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I'm Looking for a Video:

I'm Looking for a Video

During the Idols tour, and can't even remember which song it was (Bowie or Slow Ride) where Adam goes down on one knee and he's twirling a bra, or a boa, or something something.

(real precise description, huh? LOL)


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I have to pretend to be mortal every once in a while. Sticking out tongue

(pay no attention to the person behind the curtain) Eye-wink

The first red bra was in Vancouver during Slow Ride with Ali - I video'd it and put it up on YT - but took it down, but lots of people used it in compilation vids. He was not on one knee through, so you are probably thinking of a different one.

Hi Glamberts, LOL, as if Yummy wouldn't know where to look. but thanks to her I have been trawling through vids. all day, can't find it, so will have to look tomorrow. woo hoo

@Yummy that was fun to look back at some of the fun events from the AI tour. And then Adam says he doesn’t know what the Sexiest Male artist is all about…huh!!! lol

@lauriellen, you have a way with words, re Queen "dreaming that someday he would be theirs." ...the dream of all glamberts, lol. Eye-wink

Yes! Great memories! Maybe @Yummy is getting us ready for some #BoBert

Ahh, this brings back memories!

I was there for the red whip in Tampa, got a great picture of him with it. That was the first sex toy thrown during the tour, I believe.

But my favorite moment was when Adam picked up a strange-looking sex toy and sang to Allison "What the f**k is this". Or maybe when he soccer-kicked the dildo that hit him during WWL.

I am now sitting here wondering if Queen sat and watched these videos over the years, just dreaming that someday he would be theirs. Those brought back some great memories. Damn he is SEXY Eye-wink

@asiladam, I don't believe it either, I think it was just a plot by Yummy so she can spend more time watching Queenbert videos. Eye-wink But I'm glad she did it because now we have links to all these super bra-tossing videos for future reference - thanks Yummy! Smiling

@Yummy aka-The Grand AO Sleuth-is asking us to find a video for her???
I cant believe it!

Thank y'all soooooo much! The one I was looking for is the one NENE posted! Laughing out loud

Purple Whip during Bowie melody in Duluth Ga

Red Bra & Purple Boa during Slow Ride where Allison kicks bra toward Adam during the Duluth Ga concert.

Black boxers, red bra, and blue feather sex toy in which Adam spanks Allison and then himself during the Columbus 8-25-09 concert

Red whip where Adam spanks himself while singing Fame during the Tampa Fl concert (hand cuffs thrown back into the audience; Adam says sorry and blows a kiss after it hits a fan.)

Yummy lol…there were SO MANY bras thrown on stage at various concerts. I hope you find the video you’re looking for. If I have time, I’ll try to help.
As a friendly prank, crew members have strung the bras up in the bowels beneath the stage at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, just outside Chicago, among an abundance of other offerings—some of them X–rated. The groupies also hurled riding crops, feather boas, handcuffs, panties; it looks a little bit like a grenade went off in Frederick's of Hollywood. "I've heard about Tom Jones and panties," says Lambert, who has come down to survey the haul. "But me and panties, that's just a little bit freaky." He points to a jockstrap on which someone has written, in sequins, JOCKS LOVE ADAM. "Oh," he says wryly. "They do?"

Read More http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/200910/amer...

@Yummy I found one video during Bowie medley twirling the blue boa .I don't know if this is the one your looking for, around 1:00 mark

@Yummy - I remember that, I sorta think that it was Slow Ride and it was a bra, but I don't remember
what day that was. Now I know I'm not 100% sure, but those two things stick in my mind. I'm not much
help, I know! Smiling

@Yummy, is this it? This is Slow Ride from Duluth, and it's @noscerdycat's video. It features both a bra and a boa!