoyed the pictures in Sauli's latest double Hollywood blog. Interesting to know that he was in a cooking and a fashion show in Finland. My favorite picture though: The last one posted that he describes as a "mystery picture from Stockholm" with an added winky face. I'm sure Sauli and Adam were just as entertained with the fan reactions following their instagram pics from Stockholm as we were excited seeing them. LOL.

@kaarin Thanks for all the updates. Love those body paint pics and Sauli looks cute in the bunny suit.


@adamlambert: Happy Birthday @saulikoskinen1 !!!

@tiiqqu: Sauli's new double Hollywood blog March 28th "News from Finland 1 & 2" Transl. at Sauli Corner

@kaarin What a sweet video! Happy Birthday, Sauli!!!

@tiiqqu: Aww, Sauli's back in LA already...?

Video congratulation for Sauli Koskinen
Sauli's IG = LA,

Another skating vid. Lookin' good, Sauli!!!

A new pic that includes Adam & Sauli together in Stockholm. Apparently the pic is stirring up some controversy within the fandoms ... are they or are they not? Smiling

Thanks, @kaarin. Looks like Sauli is back in Finland. I am happy for him and Adam that they were able to make time for each other this past weekend in Stockholm. Who knows what the future holds? And who knows if they wanted to give us a hint with those instagram pics or if they just wanted to tease us. At this point they probably know how invested the fandoms are.

@jessejane @sizzling I'm a hopeless romantic for Adam and Sauli too. The first amount quality time they spent alone together was a week in Paris immediately following the final GNT show. That week sparked enough fire for them to want more. Let's hope that old spark is still there and Stockholm rekindles the fire. Smiling

My romantic heart is in heavy flail mode. Can't help it. Adam and Sauli both look so handsome and sexy and they fit right in with the romantic backdrop. Who knows what will happen but a more private setting away from intruders may just provide that spark to fall for each other again.

Those pictures are definitely in the same place. They were there together. That makes me happy. I think it also gives me false hope. I'm still a little sad about their break-up. They seemed so good together.

Here's a copy of a post I just made on the main board. I gotta say, I'm really happy to know that Adam and Sauli are spending some quality time together. Hope springs eternal!!! Smiling

It appears that Adam may have been sightseeing in Stockholm yesterday, and not alone. Smiling You can see Sauli's reflection in Adam's glasses!

@adamlambert: Stockholm Syndrome

saulikoskinen IG:

@Virg1877: Sunshine in Stockholm

Of course the "shoppers" are having a field day! Smiling

@/essellsari: Boys Smiling

Sauli looks gorgeous in that pic. Personally, I hope his visit to Stockholm is a booty call. Smiling I'm still having a hard time squelching my hope for Adam & Sauli as a couple.

Here's the pic for anyone who can't see with IG:

Yes! I was hoping they would meet in Stockholm while both of them happen to be in Scandinavia.

VERRRRRRRY interesting that Adam and Sauli are both in Stokholm right now. Hmmmmm.

In honor of "Throwback Thursday" Sauli just posted this pic of himself as a little boy. Sooo cute and same gorgeous smile! Awwww!

@saulikoskinen1: TBT

@Miachihu: Three picblogs from Sauli March 18, 2014 "Winners", "DOI guys", "Meiju and Janne", transl. at Sauli Corner

@kaarin Thanks for all the pics. WOW! Sauli sure has a lot of gorgeous friends!

I didn't see it myself, but according to this tweet, Adam liked Sauli's skating IG vid.

@liveyoung82: hee, adam liked sauli's vid ofc lol

Sauli hasn't lost his touch on the ice. Smiling
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Miachihu ‏@Miachihu · 11 t
Two new pic blogs from Sauli, March 2, 2014:" Saturday night/Frozen" at Saui Corner… (no tranls. needed)

@kaarin Thanks so much for the awesome pics. Like @sizzling, I love the second last one of Sauli and Hercules. Such a beautiful photo. You can actually see and feel the love between them.

@sizzling When I saw Adam's tweet about being in Paris, I also immediately thought of Sauli. The last time Adam spent time in Paris was right at the beginning of their relationship and Sauli was with him.

Makes me feel kind of sad, actually. They were so much in love. The demands of the entertainment industry are very hard on relationships but I was so hoping that they would beat the odds. Sigh!

@kaarin, the second picture from the bottom (on sofa with his dog) is gorgeous. ... and so dreamy. Thanks so much for posting. I hadn't visited this thread for a while but thought of Sauli when I found out that Adam is in Paris right now. I didn't even know that Sauli is in Europe too. I am sure he's enjoying his time back home for a little while.