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Ticket Sales, YouTube and Guilt:

Ticket Sales, YouTube and Guilt

I went to the first Fantasy Springs concert, wild horses couldn't have kept me away, and as much as I WANT to go this time, I find myself (honestly) thinking it's so much easier to watch it on YouTube, no ticket, no hotel, no gas, etc etc. (Of course not as GOOD on many levels, but...) So I feel like a lazy traitor. Same with Costa Mesa.

I don't see any discussions of ticket sales, but I am honestly shocked that there are so many tickets available for these shows. I know there is a radio play problem, but still.

I am not trying to highlight a negative but only hear a few thoughts. Are we spoiled by YouTube? Is this part of the problem with ticket sales?


Guilty Fan

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I would be interested to know how many fans from the US traveled to see Queenbert shows. That's a luxury most of us can't indulge in, either in financial terms or simply the logistics of fitting that much time off into our schedules. Any US peep able to attend a European show is truly a fortunate fan.


I think you're right about fewer of the dyed-in-the-wool Glamberts making the trip out to CM and FS for these concerts on the heels of Queenbert. FS is, of course, quite a commitment, even for southern California fans, as it requires traveling out to the desert and getting a hotel room. There was a lot more pent-up demand for Adam that first FS concert back in 2010. My concern has mainly been the lack of ticket sales for CM compared to two years ago. The concert is part of the Orange County Fair, and I would have hoped that more casual fans would have made a day of the fair and the concert together, especially as entrance to the fair is included in the ticket price.

Do you have any idea how many died-in-the-wool fans are just starting to recover, time-wise and financially, from the Queenbert tour? Most of them would have been clamouring for FS under normal circumstances.

I met a lot of people who simply said that they couldn't do both. Most of us figured the Queen tour could easily be a "one-of" and we were pretty much expecting the Trespassing tour to be next year.

NVM - a lot of casino-attendees will end up in there and maybe like him enough to pop for a cd.

That said, Adam has performed pretty much full sets of his new cd several times now, which he did not do the first time around (three west coast sets last time in total.) The demand was a bit more "pent-up" in 2010. Hope he cools it after the current handful and makes us wait for the full thing.

BTW, just coming back from Queenbert - nothing beats live. Nothing.

I would LOVE to see Adam live in concert! A cut above Youtube any day. But if you don't want all the hassle and travelling and such, Youtube is good enough. After all, it's all I've got. Join the club, bud. Smiling

It looks like we all have our limitations on this crazy ride, but the way I made it work for myself to get to see Adam twice this week was to suggest a family vacation in Southern California during that time. We wanted to pick a week in July and not travel too far from Northern California...Now my whole family is going to Costa Mesa. FS will be a special night on my own.

I am appreciate this post. I needed to hear all the opinions here. Yesterday I had a tough day. After stressing about it for a long time I got tickets and logging for FS for my daughter and myself. I was very excited until a friend who knows my situation-my job security is in question-said I was compulsive (she knows we are also going to CM). I felt guilty and also GUILTY! Smiling
But, I realized that for me Adam in FS is a priority. I will be wise in my other spending. I am so happy we are going and it has to do with all of your posts. They allowed me to view this as I should not from a standpoint of someone who 'thinks Adam is talented'-I don't even know if she listens to the CDs I gave her as gifts.
I love being Glambroke.
PS You tube videos of Adam are awesome! The ones I have enjoyed most are of the shows I've been to!


Lol....I know exactly what you mean. Frankly, if Adam and Queen tour in the USA, even just one concert, I will do WHATEVER I have to do to get to it. Not playing here, I love Adam as a rocker Just my preference so for me this would be it for me. If I had money after, I would do the Trespassing tour but if Queen and Adam tour, thats the one for me.

You know, I had originally planned to go to both, with no question, but one thing and another, I didn't pull the trigger, new job, etc, and then when a few days had gone by I actually just assumed they were sold out.

I never, ever meant to say that videos are any substitute for a live show or that I would say "eh, I'll just watch the videos", but you have to admit that there might be fans who would say that. I say this because I have snooped around YouTube many many times myself to "watch" a concert here or there (other than Adam) - that I might have actually gone to otherwise.

I love your passion, guys. Really.

Lauriellen, Thanks for putting this into perspective, at least for me. Some of us are feeling that if these two shows are not sold out, then Adam is a complete failure in the U.S. or something. BUT, as you said, these are not part of a real TOUR. They're just single shows. So, I have calmed down somewhat. I wish they would sell out, but I know the crowds at both shows witll be great and wild for Adam. Thanks for the voice of reason.

Well first of all feeling guilty is a waste of time, energy, and spirit. So be kind to yourself. You can only do what you can do. I was at the FS concert in 2010 and was amazed. I'll never ever forget WLL - unbelievable live. When I watch it on YouTube, I enjoy it, but it is nothing compared to being there. And I am going to FS this Saturday. I live up in Oregon so it's quite a trip, but it's worth it. I only went to one GNL concert. I had an opportunity to go to a second, but it didn't happen. I had a ticket, but not the means to get there. So I've kept the ticket as a souvenir. I don't feel guilty for not going to others, just disappointed. Like many have said, if Queenbert comes to this continent - I am there. Being an Adam fan is supposed to be fun - never a source of anxiety. Be cool.............

For Costa Mesa I got good tickets through the fan club presale but have 4 people going with me who need handicap accessible seats which I ordered directly through Ticketmaster. For Fantasy Springs I went through the venue - it was tough because I was on there right at the second the tickets went on sale and wasn't able to order more than 1 ticket at a time so I have 2 tickets that aren't together, but we should be able to wave to each other (my BFF will be on the floor in Section A because she needs accessible seating and I will be in EE. Later I could have gotten seats together after the initial crush was over.

@adamcometovegas -

O.K. I'll put down my pitchfork now! LOL. Actually, since I'm the one who used the words "odd" and "self-indulgent," I want to clarify that I was directing them at your original post, not at you. As a resident of southern California, I know that I've been extremely fortunate to have been able to see Adam perform live on several occasions. I never take those opportunities for granted. I've also over time become a bit more reserved in my flailing with friends across the country who would also love to see him but who don't have the means to travel. I want to be sensitive to how they must feel when I run off to yet another concert. I'm sure that you're a very sensitive and kind person and had not really thought of how your original post might be read by others who would love the opportunities that you have but are choosing not to take advantage of. Actually, after all of the responses you have received, I would hope that you might reconsider at least the Costa Mesa concert. It will be wonderful.

Personally, I had a difficult time with the venue pre-sales, but was able to get tickets direct from the venue during the "general sale".

@LE.... ha ha - yep that's me - one of the ones who sold my jewelry to finance my GNTs
- and I don't miss a lick of it.... Smiling

it probably would take at MOST 2 days off work. Figure one to travel there for the evening show, and one for the next day to rest up if you drove late at night. Believe, me 2 days off is alot for me, so I understand that it is for others, too. Were people able to buy direct from FS and CM? I agree with others who say that if you can go, you should. Adam needs the people to go see him if there's any way they can swing it

I was seriously considering trying to find a job in CA just so I would have more opportunities to see Adam live!!!! I live on the other side of the country with very little chance of these kinds of concerts ever happening here.... I wish I had the resources to just follow him around the world lol what a ride that would be. So I guess my honest answer is YES if you can in any way possible go to these concerts I'd say GO lol!!!

Actually it is NOT hot in Costa Mesa for an outdoor concert - I'm hoping I have enough to stay WARM during the concert (besides the jumping up and down like a Cuckoo during his songs). It may be quite warm on Thursday (mid-80's) during the day but as soon as the sun starts to go down it drops into the low 70's or 60's so being "too hot" for an outdoor concert at night here isn't an issue. The fact that this isn't actually part of a tour is I think an issue.
As for gifting tickets I gifted or tried to gift so many during GNT. For the GNT Costa Mesa concerts I must have gifted at least 10 or 12 people with freebies (and was pretty upset when 2 of them didn't use the tickets because they didn't want to pay for parking), For one of the Florida concerts I sent 2 extra tickets to a local LGBT support charity and asked them to give them to 2 youths who would not have been able to afford the concert on their own. If I still have my extra Costa Mesa ticket the day of the show I'll look for someone who wants it there.

Always glad to lighten the mood. Eye-wink

I had some money left from a bonus I got at work in late January and between the boxed TRESPASSING set, several copies of T to give away, the trip to Wilkes-Barre and Washington DC over Memorial Day weekend and my web hosting, it's GONE Sad I saw the thread with the Queen + Adam Lambert merch but have no money to get a tee shirt. Then my sister, who lives in Orange County, calls me and asks why I'm not flying out to see Adam.

@Lauriellen, LOL, thanks for lightening the mood, I think they were about to come after me.

I have a little bit different take on this. GNT was a "tour." These other shows and radio festivals are a different story. Adam just came off of an EPIC QUEENBERT mini-tour with the possibility of future dates, an album, a concert on the moon, whatever. Then we know at some point in the near future Adam will do a TRESPASSING "tour." When GNT was first announced, there weren't that many cities. Anxious to make sure we saw a concert, we planned our vacations, sold our furniture, and basically did what we needed to do. Then they announced more dates...then more dates...then dates all over the world. We sold our jewelry and our children to catch Adam live "just one more time."

And it's hot in California for an outdoor concert. Washington DC was brutal.

Many of us are "Glambroke."

Besides that, we know that there will be a full tour and we would rather save vacation time and money for that.

AND if Queen + Adam Lambert has even a single concert in the US, I'm gonna quit my job (rather than try to schedule vacation) and go steal some furniture and jewelry to sell to get to it.

@Waterdragon, I think that is a fabulous idea and I think Adam would LOVE it. I actually did give a ticket to a girl I didn't know at the first FS, she came up on the Greyhound from LA, she was soooooo excited to get it and see him, I loved that. I think this may be the first time there has been an opportunity to do this on a larger scale. I've seen him six times and will see him at least six more times, I would gladly chip in for this.

I've seen Adam live 8 times and I'll continue doing everything I possibly can to get to any shows I can. I'm going to CM..only 2 days away and I'm beyond excited. Now the thing is, I recently had shoulder surgery and it's quite painful and in a sling. Luckily my daughter likes Adam too (not as much as me tho) and immediately said she'd buy tix when they went on sale for the 2 of us and she will drive. The problem is I'm feeling sick about not being able to get to FS (missed that epic concert in 2010) because I shouldn't travel that far from my home in my current rehab state. I can't believe that he'll be performing live in a concert about 2-3 hrs from my home and I'll miss it Sad((((. My daughter cannot go to FS and take me.
I will have to be content with YouTube in this particular situation and I am grateful to those fans who post the vids for those of us who cannot attend but would I ever CHOOSE not to see Adam in person and rather sit alone in front of the computer watching a fan vid???? H--ll NO! Nothing could ever compare to the electricity Adam creates on stage....it's simply amazing. You just can't take your eyes of this man.

I know one thing for sure....if Queenbert comes to the US, anywhere in the US, I'll be there in person. My shoulder better be completely healed by then LOL!

Wow, thanks everybody, I didn't really intend for it to be all about me specifically, but more about the slightly more casual fan (not the ones that are "turned up to 12" like we are, and yes, I consider myself one of them) - I guess I made it about me when I said I could easily go, that is not completely true, I could MANAGE to go, yes, but I have a new job and an old car (haha) , I don't want anybody to think I can hop on my private jet or anything. There are a few considerations involved.

I'm not sure it's helpful to call me odd or self-indulgent or a bad fan or that there are 1000 fans ready to take my place or whatever, I'm just trying to figure out what the deal is with the ticket sales. I want all the success in the world for Adam.

All I know is that if I could I would be there in a heartbeart. If Adam does a show closer to me I would do whatever I could to attend. Seeing Adam sing live is a breathtaking, exhilarating experience that cant be duplicated by a youtube. I've been there and am here to tell the tale. Smiling

There are many long time fans on this site who have never had the opportunity to see Adam live one, let alone multiple times, due to financial, health or logistical issues. Many of Adam's fans seem to have a lot of time and resources to attend multiple concerts and meet and greets. Some fly around the world to a concert. I think this is great and shows how much we love Adam. We would all love to be able to see Adam multiple times. I would love to see a lottery of sorts for fans who cannot otherwise attend a concert. Or a contest. It is a real fantasy for some of us to be able to attend a concert up close and a meet and greet.

Maybe a better thing to do would be to purchase a ticket and gift it to a Glambert that otherwise could not afford it and was able to go. Maybe that would help with the guilt. JMO

IF I had had the financial resources and ability to go to the QUEEN shows, I would have. London would have been my ultimate!

I am in San Diego and am going to COSTA MESA and FANTASY SPRINGS.
I was able to get great tickets from the venues and am SO stoked to go!!!!! Smiling

Watching clips of concerts that I cannot go to are wonderful and I am so grateful for them. But, I'm sorry, they are NOT the same as being there.

For fans that love Adam & his music (and that's everyone who is on this site-I would assume), if you have the financial ability and time to attend his concerts - then go!
What's the hold up?

I saw a post ages ago (don't remember who it was) saying "I'm not going to buy any tickets to any of Adams concerts so NEW fans can attend."
Like she was a making a huge personal sacrifice for the greater good?
Um, dude, there are PLENTY of seats for those who want them. You are robbing yourself of a great night for no reason.
Every Adam show should be a sell-out, but if this is people's mind set.....

I have one extra single ticket available for FS if anyone would like to buy it.
One of my friends can't make it.

Please message me if interested. Thanks 
ALFC: HeatherDawn
Twitter: @HeatherDawn___
(that's 3 underscores)

Oddest OP ever.

@Adamcomestolasvegas, Honestly speaking, I don't care if you attend the CM and FS concerts or not. I'll be at both, and tomorrow, I'm picking up a friend who's flying in from Canada to attend these concerts. We're going to have an amazing time. But, if you prefer to watch the video clips later in the comfort of your home, that's your business.

However, just take a moment and think of ALL of the great fans out there who live in far flung states, provinces, and countries who would love to be able to attend one of these concerts. The opportunity for them to see Adam live, especially when we have no definite word of a tour yet, would be so precious. I'm sure a lot of them are just shaking their heads at this rather self-indulgent thread.

If ticket sales for these shows are down significantly, the really sad part about it is the satisfaction it will give those with an anti-Adam agenda, and there definitely is an agenda to marginalize Adam. It's demonstrated clearly in the difficulty getting radio play for his music which has most likely resulted in lower ticket sales. If we don't patronize his shows, are we giving in to a form of bullying? In his "It Gets Better" video Adam spoke about giving in to bullying. If we are letting them win, they don't deserve that.

IMO, bottom line, if you can go to his shows without undue hardship, you should go.

There is a big difference between not being able to go and choosing not to go if you can. I have flown cross country - 3 times in fact - by myself to see Adam when he did GNT - I also flew to Colorado and San Francisco by myself, stayed in hotels by myself, rented a car by myself - but I was NEVER by myself when I was at the concerts because I was surrounded by fellow Glamberts who love Adam like I do.
If you can come to Costa Mesa or Fantasy Springs or both - just do it! I even have an extra ticket for CM and I know some others have 2 or 3 extras for both shows, good locations too.

I would give ANYTHING to go to either one of those shows but I just cannot go into debt right now to do it.

I did seriously think about going to London for Queenbert. I even spoke to two travel agents about it, but travel to anywhere from where I live is crazy expensive and then there are the added costs involved, e.g. hotel, meals, ground transportation, etc. I would also have to cover full costs for hotel, etc. because I don't personally know anyone to share with.

Being single and owning a home in the city while living on pension doesn't leave a huge amount of disposable income. I did fly to New York for GN and I would fly as far as Toronto, Montreal or New York to see Adam perform live again. I have a niece who would fly that far and share expenses with me. She likes Adam but she's not a full fledged Glambert.

Since CM and FS are solo live concerts, I personally don't understand any Glambert who has no significant barriers, financial or otherwise, just deciding it's not worth the trouble to go see him. Each to his/her own but it boggles my mind.

@MoovieBassets wrote "Hearing Adam sing live is almost a religious experience and in no way can Youtube videos compare."


YouTube is good but lonely. I enjoyed the live feed concerts because other Glamberts were on Twitter. I think being with others that love Adam is just fun. But I don't think I would fly across the country by myself. Price of ticket and venue is important to consider for me.

Easier to watch on YOUTUBE... well yes.
Cheaper to watch on YOUTUBE.. certainly yes..

.....If someone has the time, good heath, and means? and chooses NOT TO GO TO an Adam concert....
that does not compute!
as least to me....

TRAITOR.... no....
LAZY... well maybe
sounds like you need a couple of sensible Glamberts to grab your ears and make sure your arze gets going and doesn't miss the LIVE action...

Oh... and for me... I went to almost every one of my local-ish GNTs alone....so even if there is no one to drag your azzzzz there... GO!
Especially if Adam is giving a full headlining show....

jingle balls.....ehhh meh... that would be tough

I went to Fantabulosa in Chicago this spring where Adam was in a line-up with other acts. I vowed never to do that again. There were lots of Glamberts there for sure, but the excitement gets so diluted when the audience is there for so many different acts. Unfortunately, my friend and I didn't get tickets up close where most of the Glamberts were. The fan action up there was fabulous. We could tell. But we were farther back and those around us were obviously there to see other acts. They weren't rude about seeing Adam; they just weren't interested and didn't know the songs. I wasn't disappointed in Adam at all, just in that type of show. I hope there are LOTS of people there to see him in Costa Mesa. Even with such a big venue and not sold out, I think it will be great. And FS is such an iconic place in Glam history. I live so far away. Wish I could attend one of these shows.

@drummer CM is an Adam only show and I don't even see any opening acts mentioned although there could be somebody I guess. He performed there 2 years ago for 2 nights because the 1st one sold out. This time sadly not even the one night is selling out. Maybe there has been too many spaced together. People can only travel to so many of these. Stretch them out. Make it so that everyone will want to go because of not so many concerts. In 2010, I went to FS and then went to CM 5 months later. This year they are two days from each other and this time I decided on CM only. I have no idea how FS is doing and I believe they hold 4,000 people and CM holds over 8,000.

But never would I equate from seeing Adam live to watching a you tube video and I have downloaded many of them. There is something magical in watching him perform on stage.

I thought being with Queen would have helped more but I guess it being in Europe and not in the US, US media isn't really that interested. It definitely has not helped radio much and it is not fair. Adam's talent should be heard and not some auto-tune drivel that they are playing on top 40 radio now. Maybe management should use the old vaudeville saying "always leave them wanting more".

adamcometovegas, there is no reason for you to feel guilty. You won't hurt ticket sales.

Because for every fan like you, there are 1000 fans who know that an Adam Lambert show is an EVENT which must be EXPERIENCED.

I agree everybody's situation is different but If I could easily get to a show and take time off I would be there in a second. My friend has been asking me to visit her in Iowa forever. She called me and said guess who's at the State Fair. Well of course I said "Yes I"m coming".
Unfortunately It is with a bunch of bands so Adam will probably only get to perform a few songs. She has never seen Adam perform and isn't a big fan. So I sent her his new CD and I'm sure once she see's him she will be hooked. I didn't even know he was at FS until after I made all the reservations. I was really bummed about that. I wish I could go to both shows and I hope it sells out.
Like others have said Live is no substitute for You Tube. It only makes me want it more.

There is no way in hell I would miss seeing Adam live if I could get there. As others have said YouTube is no substitute for the real thing - it is what we resort to if we just cannot get there. I was lucky that 2 years ago I could get to 15 GNT shows (had the means and the time off) so I only watched some of the European shows on YouTube - and it was fun and I was very grateful for those who shared them, but it was absolutely nothing like being there in the audience. I am lucky this time that Adam is coming to me (I live less than 15 miles from Costa Mesa and about 2 hours from Indio), so I am of course going to both shows. Yes, I will go whereever necessary to see him if Queen + AL comes to the US or Canada, but I also will never miss a show live that I could get to. Sorry, I agree that you are what you feel you are.

If it were me, close to the venues and with the financial resources to go, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Hearing Adam sing live is almost a religious experience and in no way can Youtube videos compare. I'm not saying you're a bad fan. But I am saying you're CRAZY not to go.

p.s. To expand upon my last post...the one thing I WON'T do (even if it's close) is go to one of those festival/jingle ball type things. I went to jingle ball 2010 about 2 hours from my home. Adam wasn't the headliner, but pretty high up on the list. (Beiber was the headliner). I had to sit through many acts I didn't like or didn't even know who they were...At the time I didn't know Selena Gomez but didn't even understand one word she sang (and no exaggeration!) It was sort of cool seeing Train and The Script...but Flo Rida...ugh....and some others I don't know...but putting up with all the tweens being disrepsectful and laughing at the older women there to see Adam, and texting and talking when Adam was on...they really were only there to see Beiber. The screaming was deafening. I watched him for about two minutes and was out in the lobby. Don't understand the draw. But anyway, that would be the ONLY thing I would not go see Adam at...if it was a show with like ten performers. It was very pricey and only saw him for a few songs. Putting up with all the other crap would make it very hard to do again. I saw Adam first at the American Idol tour, then four Glam Nations, then jingle ball, and most recently for a Trespassing show (there were a few other acts but I had a meet and greet so didn't have to sit through them.) Most of the shows were within a few hours of home. Adam has been good to Pennsylvania! One was at ATlantic City. Sorry for the rambling post...I guess my point is, in a nutshell, I could understand someone not wanting to go to one of those types of shows...but if Adam was doing a solo show anywhere within a few hours, nothing would keep me away. You tube is NO comparison.

Yes you are guilty. Get off your @@@ and go to get the tickets (j/k).

Well I blame this to the radio. There will always someone who can and who can't make their way to Adam's concerts, there will always be the ins and outs of a fandom. But when you add and subtract the ins and outs, if the total increases it's a good sign and vice versa. Everything looks to me that there is a down trend here. But I can't believe that those who were already in love with him in the last tour, now stop loving him (though it may happen, but I think not considerable). So I assume that many of them do not know what he is upto now. He has been out of the spot light for almost 2 years. Radio spins are too few to reach these people.

That is why I really want him to get the Idol gig, though I think it will not happen. Idol gets a lot of coverage, not only on TV, radio talks about it , online and print media outlets discuss it constantly.

ditto to what sastenio said! No disrespect meant to adamcometovegas....just my opinion. If I could easily get there, nothing would keep me away. I've seen Adam live seven times and will see him as many times as my finances , travel arrangements and vacation time off work allows! (I told my husband last night I'm taking money out of my retirement account if Adam/Queen tour in the U.S.!) Call me crazy!

Oh, I didn't know you could easily get there. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say that there would be no question if I was going or not if I was able to get there. I can't explain the insane euphoria I felt at seeing him live.

I'm going to be blunt here! Smiling

@adamcometovegas: You could easily get there? And you're not going? If you feel like a lazy traitor, well... hmm. I wish I lived closer to those venues, I would go in a heartbeat. There is NO WAY a YouTube is a sufficient substitute for seeing Adam LIVE. NO WAY.

You asked for input so that's mine! Smiling

I thought Fantasy Springs was sold out. It's gotta be close to being sold out, anyway. FS is indoors, right? Costa Mesa is outdoors, right? Is CM an Adam-only show or a festival thing? Those kinds of shows are hard to "sell-out." I'm sure there will be plenty of fans at these shows for Adam. It's not easy for everyone to travel, including me, with work and all. I know we'll get some great video and reports back from these shows!

That's all I'll say about this.

I could easily get to both shows, that's the thing.

What really makes me feel guilty is that if there is a U.S. show with Queen, I know I will go.

Everybody's situation is different. For me, I had a fantastic time at the two GNT shows I could go to. However, it wasn't and still isn't financially feasible for me to get to other shows that aren't in a certain radius of where I live (and that radius is pretty decent I think). Of course, I know all of us would rather see him in person and support him with ticket sales. I don't think you should feel bad at all because there are just times where it's really hard to make it work. My job doesn't allow me to take off time to go to all these shows no matter how much I want to. At the end of the day, reality kicks my butt sometimes and I have to work to afford to even attend the shows near me. It doesn't affect your love and devotion for our fabulous glittery Adam. Don't feel bad! Smiling