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Billboard 100 - BTIKM debuts at #76:

Billboard 100 - BTIKM debuts at #76

"Adam Lambert's "Better Than I Know Myself" bows at #76. It's the first single from Lambert's second studio album, Trespassing, which is due March 20. "Whataya Want From Me," the biggest hit from Lambert's first studio album, reached #10 in May 2010."

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@sastenio .... I thought exactly the same as you and I'm as confused as you are! Eye-wink

Why is the add on date 1/30. Why so late??? Just trying to understand it all

So confusing. I didn't think it would be officially charted until the "add date" of Jan. 30th when it goes into official rotation on radio.

Ugh! Meant to write "non" contributor.... dang edit button, grumble grumble....

@Mad - Actually #76 is really good for this sort of roll out, I would think. A lot of Billboard chart rank is based on radio play and we know that was a on-contributor here, so his sales must have been quite good. Especially if this charted higher than FYE it's first week (and that was immediately post idol with all the massive hype). Kind of hard to compare to his other singles since those were released after the album had come out.

Poo!!! I say do over!! The song is magnifique! Adam's voice, the lyrics, it's brilliant. I love it....<3333

Does anyone have a link to the actual chart?

I know it's going to be BIG ....

Can't wait for the promo and radio adds ....


That's okay -- wait till the airplay starts and Adam starts promoting. He charted on itunes without "any" promo. So, I think it looks like it is going to be big.

Maybe it will show up for next week? Because the article says "Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" leaps from #13 to #7 on the Hot 100" If you look at the current chart it is #13 with peak at #13. If the peak was #7 it would have shown on that. I guess we will see on Thursday.

Regardless of the week - wahoo !!!

I think these stats were for last week, the week ending on Christmas, not the current week, but I could be wrong? Would expect the chart position to decline now that the sales have diminished on iTunes etc after the initial surge. Won't be able to climb the charts for real until we get radio play and casual buyers in the game.

The Lambert Lover

I'm not sure but I am trying to remember, doesn't the Billboard charts come out on Thurs? I really have to get back in the mix it's been a while for me, following all of the charts. Smiling

this shouldn't even be 'fair' considering that practically no airplay has been given the song yet and no real promo or radio adds.

I want a "Do Over!" Sad

I just went onto Billboard and I cannot find it anywhere. In fact when I search for the song by title, other ones come up by other artists. Does anyone have a link which actually shows his song as #76?

This is interesting I saw on Twitter

looking over Adam's past hot100 debut numbers and tfm debuted at 50, fye at 84, wwfm at 72, and iihy at 94.

Hey, pretty good start without any big promo, and no real radio play yet!