Looks like Adam may have a new Musical Director - Brian London UPDATED: ADAM MAKES IT OFFICIAL:

Looks like Adam may have a new Musical Director - Brian London UPDATED: ADAM MAKES IT OFFICIAL

UPDATED April 6: I started this thread Monday, and Adam has now confirmed that indeed Brian Is his new Musical Director but adds "on Keys" to the title:

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert
ladies and gents please meet my insanely talented new Musical Director on Keys @brianlondon

Retweeted by Adam:
Brian London ‏ @brianlondon
What's up guys! Nice meeting you all! @adamlambert and I are going to create an EPIC show!!!! Get ready for it!

Previous thread read:
According to these tweets by Brian London, he is new Music Director for Adam. https://twitter.com/#!/brianlondon http://tinyurl.com/7m5xnqn
His Twitter Resume: Music Director for Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, Jason Derulo, John West, Andy Grammer, Iyaz. Keyboards for Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cee-Lo, Travie Mckoy, B.o.B

Monday Tweets by‏ Brian London @brianlondon
Had rehearsal with @adamlambert yesterday. Brewing up something NEW and FRESH. You're gonna wanna see this. Trust me. #myword

@Shining_Adam everything is NEW!

@4evrmomof4 ALL OF IT!

Barbara ‏ @barbls23
@brianlondon Are you the new musical director for Adam? You have some resume!!

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon
@barbls23 I am.

Updated: (23 minutes after the above tweets)
Linda Ladden ‏ @4evrmomof4
@brianlondon Did Kevin H connect you and Adam?I see you worked w Kevin for Rihanna http://www.korg.co.uk/artists/BrianLondon.asp

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon
@4evrmomof4 no, I connected Kevin with Adam. Everyone is great!

Looks like Pressparty jumped all over those tweets right away...lol: http://www.pressparty.com/pg/newsdesk/adamlambert/view/44047/?isworld=y (thanks @sizzling)

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@disco and @sizzling Eye-wink

@sizzling LOL better send another tweet

@vamosamy, really??? I had no idea because many "top artists" out there today sound actually really crappy when they perform live, and Adam has been an exception so far!

Btw, I really enjoyed acoustic "Trespassing" but what I am really craving now is a heavy beat to this song!!! I sent Brian an enthusiastic tweet last night. Unfortunately, I forgot to remind him what a big responsibility(!) he has on his hands...

Monday when it airs on the LOGO channel will show how good Trespassing was performed. From what I have seen and heard on the 2 vids, Adam's vocals were outstanding.
The only thing that irks me is that the confetti was shot out out too soon. Confetti was awesome, but, they should of waited another 30 secs.
It would be great if they announced this as the next single, then the show airs and ITUNES explodes.
We need the new single announced.

@vamo always look forward to your uplifting, cheery posts.

Loved Trespassing even more "acoustic" so I can't tell if his contribution had an impact on Adam's music last night but Mr.London has a huge responsibility. How you present the music live has a big effect on sales and this is a wildly competitive business. Every song, every detail must sound live even better than on the cd. Perfection is the rule from now on. Adam is out there not just for us this time but to also gain a new international audience. To get to the level Adam wants to get and deserves to get, it's war. Tough competition against himself, what he's done in the past and the rest of the big names out there.

I was very impressed by the whole NNN performance. Now that Adam is about (hopefully) to break through bigtime as a mainstream artist, he needs high class musicians around him to present and perform the songs as well as possible.
IMO the performance on NNN was truly worthy of an elite superstar, and the gospel background singers was an awesome addition to the song and presentation. There was an extra element of energy and musicality to this performance IMO. And the singing.....wow..just wow.. Smiling

I was a bit nervous about Trespassing as a song, because I never heard any bridge in the online samples, and it made me very happy to hear that Adam actually put that in there. In a song like this where you have a ostinato that repeats again and again it's very important to have a contrasting element (e.g. a bridge with different chord changes) during the song.
The only thing I'm hoping for now is that the mastering of the album isn't too loud, and as such no digital distortion have been introduced. Adams music is more eh..musical..that most pop acts out there, so he would do it a disservice by giving it a too aggressive sound mastering.

Brian London did an amazing job with The NNN Trespassing.I hope he is around for a long while.
I also love the back up singers.They were amazing and really helped change the sound from having a rock edge to this new totally Adam sound.
I don't know how the ladies would be used in Cuckoo on AI but I sure hope I get a chance to find out.

@shelby yes, if you check the videos from NNN last night you will see that Brian is now on keys and Ashley is still on bass guitar Eye-wink Kevin used to play keys and was acting as Musical Director, and we do know that Brian actually connected Kevin with Adam for promotional performances....Kevin and Brian worked together before (Rihanna), so although we don't know for sure what the details are surrounding all of this, it may be that Brian was not available during promotions so Kevin took it on during promotions, but now that Adam is doing live stage performances with the band, Brian has taken over as the Musical Director....

Anyone have more specific info on this?

@BLPS my guess would be he does one client at a time...one tour at a time, etc.

yea i'm confused to. how does this dude do musical directing for so many big names & how does he manage to play keys for the biggest names in the business?? that is one serious monopoly!

I'm a little confused...where is Kevin? Who is playing what?
Is the girl still there? (I wasn't really feeling her)

Updated as Adam as now made it official....

double post

It is not unusual to change MD when the direction of artist's musicality changes.
Like each songs are directed by different producers with in one album. Each Music Video, each Tour they will employee the most suited directors for the job.

I won't be surprised if Brian is only working for next few month for specific project only. As you can see (from Brian's resume) they do hop around artist to artist.
If they are good, demands are high!

@shelnick and TLKC have all the facts in the right order and assess things perfectly Eye-wink I like that Adam has come so far that he's getting the very best...yes, Kevin and Brian work well together and since Brian originally connected Kevin to Adam, plans for this may have been discussed some time ago....all of this is great news and good to hear they are working hard on live performances.....like everyone, I can't wait to see Adam perform his next single on Idol! Smiling

@TLKC - Not dumb trivia at all. Inquiring minds want to know, as we should. Smiling

Zac from Korn was Adam's Music Director for the FYE promo period. He played keyboards for a brief time when Lisa from "Smashing Pumpkins", Adam's first keyboardist, left to tour with Kesha. He also did the arranging and backing tracks for Adam's live performances (which I believe were used on the FYE tour as well.) Monte became the actual tour music director when Zac left to tour with Korn. Dougie (-sauris?) did all the transporting and set-up.

Zac, Kevin and Brian all play keyboards so that must be good background/training for a music direcor.

Man, I retain a lot of dumb trivia in my head.

pugs - pugs - pugs
Don't worry - we/Adam may change a lot of things in life but who would swap out your best friend? Nobody.

what happened to the other dude?

Those are some credits. Laughing out loud This guy really knows what he's doing. I think Adam's gotten an upgrade... Smiling

I haven't read anything yet that says Kevin has left only that Brian is the new MD. According to his bio he was secondary to Kevin on the Rihanna tour in 2010. Maybe they are going to be both involved and maybe Brian is only for the two tv performances. I know one thing, the band needs to be stronger with possibly more instruments. As much as I love Adam's voice I am ready for a more theatrical type of performance and not more acoustic. I guess after 30 days of acoustic I am ready for Adam to belt it out with the background sound that will make his voice stand out.

@lauriellen Adam just said in one of his recent interviews that the date for cd is fixed and that it is "in the can" so I do not see any reason to think it is going to be delayed. I just think the live performances will be something new and fresh and not the actual music that is already recorded and done.

Zac was on keyboards for a short time in the beginning before he left to go back to Korn and Doug seems to ring a bell which I thought had something to do with lighting or stage or something like that. I guess after 3 years everything starts to be a blur....lol

All I care about is Adam having the very best talent at his disposal at all times, and it looks like that's exactly what he's working towards.

I am absolutely beside myself waiting for the Idol performance. Dish network doesn't carry logo any more. :=(

YES! Zac! I always forget his name! He was the MD for a time. I liked him and wanted to stay with Adam, but, whataya going to do?

Yes,Zac was from Korn. I think Doug had something to do with Adam in the beginning. The video chat with Tommy,Monte and Doug is no longer available.

Well, I thought it was Doug from KoRn but maybe it was this Zac...

That Doug fellow from KORN who played keyboards WAS Adam's MD and helped Adam tremendously with the acoustic arrangements from FYE. I guess when he left was the time that Monte became the MD. Since Adam is a solo artist, I guess we have to expect these changes. But , please, don't let sweet Tommy leave! Smiling


This old thread has the info on the band members and musical/program directors:


@Asil- I don't remember Doug and if he played keyboards it doesn't make him the Musical Director. Either way, I am anxious to see the NNN and AI performances.

@sizzling...that's what i saw, as well, they are working on AI performance and NewNowNext...certainly can't fault the man's resume Smiling

@Lauriellen - Remember Doug (was that his name?) The blond dude who played piano?

@pugs - your worrying makes me worry just a tad. Never knew you to worry especially when we all know that your Master is the master of change.

Well he didn't say we'd "hear" something new and fresh, he said we'd "see" it. Always thought Kevin was just director during the promotional tour. I don't think it indicates "trouble" just progress. We'll see!

Well he didn't say we'd "hear" something new and fresh, he said we'd "see" it. Always thought Kevin was just director during the promotional tour. I don't think it indicates "trouble" just progress. We'll see!

@ALfan- How is this MD#4? It was Monte, Kevin and now Brian or did I miss something?

With Adam being such a perfectionist (control freak in a good way) perhaps it is hard to be in that position. With Monte, they had worked together for years. Many things seem to have a connection with Katy Perry, including Adam's management.

It;s interesting that the album isn't even out yet and he's trying something new and fresh. I pray this doesn't delay the album again.

I'm also going to take this as a good sign. I hope the move is in preparation for the live appearances that will support Trespassing when it is released.

It certainly sounds good that a guy who works with such TOP artists will now be working as MD with Adam. This shows that Adam is getting respect from those at the top of the music industry. I'm not saying Kevin isn't good. Not at all. But Brian London sounds like he will really help Adam push the envelope in a good, profitable way. Seems like people in the business want him to succeed. This sounds like it could be a oositive turning point for Adam. Let's hope so!

Brian was asked on twitter if Keven had hooked him up with Adam because Kev had worked with Brian and Rhianna. He said no, he had hooked Kev up with Adam. Interesting.
ETA: LOL Jenny, you posted while I was writing. I need to be faster. Smiling

@ALfann I updated the OP apparently Brian connected Kevin w. Adam....so looks like it may have all been coordinated this way from the beginning.....

WOW! Another Musical Director! This is #4. Can anybody say "revolving door". I guess Adam and the MD's try each other on for a good fit and it doesn't work out. I hope this guy is the one. His resume is certainly impressive. Whatever, Adam's life is certainly hectic right now.

Sizzling....I agree with you...I can't wait for the AI performance......

*flops on belly* iz worried..everything is new, new..changing. *sigh*..tell me the truth..iz my master gonna get a new pug? Sad

sounds like he has a great resume
lets hope he maintains a sharp edginess for Adam and takes it further.
I am against all homogenization towards this fellow's great resume -

It looks like it's confirmed:

Barbara ‏ @barbls23
@brianlondon Are you the new musical director for Adam? You have some resume!!

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon
@barbls23 I am.

I read a few more tweets. They are working on the New Now Next and on the AI performance. This album is going to blow up, people!!!

I am surprised by this, but don't know any of the details. It seems to me like Adam and his team are kicking it up a notch and in the right direction. One thing I would say is that I really liked Tommy accompanying Adam on the guitar lately. They have good chemistry together.

Sounds like maybe he's working on a video with Adam?

I guess it makes sense to go with someone more R&B than alt-rock considering the album. I liked Kevin though. I hope it didn't have anything to do with that radio intern that was tweeting stuff. Hmmm. Guess we'll have to wait for more info.