" I'll find my love @ the Arctic Circle" Prophetic?? :):

" I'll find my love @ the Arctic Circle" Prophetic?? :)

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@SweetAdam you put so eloquently into words what I feel about God/Jesus/higher power, plus I also have people in my family who are scientists for NASA and they have expressed the same thoughts that their belief in God was just reaffirmed by their scientific experiences.
I happen to have two people very close to me who are gay and they have been turned off of the concept of God because of the interpretations of fallible human beings who in a nutshell say "God hates them" so I am asking your permission to copy & paste a part of your post to help them not feel rebellious to the concept of universal love ie God/Jesus/higher power. Sometimes I think maybe I am not expressing my thoughts correctly to them and since I truly think your post is so spot on and I in turn want to use your words, plus I can say that others feel the same as I about the concept. Sometimes with the people close to me I think maybe I am like Charlie Brown's teacher and they hear wha wha wha Laughing out loud don't know how to translate the sound into words...............

I will get back to the actual subject of the OP when I get things done in my RW, just happened to see this because I open my browser with AO ~

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Finnish
Finnish form of SAULPRONOUNCED: SAWL (English) [key]
Meaning & History
From the Hebrew name שָׁאוּל (Sha'ul) which meant "asked for" or "prayed for". This was the name of the first king of Israel who ruled just before King David, as told in the Old Testament. Also, Saul was the original Hebrew name of Saint Paul.
Koskinen (COŞKUN)
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Turkish
Meaning & History
Means "enthusiastic" in Turkish
FULL circle moment

I saw this thread yesterday but didn't take the time to post.

Lilly I remembered this when I first heard about Sauli, but did not have link saved for it - thank you for your resourceful and sharing nature so we could all savor this again Smiling

Adam's familial background information gives much insight into the brilliance and beauty that runs deep in their gene pool. Remember Adam's remarks of the beautiful eyes everywhere there? We all know what beautiful eyes do to our hearts - imagine the connection he felt/like he'd come home to people just like him...

Tugs at my heart and my soul - sweet brilliant beautiful fierce gentle man *sigh

The man just blows my freakin' mind.....

@80s - Too, funny... "Sheets caught fire..." Hehe hehehehe Laughing out loud
I am so happy for him!! One thing I would love is if Adam did a side project with Nightwish; a Finnish goth alternative band. He would be near Sauli... Eye-wink

One thing I thought was interesting is that my great-grandfather had an uncle who stayed in Trondhiem, Norway because he was married already and had 5 children and one of his sons was a professor at the university there. I don't think they are the same person, it is just a small world to have a similar story to tell.

Serendipitous is correct...

@80s Sheets caught fire...bwahahahahaha

It must have been one hell of a connection when they first met in that club after the Helsinki show -Adam probably felt like he'd been hit by lightning. I'm not surprised that they hooked up that night (if they in fact did), but it REALLY says something that the night went so well that they agreed to meet when the tour was over in Paris..and that THAT obviously went so well that Sauli flew halfway round the world to be here for Adam's birthday. That ain't a casual relationship.

The sheets probably freaking caught fire the first time. *cough*

I gotta go lie down. So happy for our man, hoping it all works out...

Well, perhaps he made it happen by releasing the thought into the universe, but I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that the boy's a little prescient, too. Either way, I agree that the fact that he's being so open about this relationship means that, whether he's "in love" or not, it's a relationship not just a good f*ck. (Although, I imagine it's that, as well! Laughing out loud )

I yet again learned something new about Adam
he has Scandinavian roots ( which explains his Viking god presence )
his grandpa is a prof of physics ( explaining Adam's high intelligence )
and the Northern Lights touch at the end of clip made me smile

May good fortune shine on Adam and Sauli
whether it's love or friendship or both

I absolutely love listening to these interviews!
Adam so sang his heart out during CIGC
So glad I was one of the 30 million to tune in to AI~
'Freedom of Expression', 'Mind over matter'~
Where's the calendar?!
Such intelligence in his genes~a professor of physics!
Finding love in the Northern Lights~
Adam is a dream come true!

thanks for remembering this, lilly...I had forgotten until reading your post. Really loved this interview, and that it was exactly a year ago and now he has a boyfriend from Finland...who woulda thought! Really tickles me Smiling

@Glam....my thoughts too. <3
@Comfortably......thank you <3..... my thought is - hookups we have/will never hear about.....relationships we will. That's why Sauli is causing such a positive 'stir'. I'm happy for them....for how ever long it lasts.
As @Glam said....I don't think it's shallow.

Edit....@August..... your humor was never lost on me Eye-wink <3

And Sauli is probably on his way back to Finland right now. Sad

Thank you, girls. Sexual humor certainly goes along with Adam's Universal draws. Of course then, also remember, Adam did recently say openly..."I have my needs, you know." YES, we do know! His glambulge shows us very clearly. *L*

For a bit of seriousness now, I believe in the energy of God (the Universe), the energy of which we are all a part of and possess, though most of us ramble through life unconsciously. I certainly believe Adam (as clearly an Indigo) has an obvious strong pull and connection to that energy which we all possess. Adam simply has shown the ability to draw it into his presence majorily....afterall, look at his 'Clean Water' donation campaign. It's a mighty clear indication. Smiling And, of course, Adam's drawn Sauli into his energy Universe connection as well. Adam's well of attraction runs deep. Poor Sauli lad, he hadn't a chance! *L*

@Tracy; well said. That's something a lot of us can relate to, I'm sure Smiling. You're right -- Adam's far too complex/deep/intelligent and requires way more than just the physical stuff in a relationship.

But I also get a certain vibe from Adam about how he approaches/meets any guy -- whether for a relationship or hookup. Eye-wink

Wow. I have never listened to this interview, but I am having goosebumps now. There must be something about putting positive thoughts out into the universe.

Tracy, I think you're right. If that's all it was I don't think Adam would be parading him around like he is. The looks tell me there's at least a connection there even if it isn't the forever kind. In other words it isn't shallow.

@August....I think it's both.
I stayed with a man far too long cause I thought he was the best f***.......and that no one could compare.
But when I finally let 'that' go and put my faith in the universe that I deserved better or no one at all.........and by that point I was okay with 'no one at all'....I met my perfect match in every possible way (insert eye wink).
Who knows where Adam's relationship will go.......but me thinks it's more than just a good f***..........that's too simplistic for our guy. Eye-wink
(was that too much info about me?? lol)

@August: LMAO, I'd say the latter...that boy's got some predatory eyes! If it's one thing about Adam I'd never debate (aside from that voice!), it's his sexual prowess Eye-wink.

I distinctly remember Adam saying more than once that one of his biggest desires is to "be in love". I hope he's found that in Sauli! So many times in interviews you could sense some loneliness from him. Now in every picture I see of him, he absolutely GLOWS! Laughing out loud

Adam's newest boyfriend is Finnish. Is that a Viking co-inkydink, or knowing a good f*ck when you see it?

@catluver ... Oh I know Adam believes it ... I've read far too many quotes from him that point directly to his spirituality and how he interprets the powers of the Universe. Adam is a believer "fo sho" ... Eye-wink

There is probaby truth to that! I think Adam very much believes that too. The universe is a powerful thing!

@catluver ... it's not so much that Adam 'knew' ... it's more of a desire that you set out to the Universe, and in Adam's case, he did it in song, probably not even realizing his vision. But, the vision was put out there and the Universe responded. That's why it's very important that we be careful what we think because our thoughts create perception and that perception creates reality.

So, in Adam's case, he envisioned positive thoughts for his future, he put those thoughts out there and the Universe responded to his wishes/desires.

Conversely, if you think negative thoughts, that, also, goes out to the Universe and the Universe will respond in kind to those thoughts.

catlover, LOL love your note to self! Smiling

That IS weird though, Isn't it? I think he can see the future or something! "Pop Goes the Camera" was the same way. Pretty much exactly what really happened "Look at me, Look at me in a magazine!" (Cover of "Rolling Stone" anyone?). Yes, note to self - Glittery Aliens from Planet Fierce are in fact Psychic.

i saved the quote:

Spoken during Norwegian interview March 2010

"I will find my Viking. He'll ride in on a ship. I will find my love at the Arctic Circle...in the Northern Lights."

Actually (and I just learned something), his statement encompasses a wide berth:

From wikipedia:

The land on the Arctic Circle is divided among eight countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States (i.e. Alaska), Canada, Denmark (i.e. Greenland), and Iceland (where it passes through the small offshore island of Grímsey).

The serendipity of this is that I'd guess that Adam made this comment 'off the cuff' and that's exactly when 'it' happens. When you release a thought to the Universe and then just let it go ... the Universe will respond. I can't tell you how many times it has happened to me.

If I wasn't a 'believer', I'd say this is amazing ... but I am a believer so I know these serendipitous events happen ...

oohh, Finland is near (or in) the Arctic Circle region?! How ironic--Adam's good at projecting things in the future Eye-wink

Oh wow, I had totally forgotten that!

Adam gets his Viking!

I had forgotten that interview! Wow, he's eerie sometimes isn't he? LOL Thanks lilly!