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Where is Adam Lambert 24/7??:

Where is Adam Lambert 24/7??


That site is like my BLOOD SUPPLY. Please tell me that's not real.

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How have I missed this page all my life???... O.O ...just found a new addiction... Lol Sticking out tongue

speaking of it's back, i had the same google problem as @fc and bonbon -- and now AO is back Smiling

Phew, I was worried! I go there to get quick updates all the time.



It's back. I was terrified for a minute there.

@Glam thanks, but I see Bon Bon is having the same problem. AO is not even on the first page if you type in Adam Lambert on google for me. It used to be right below news. Now I get news and then wikipedia, and then a listening party from uk.adam official or something like that. It's crazy, but I guess I'm glad it's not happening to everyone.

fiercelycaroline, I just googled Adam Lambert and AO was the first site listed.

Okay so it was deleted accidently. I hope they can get it back up.

Sad. So sad. I love that place. I go there several times a day. They always had the most up to date pics and vids. I love that place. What happened?.Sad

Yes @fiercelycaroline!!!


This is a little unrelated by freaked me out just the same. Please tell me if it's just me or others too. This site no longer comes up on google. for me. Adam Official just disappeared from regular google (not things that remember your history like Bing) and I have to go to my bookmarks. What is that?? It's been 2-3 days like this already!

Yeah! I just discovered the same think on AdamBertDaily. It was a mistaken delete. Let's HOPE it's on its way back. Lots of good friends there!

Adam 24/7 was accidentally deleted and they are working at trying to restore it. I got this info over at AdamBertDaily Blog. I check out 24/7 every day and sure hope it comes back.

Oh wow - I thought it was my computer! This is not good news at all.
We are going to have to really step it up here!
I've always wondered why this site isn't like 24/7?
They always had things first and will be missed!

This doesn't look good at all, used to go there everyday as well, sometimes they got tweets and pictures etc up before anybody else.
The trolls were horrendous though.

I went to the cached version but it's static. Not an interactive version. DAMN!

I thought it was my laptop screwing up...couldn't imagine it would just go away. Legal issues?

What's happened? I can't believe they would delete the blog site without warning. So many of we fans go there daily as part of our AL activity as well as AO. We have regular posters that we enjoy there. If anyone finds out what happened and why please post it here. I would really appreciate it Sad((


OMG! What happened? I go there EVERY DAY as part of my AFL rounds to make sure that I'm not missing anything.

Maybe it's a glitch. I don't think the operators would just drop the site without any notice.

You can still see if you google it and then click on the cached version. That last posts were made yesterday.

I came here to find out the same thing. That site is my lifeblood, too. If anyone gets more info, please post it here.

Cupcakes and yummy, I just posted here, but something happened and I don't think it worked. I too can't access 24/7. Can't imagine what happened. I accessed it on another computer in my home but when I clicked on a comment link, it took me out of the internet completely. I don't want to lose that site!!!!! Somebody help, please.

It's been deleted. Sad