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'NCOE' MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! YAH!:

'NCOE' MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! YAH!

'NCOE' Music Video proudly airing on VHITS TEN HOTTEST TRACKS #4 and heading up
in Australia! .... it looks totally mesmerizing, out the box, unique and SO bloody incredible! HOW
can ANYONE resist such utter brilliance?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh yeah, I love that moment when Terrance reaches out toward Adam. Whew! Hot.

Ha! You are a true Glambert! Yep, great watching Terrance too! I always love your comments!
Don't forget tomorrow June 8th - 7.40am ADAM will be on SUNRISE!


glambertaus......did you see Terrance in the vid.???

glambertaus & Lauriellen.........bloody incredible only JUST describes this, quite a few words I would like to add, but would probably been banned forever. lol can't stop watching it.

How can anyone resist? Because they don't want to think.