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Elvis Presley and Adam Lambert

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are just SPOOKY!!! (in a good way). I swear I thought Adam's pic was Elvis.

Another striking resemblance is when Elvis appeared on the Frank Sinatra show, and Adam when he appeared on the cover of Out Magazine. They both wore a tux, Elvis was 25 then, with shorter sideburn because he had just gotten out of the army. His used his hands and arms a lot so he would't get censored for hip action.

Ringo Starr wears a t-shirt with a pic of Elvis peaking out that looks almost interchangeable with Adam.

Posted in one of the other Adam/Elvis threads, but here it is again...


There are currently 2 threads on the front page about the Adam/Elvis connection. Has anyone noticed that we're approaching the anniversary date (Aug. 16th, yes it's burned in my brain) of Elvis's death? Last time there was an active thread going it was either around Elvis's birthdate (Jan. 8th) or last year in August. Just seems like a strange coincidence to me.

I see Adam much more similar to Elvis than to MJ. Adam and Elvis are movers,not dancers,they are both entertainers in a very Las Vegas way. They got that intense stage charisma. Elvis would hide behind trucks to apply make up. Yet make up or not women find them incredibly hot. Hot in a very Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing way if you know what I mean. Adam has something retro in his look. He would have been great in Grease. There's something classic about his looks,something pretty boy next door reassuring smile but can switch into sexy rockstar any moment. Elvis had that too.

Honestly, I first thought the resemblance was based more on the hair style and coloring, with some minor facial similarities, but then my mind was amazed.

(I think this photo has been included somewhere in the other photo links below)

This was a photoshop I made in April of 09 (although some argue with me that I DID NOT make it - I happen to know that I DID!)

when I was creating the side by sides, I try to make their heads the same size. The triple, blended pic happened by accident.To check the size of the heads I made one of the pics transparent and placed it over the other to compare size. I about fell out of my chair when the nose and lips profile matched perfectly (A triple OMG moment). I use Photoshop, but NO MAGIC here, the two 100% pics are totally NOT ALTERED in any way except size.


Generally, if you were to see Adam walking down the street, I'm not sure Elvis would be the first thing you think of - when he is 'out of character' performance wise - I think his Adam-ness is stronger.

Here are some others Adam/ELvis pics that I put together back in April 09:

(yeah, I know - I have posted this before, but since the subject keeps coming up.....why not?)

I can totally see Elvis coming back as a fabulous gay singer shaking up the world for a second time. And he worked on the body roll in between lifetimes!

@A-E, that's a good one. I think the semi-profile angle is where the resemblance is most striking.

I remember somewhere I saw a photo--sadly can't remember which one--and I wasn't sure if it was Adam or if it was Elvis. That felt sort of weird!


Here are the pair of pictures that always struck me, I call them cosmic twins.

How many times have we talked about the Adam/Elvis connection here? heh

@Yummy, I'm pretty sure in that link you posted that the one on the left has E.'s head photoshopped on the body of an impersonator. I'm not sure about the one on the right.

In all honesty, I don't think Adam looks THAT much like Elvis if you examine their facial features. But similar build, yes, same height, hair color, generally similar facial dimensions. On stage charisma, yes. And it is sort of freaky that they're both blondes (paternal genetic inheritance) with dyed black hair (mom's natural color) and were both born in January. Both had/have one male sibling. Both have perfect pitch. But what does that mean? Puzzled I could also point out that Elvis's first grandchild's name is Danielle, and Adam's BFF's name is Danielle. Does that mean anything? I doubt it!!

They're both phenomenal entertainers. That's what's important!!

Wow, all of those comparisons and none of them is the one I have on my computer - I'll share it tonight when I get home.

Same talent, same charisma, same...looks! Both unique, amazing artists. Yes, they definitly are look alike!Smiling

Haven't checked out any of the pics on this thread, but my mom was a lifelong Elvis fan, so I saw a LOT of him. He also had a blue and even a red jumpsuit, but the white was definitely his most often worn, and my personal fave.

I think Elvis and Adam are very similar in performance style. Elvis, just like Adam, would do something sexy on stage then turn on that "boy next door" smile, as if surprised at the reaction it got.

As far as looks, IMO, if you look at certain pics side by side, the biggest difference is the eyes. Elvis had eyes that were a bit more deep set. Other than that, I think they look VERY much alike...right down to both of them dying their hair black.

Elvis had black jumpsuits:

Sorry @asiladam - no leather.

Somewhere on my home computer I have side by side pictures of Adam and Elvis. Adam's was taken the day he appeared on the CBS Morning Show after GMA cancelled him. The Elvis picture is a similar look, in profile, where you can really see the similarities especially hair, lips and nose. Their powerful sexuality on stage and the way people thought each needed to be censored for it publically, are also similar.
My hope is that Adam - compared to so many icons like Elvis, MJ, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury - breaks the pattern and lives a very, very long and successful, happy life.

At the risk of showing my age, I am old enough to have lived through the "Elvis" craze-I saw the "68 Comeback Special" live, and in the show Elvis was sexy enough to make a girl swoon. I have that concert on dvd and still watch it and melt. I do see some similarieties between Adam and Elvis, both super talented, both dramatic in appearance. both very sensual men. However, there are many diffferances, I think Elvis was a very troubled soul, did not have the family support Adam obviously has had. I think Elvis turned to drug usage, which was ultimately his downfall, to run away from issues he just could not face. Adam seems to have the strength and courage to face all obstacles he encounters head on and conquer them. I have confidence that we will not see the tragic end to Adam's amazing stardom that we did with Elvis.

picture could be with outfit he wore on his 1968 television comeback I believe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdSoRrTD9BQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDjvF7ZJQS4&NR=1 He didn't always wear jumpsuits...lol

@asiladam The color that Elvis wore most of the time was white. At least that's what he wore in Vegas. I don't ever remember seeing him in a black jumpsuit.

@agayfan - Unless it was an all black leather jumpsuit. Did Elvis have one of those?

But don't you think it would be a great Halloween costume? Laughing out loud

One thing is for sure - I *never* want to see Adam in an Elvis Jump Suit. Ewww. Smiling

I also think that they look alike...in a way Smiling